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The Warrior  by daw the minstrel 178 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/12/2005
Thranduil letter to Eilian could have been better, he was just handing out advise to the settlers nothing more. Tinar getting bonded to someone, unbelievable....
Ithilden sending Eilian a rune of protection, how sweet, how many can he get...

Author Reply: Thranduil probably overreacted to Eilian's words to the settlers. I think it must be hard to be part of a ruling family and have to watch every word you speak. Eilian must know he has to be careful. He's probably been told that since childhood. But he was provoked.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/12/2005
Legolas did get the unfortune to have Tinar in his patrol, he is too sure of himself. Legolas seems to be doing well, and even seen Bean and dwarfs...

Author Reply: Legolas is having a good time (except for Tinar, of course).

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/12/2005
Legolas is having a hard time with Beliond, he seems to rub him the wrong way. As both of them would rather not be with each other.
Eilian seems down in spirit, and that is proble the shadow. MAltanaur thought of him and brought a rune of protection, you can see he cares for Eilian very much, more friends than bodyguard now...

Author Reply: The rune of protection thing got to be kind of a running joke in this story. I have to amuse myself somehow!

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/12/2005
Legolas is finally a warrior and going on his fist mission, he dosent seem to like his bodyguard though...
Eilian seems sad and lonly, especially with life. The one he loves dosen't want him that is something hard to bear on his shoulders...
Annael has someone who loves him and that is to be a comfort after his fathers death...

Author Reply: I had to give Annael some comfort. I'm so fond of him! Legolas and Beliond have some adjusting to do. And poor Eilian. The Shadow has really eaten into him.

FaerieQueenReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/13/2004
Why are your endings so beautiful? That was a great fic. Beliond has taken a place as one of my favorite characters. He is so funny, and so sad. The death of his son and all. Thranduil really can be merciless sometimes. Well I've just noticed that you've come out with a new fic! Must read it. And since this one is in progress I will attempt to review every chapter. Let's see how well that works out...

Author Reply: Thank you, FaerieQueen. I wanted this story to end as it began, with Legolas and Annael next to one another, only now they've been changed by their experiences. I think that Thranduil thought it would be good for Beliond to have a young one in his care again. I think that Legolas and Beliond need one another.

You've really been so nice to review all these stories.

xsilicaxReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/11/2004
Oh poor Eilian! And just after he was beginning to get back to some semblance of the elf we all love. I'm just a little bit wroth with Solith for taking such obvious delight in his news. Admittedly Elian didn't exactly help his situation any with his carousing about with wenches, but he wasn't in his right mind when he was behaving in such ways.

I am curious though. Surely if the rumours were that widespread that Solith had heard them within a day, then Thranduil would also have heard them. I would have thought he would have wanted to have more than a few words about proper behaviour, with his middle son.

I would have liked to have seen Thranduil's reaction upon finding out about Celuwen, he obviously seems to feel that Eilian would be well-matched with her...even if it would mean having Solith as a relative.

It was very interesting comparing Thranduil's, Ithilden's, Eilian's and Legolas' situations. All of them are at various stages of their life and yet still the ties of family were strong between them. I especially liked Ithilden's reactions as a father, and his greater understanding of his own father through them. It was also good to see Thranduil interracting with Beliond. It is nice to see something of the warrior he used to be, resurfacing.

I have to wonder though...what is Eilian going to do with all those runes?


Author Reply: Hm. Good question about whether Thranduil would know about Eilian's bad behavior. I thought he would certainly know about the drinking. Eilian was showing up at home drunk, after all. But I thought people might hesitate to tell Thranduil about the girl. I would not have wanted to be the one to do so! But you may also be right. He seems to know everything that goes on in his realm. Maybe there was a scene we didn't see? Yes! That's it!

I had a tough time getting Thranduil and all his sons in the picture in this story because of how widely they were scattered. I'm glad you still reacted to all of them.

Thank you for the review.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/10/2004
It was so nice to see this family all together again. Ithilden's determination to conceal his alarm at Legolas's first battle injuries and his combination of annoyance and amusement at the young warrior's pride in them showed all the pragmatism and wisdom of a commander as well as the love of a brother. Legolas wants to badly to be seen by his family as a warrior and his big brother is trying just as hard to respect that! The exchange between Ithilden and Legolas about withholding information from Adar was delightful. Thranduil was also making an extra effort to avoid embarrassing his "long-legged warrior". I guess Eilian will be the last one clucking...
Some of my other favorites: Ithilden's comment to Sinnarn that his grandfather has never felt that his adar and uncles were two big to have an ada, Beliond's comment to Thranduil that Legolas is somewhat more biddable than his father had been, Thranduil's revelation that he's not quite as senile as his kids think he is, Eilian getting outsmarted by his old man (once again!). The scene between Beliond and Thranduil was great; I don't believe you've given us another character who goes back quite as far with Thranduil and who can be quite so familiar with him. This adds a nice dimension to Thranduil's character.
Eilian learned a very hard lesson this chapter but I think in the long run it will build character (doesn't everything that doesn't kill us?) and I don't think he has anyone to blame but himself (although Solith certainly must have been delighted to be given the ammunition). It'll be good for him to have some time (a few months, or maybe, centuries) to think about what it is he really wants.
Nice closing with Legolas and Annael that really shows us how far they've come.
Thanks for another wonderful story, and I can't wait for the next one!

Author Reply: They do have a hard time letting Legolas go, and I'm glad! You pick out some of my favorite moments to comment on. And I do feel sorry for Eilian too. He just can't get a break, and he's such a great guy (I realize that I made him up and am therefore prejudiced, but he is!).

I suspect that Oropher had his hands full with Thranduil. A young Thranduil story would be interesting to do.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/9/2004
An excellent story, daw. :-)

I found my reactions to it very fascinating. At times, I'd be on one person's side during the emotional conflict. Then I'd switch around and be on the other person's side of the same issue. A testament to your ability to portray all your characters with sympathy. Even those I didn't want to feel sympathetic for at first like Beliond. (Although Tinar never quite won me over, now that I think about it. LOL)

Speaking of Beliond, assuming that he remains Legolas' keeper throughout the Third Age, there might be an interesting tale in why Beliond did not accompany his charge on the journey to Mordor. How Beliond was convinced to let Legolas go alone, and how Beliond explained it all to Thranduil. After Beliond's refusal to spy on Legolas' non-warrior activities, I could see him being able to explain to the King just why he let Legolas go on the journey without his keeper.

My heart went out to Eilian through this entire story. I think, but I'm not sure, that you have written a story which tells Eilian's fate. Yes? I fear, it is not a pleasant one. He seems to feel little hope for his own future, foreseeing only long lonely years of Shadow fighting. I would love to know more about what happens to him. Of all your wonderful original characters, Eilian has touched me the most.

Speaking of things I would love to learn more about .... the quick reference to Legolas and the human girl being kidnapped by orcs. There's a story in there. I can tell. hint! hint! (Don't you just love how I come up with all this extra work for you? As if you weren't clever enough to think up stories on your own? LOL)

Anyways ..... I say again, this was a wonderful story. I look forward to your next one, whatever the subject might be. :-)


Author Reply: NOw this is really flattering and I thank you. If you sympathize with all the characters, then I succeeded and I am so grateful to you for telling me.

I have not yet written about Eilian's ultimate fate, and to be truthful, I'm not sure what it is. I know what happens with Celuwen, but that's about it.

I already wrote about the kidnapping in a story called "One Year in Mirkwood." That story kind of rambles on and it's at the end.

brynReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/6/2004
Your tales never fail to captivate, daw! :) I enjoyed this one as much, if not more so than the others. It seems Legolas has finally become the warrior he has tried so hard to be. Granted, he's still a little green, but a warrior nonetheless. The final scene between he and Annael was magnificent and poignant. Thank you for another brilliant glimpse into the lives of Mirkwood's royal family. ...And Beliond isn't quite so bad a guy after all. *grin* Am I allowed to request something? I would dearly love to see how Ithilden handles the day his son begins training. Oh, and also: PLEASE DON'T KILL OFF EILIAN. The poor Elf just needs a break! ;)

Author Reply: Bryn--

I have plans to kill Eilian. Not that I know of anyway. I have plans for him to do all kinds of other stuff, so I need him around.

You know, the scene you ask for would be fun to write. I'm outlining a story now in which Sinnarn is a new warrior, but I didn't put in the stuff you asked for and I'm not it would fit. I'm already a little worried about relying too much on my OCs and not enough on canon characters. But for a future story, I could do it. It would be entertaining. Poor Ithilden!

Author Reply: Wait!! Let me edit that! I have NO plans to kill Eilian.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/3/2004
This one was great too. I dont know why i put it off to read for so long. So it seems Legolas gets the adventure he's seeking for. Eilian seems to be recovering from the shadow sickness (yay!) but then Sólith has to come and ruin it!

Author Reply: Solith is a jerk. Unfortunately, Eilian loves his daughter. :-(

And Legolas is learning to be a real warrior, which turns out to be fortunate for Middle Earth. Thank you for the review.

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