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Hunting  by Nilmandra 129 Review(s)
AlinaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/6/2004
Thank you for the warm-hearted story! I was a real treat to read among all the angsty fics that are usually my favourites. I adored the way you characterized the woodelves, especially Thranduil. He was perfectly captured between stern and gentle, a much "rounder" character than in many other stories. I would like to see another story from you soon. Thank you for sharing this one.

Author Reply: Thanks, Alina - I am glad you liked the story. It was fun to compare the wood elves with the elves of Imladris - their differences but how at the heart they are much the same, for the value the same things.

Back to my other story, set in Imladris, and then perhaps back to the Greenwood after that.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/5/2004
Oh! I *knew* I'd forgotten a romantic pair! Bellion and Meren. FOUR romances in one story. I foresee lots of little wood elflings scampering around in the future. :-)

*smiling happily at thought of scampering wood elflings*

Author Reply: Hehe - lets see how much these elflings can have! Also, I think having children after terrible events, especially in a culture that can control their childbearing, is a way of expressing hope and throwing your lot in to participate in life. Thats another thing that will happen in the king's family - his children will marry and he will become a grandfather, and those things help them to go on living and hoping. There is a verse in the book of Deuteronomy - very short 'Choose Life' and that is the general meaning- choosing to participate in life, to live feely, to move forward.

Yes, I think way too much :/

LKKReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/5/2004
I had no idea that It Takes a Middle Earth Village by Hilariwen Rodhamiel Clintonion was such a popular book in elven society. It seems all elves take part in raising the young ones. Legolas is a child of the realm, indeed, as were Elrohir, Elladan, and Arwen.

Wonderful last chapter, Nilmandra. I have truly enjoy watching these two different and yet fundamentally similar cultures interact. I hope someday you will follow up on your own story hints and write of Legolas' visit to Imladris.

Finally, I had no idea that you had such a strong taste for romance stories. First Tarag, then Elenath, and now Bregolas --- three romances within one story. That may be some sort of record. :-)

I'm sorry to see this fun story end. Good work!

Author Reply: LOL - I think in most successful societies, all the adults look out for and protect the children - but this culture, where children are few and people live for so long, it would seem even more so.

Its funny, I would never say I write romance, I write about everyday life and in real life people fall in love and marry :D. However, it seems that when people live through stressful times together - medical students on residency, people confined together during war or anything similar, they do fall in love and marry. So, from 'Valar', Rawien and Tathiel, Elunell and Varandil, and now Meren and Bellion have paired up. Elenath has fallen in love with someone on her small patrol, Tarag with his nurse. I see it all around me, so thought it would be fun to add that to the story. And writing about elflings will be fun! Legolas is going to be the oldest of a while little band of elflings :D

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/5/2004
That was such a great story, and this chapter in particular was lovely.

In your author's notes you said you intended it to be bittersweet - I think you achieved that so well. This whole chapter has Elrohir underlining the importance of family, of the definition of family, and how they can endure.
Clearly, not only does Glorfindel regard himself as part of Elrohir's family, but even Erestor makes it plain, and when he Glorfindel gets him to realise that:

“He seems to be a child of the realm rather than one father and mother.”

Elrohir sees both the similarities (family and even blood ties) and the differences between elvenkind, represented by the 3 realms remaining in Middle-Earth. It's something I've always been conscious of - that those who stayed this long (of the Great and the Good) are really quite closely bound by blood and history and destiny.

Thanks again.

Author Reply: Thank you, Mistry89. I really appreciate that you pick up on the themes and undertones I write in - it thrills me someone sees what I am doing. Thanks for all your kind words and support.

Reviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
I just love your work. Young Legolas and family are wonderful. You have never disappointed me in terms of characterization, plot; I could go an and on. Suffice to say that I look forward to any piece of fiction that has your name on it.


Author Reply: Hello SaseyJ, and thank you for your nice words! I am glad you like my stories - they do reflect my fantasy world, in which all elflings are loved and families are strong. I will be continuing with HLII - an Imaldris work, but will be coming back to little Legolas in the near future.

eokatReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
Nilmandra, what a simply lovely final chapter. The two groups of elves, so alike and yet so different in their ways. So touching at the end when Elladan and Elrohir were so happy being with their naneth and aware that a naneth was missing from the wood elves home. I do hope you are going to write another? Please say you are? Eokat.

Author Reply: I need to return to HL II now, poor Elrohir is still in rough shape laying on a riverbank, although his Adar is with him (Elrohir needed him - a direct line to this last chapter :D) and Celebrian is as mad as a wet hen that she is not with her children.

But yes, more Mirkwood stories will follow. It is fun seeing little Legolas grow up, and he is just the most charming elfling to write.

Thanks for the reviews - I appreciate your support!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
I have to admit that I am hopelessly charmed by the wood elf king. I love the fact that he's so clever and big and powerful and yet good to his children. Elladan should be very grateful that Glorfindel saved him from getting his butt kicked.

And I liked the ending, with the twins seeing the contrast between their own home and Mirkwood. Yet we know that safety is an illusion there too.

Legolas could not be sweeter. What a great kid. He is so strong and resilient and well loved.

Author Reply: Glorfindel is probably fortunate that Thranduil doesn't kick his butt :-). But, I think Thranduil sees it as something he might do, should it have been Lathron sitting with Elrond. Er. well, maybe, Bregolas sitting with Elrond. Lathron has too much grace.

Thanks for all your help, as alwasy. I look much more intelligent after you've made corrections :/

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
I think the best part of this chapter is the simple description of Thranduil & his family spending an evening together. I like the idea of Elladan getting thrashed by Lathron AND Thranduil (if Glorfindel had let him), but only Elrond beats him at home:

“And Erestor,” added Elrohir helpfully.

I love the twins being helpful!

The foreshadowing when Elrohir realised the only thing missing was their mother was so sad - I wasn't sure when this was set, but knew it couldn't be long before Celebrian's departure.

Great chapter, and a lovely ending to the story. I hope there'll be a new one soon, or an update on 'History Lessons'? You've left poor Elrohir suffering quite long enough!


Author Reply: Glorfindel was a bit mischievous there, wasn't he? Clumsy vanyar...

And yes, back to HLII now - the second age part of that story is work to write, but I do need to get Elrohir in better shape and Celebrian back to her children soon! Celebrian enraged is scarier than a balrog - just ask Glorfindel :-)

Thanks for the reviews, Jay, I do appreciate them.

AmleeReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
What a great story you have done! In all of your stories you have captured the feeling of loss and love in the characters. Great Job!

I can't wait until you finish History Lesson II and start on part 3! Yes Legolas needs to be in the young Estel story!

Author Reply: Thanks, Amlee. Love and loss does seem to be a theme of Tolkien's work, doesn't it? I am anxious to return to HLII - its a bit tougher to write, but it is very satisfying. I will work Legolas into HL III somehow!

Thanks for your nice words :-)

KarriReviewed Chapter: 11 on 4/4/2004
Yes, I've rather enjoyed throughout the story your subtle forshadowing of Celebrian's departure. It was nicely woven into the twin's experiences in Mirkwood. *Thranduil was a study in contrasts: between his power, as strong as metal forged in the fires of Mordor, and the tenderness in how he held his children, as fragile as tender shoots of new growth on a spring flower. * As though I weren't infatuated enough with Thranduil already..... ;-) The whole evening was beautiful written. :-D

Author Reply: Oh, good, I am glad we can make the elvenking even more irresistable! Thanks for all your support and reviews throughout this story. I do appreciate it :)

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