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Time to Make a Change  by Pervinca 44 Review(s)
CmReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 3/20/2004
Oh...this is just a glorious, glourious tale. I was so touched while reading every single mini-story -- especially Merry's. They where all so poignant, and just beautiful. Excellent job.

Author Reply: Thanks very much! I tried very hard with these stories. I tend to write more humerous fics, so it was a bit of a challenge for me to be so dramatic and angsty. Glad you think it went down well!

GravReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 2/29/2004
I adored this story. It made me cry, it broke my heart, it made me laugh, and it gave me a very nice warm glowy feeling in the centre of my stomach. Sam's part was well done, and Merry and Pippin's even more so, because all of Sam's children knew what was happening. This whole story was just amazing, and I absolutely loved it.

I think I need a hug. Or possibly, some chocolate.

Author Reply: Well, I'm going to reply to all of your reviews for this story in this one, just because I'm lazy (anyone who knows me well can tell you that), and also so you won't end up with *too* many emails! Thank you so much for your lovely reviews for all of them! To be honest, writing them didn't make me upset, but when I read back through them, I found myself becoming a little tearful (especially in Sam's chapter, because I always loved the Gaffer). And as for the individual chapter replies...

I actually didn't think of Bungo's proverbs until I was halfway though the story, and I had to change the name as a result! I was re-reading "The Hobbit" at the time, as well as playing the video game far too much, so I'll blame that!

Frodo's chapter was the hardest and the easiest to write (if that makes sense), because I don't really like Frodo all that much, but his parents were the only ones I had an actual cause of death for. I've read one or two stories about Frodo's time in Buckland, so I drew inspiration from them.

As I said earlier, the Gaffer was always one of my much loved characters, and I hated to see him die, but that's why I tried to honour him as much as I could in that chapter. I always got the idea that Ham never really *said* how he felt about his family, but Tolkien's work made it clear that Sam knew his dad loved him.

Merry's chapter was difficult to write, and you might have seen that I avoided giving an actual cause of death for Saradoc. The flashback idea was a second thought that came to me while I was writing, so to begin with, all I was working with was the mention of letters from Rohan!

Ah, my poor old Dad (well, obviously, not my *real* dad). In other stories I had Paladin being a bit of a mischievous fellow (I mean, where else would Pip pick it up!), so I had to work it in. Glad you liked the letter. My only issue was with the beginning.

Final chapter! I was inspired to write that chapter by the epilogue that I mentioned at the end. Best $82 I ever spent, buying those "History of Middle-Earth" books. So many wonderful little hints (not to mention OC names!). Knew I had to work in Merry and Pippin too, but I managed to avoid writing actual deaths for them. I don't think I could have done that.

I certainly hope you got your hug or chocolate! Thank you so much for reviewing, you certainly made my day! (Oh, and sorry about the *very* long winded reply).

GravReviewed Chapter: 5 on 2/29/2004
I am kind of running out of ways to tell you that this is fabulous, that my heart is breaking, and that the salt from my tears in making my face hurt. I loved the letter (it was nice and Took-ish I thought), and the jab about Merry's children was very well done. You've managed to make this tear worthy and laugh worth all at the same time, which is, in my opinion, the point of Hobbit LotR fiction. Well done.

GravReviewed Chapter: 4 on 2/29/2004
Curses, once I've started I really can't stop. And I am out of kleenex, so I have to use toilet paper.

Anyway, you've done this chapter excellently as well. The flashbacks in particular were well done, and Eowyn's letters added a whole new dimension to the tale. The emotional depth of this story continues to floor me.

GravReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/29/2004
You'll have to excuse me while I get hold of myself. I always cry during hobbit stories, and I managed to hold out until “Sam, my boy, have I ever told you how proud you’ve made me?”, at which point I completely lost it. This was heartbreaking, and absolutely beautiful. The whole conversation between the Gaffer and Sam was amazing, and the end was fabulous. This chapter blew me out of the water, and I am almost afraid to go on, but I will because the story is beautiful, and you have written it so well.

GravReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/29/2004
The first time I read LotR, I didn't really understand how far it was from Hobbiton to Buckland, and how much oler Frodo was to Merry, so I didn't really understand how very alone Frodo was at this point in his life. I understand it now, of course, although understanding doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. Anyway, my point is that you've captured it all here, from Frodo's exhibition of long sight, to Aunt Esmie. But the part I loved best was the hug at the end, mostly because I know that in a few more years, everything will turn out all right.

GravReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/29/2004
Oooh, where to start! First of all, I love the idea of this story, painful as I know it's going to be to read (I can only imagine what it was like to WRITE!). Also, I love the way you've woven in Bungo's proverbs. Wonderfully done. And the Gamgees? sigh. But I feel better knowing that Bag End got its children, even if they weren't quite Bagginses in name.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 2/14/2004
I waited to read this chapter until now as I was working up the nerve. I usually don't like stories about the last years of the Hobbits, but your other chapters convinced me to give this one a chance and I am very glad that I did. This was beautiful without being so depressing. As Merry and Pippin rode off together, I felt that they were on their way to an adventure together rather than riding to their deaths. It might have been a short adventure, but I believe that it was a good one. Thank you for this story.

Author Reply: Thank you for reading, even though you had your doubts - believe me, I had doubt about writing it. I don't want Pippin and Merry to die! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

IorhaelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/10/2004
Thank you for the touching story. *sigh* How I wish Frodo were really alive and there were really books about his background. Tolkien wrote so many things about the elves, but why not about the hobbits? *sniff* But that's okay as long as I have all the writers out there, including you, to reveal it.

Author Reply: It is a shame that there's so little about the hobbits, isn't it! I mean, the family trees and the prologue are all we really get! Thank you very much for your review!

HaiReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 2/9/2004
How sweet, you wrote it wonderfully and touched on everyone's emotions perfectly! I especially liked the one between Sam and Elanor, wonderful. Thank you for sharing these, they have been pleasant reads!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you enjoyed them! (I liked the Sam and Elanor story too, :P) Thank you for reading and leaving such lovely reviews!

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