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The Warrior  by daw the minstrel 178 Review(s)
ArbelethielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003

A new story! :) I donít know how you can write so quickly, but Iím very grateful.

I liked the pledging ceremony very much, especially when Thranduil let his ďfather modeĒ take over for a minute :D

He doubted very much if he would have to behave himself for long.

*thud* Let me retrieve my jaw from the floor... I wonít comment on that, no, no, no.

I have done a difficult thing this day, letting Legolas go without protest.

Indeed :D

Eilian seems to be in slightly better spirits. I hope that the northern Patrol will do him good. And it will certainly prevent him from acting stupidly :\

Thanks for this chapter,


Author Reply: Eilian is behaving badly, using wine to "self-medicate" (as the current phrase is) and spiting Celuwen by seeing other maidens. I know I kind of faded to black in that cottage scene so we don't know what he did. But he's still an Elf. He's not going to go as overboard as a Man might. More's the pity!

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
Yay, another story! I was beginning to resent Thanksgiving a little because it meant that all of us outside America had to wait a little bit longer for updates Ė but here you are to brighten up my Sunday morning!!

Iím so glad you continued exactly from where the last story ended so that we were allowed to experience the ceremony. I loved the little details you included, like where people were standing and their reactions as well as the new warriorsí thoughts. I had to smile at Legolas, who still canít quite believe that heís now a warrior of the Woodland Realm! Thranduil as king and not father must have been a little unsettling for Legolas Ė to look into the face of one he loves and suddenly not be able to read him at all. Still, he is pledging his faith to his king and people, and I suppose it was probably the easiest way for poor Thranduil to get through that moment as well. I absolutely loved the subtle gestures then of Thranduil squeezing his sonís shoulder and Ithilden touching his face to show their pride and love. And Legolas seems to realise that itís difficult for them too, which he didnít really appear to think about up until now.

Poor Elowen! How hard that must be for her. The Home Guard may be considered the safest posting but that didnít save her husband...

O.k, Iím losing my patience with Beliond already! ďAnd I am sure the realm looks forward to having you at its serviceĒ. What?! So maybe Legolas could have been a bit nicer to him, but really, there was no need for sarcasm Ė even if it was quite funny! Iím going to sit back and let you take Beliond to where you need to take him. Iíll just, um, sit here quietly and wait for him to redeem himself...

Eilianís going already? He must have bribed that healer. Maybe itís what he needs, though, instead of brooding at home.

ďI just want him to treat me with respect,Ē Legolas muttered. Hmm, I think that works both ways, Legolas...

*gasp* Whatís Eilian doing?? Alright, donít answer that Ė I can see what heís doing! Iíve changed my mind Ė get him away from home and up north as quickly as possible!

The scene between Annael and Legolas was lovely Ė itís so sad that the two friends will be parted. Iím trying desperately to put the rest of your stories out of my head, Ďcos I know Legolas serves in the southern patrol for a while but eventually ends up captaining the Home Guard (I could be wrong, though!) but the more I see how the situation works the more I wonder what brings Legolas home in the end.... I know, just concentrate on this story...

You donít know how glad I am that Thranduil gave Eilian a new rune of protection! And they parted on good terms, which always makes me a little happier! I know this is about Legolas in his new role as warrior Ė but you wonít forget about Thranduil, will you...?!;)

Author Reply: I was afraid this was a bad week to post actually, because I thought that many US readers would be travelling or busy with family. But I couldn't stop myself! I was intrigued by working out what young adult Legolas would be like.

I liked writing about Legolas's walk between those rows of warriors. So many of the significant people from his youth are there, all together. It really did seem to make a fitting summary of that period of his life.

I'm a little worried that I can't "redeem" Beliond! In a review at, JastaElf threatened to slap the "Elf poop" out of him. I wrote some backstory for him and we'll see how it goes. Legolas is not showing himself at his charming best either.

Juggling the three sites where my characters are is going to be tricky, but I'll see how it goes.

EokatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/30/2003
Have just read this and enjoyed it immensely, I have had to go back and read your previous ones to get up to date. it is nice to read a legolas fic without it being all girlie.

Author Reply: I love getting new readers. :-)

Girls do occasionally appear in my stories, even for Legolas, but they don't stay around long. He has other things on his mind.

I liked your Eomer story. It was subtly done.

AlyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
Yay! A new story. Sniffle... our Legolas is all grown up and a warrior now. Ok, so maybe not ALL grown up. hehe. I can't wait to see the interaction between Legolas and Beliond! I can already tell it's going to be fiesty between those two. *grins*
I really liked that Thranduil gave Eilian a new rune of protection... that he wouldn't let him leave with out one. It helped to show how much he loves his son. Hopefully the Northern patrol will help Eilian to heal.

Author Reply: I think that Legolas is going to find being on his own is harder than he thinks it will be. He's pretty defensive with Beliond and that's not helping the impression that his keeper has of him. Lots of good conflict for me to work out!

nanethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
I am so excited to see that you have started a new story-what a delight! I am so excited to see where the first patrol will take Legolas.

May Eilian never stop calling Legolas brat. It's the job of older sibilings to embarass their younger sibiling, and he does it so well.

Legolas still has the "prickliness" of youth. How irritating for Beliond! Hope he learns to listen to Beliond soon. Oh, but that just might be the point of this story, huh?

I'm glad you solved the problem of Eilian and the missing rune before he left. Your family dynamics are always a joy to read, from Thranduil's pain at his youngest going into danger to his pain for his middle son's return to danger.

Can't wait to read more!

Author Reply: I think that Legolas and Beliond are in for some interesting times. At least, I hope they are! And I think I am too. I am finding that it feels very different to write about Legolas as a young adult on his own. The familiar set of relationships is all changed.

I considered letting Eilian go off without the rune. Legolas doesn't know that the one he has is Eilian's. But Nilmandra reminded me that Thranduil knew that Eilian had given his rune away and was unlikely to allow Eilian to go off without one. So Thranduil had a chance to show his concern for his difficult second son. Thank the Valar.

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
I'm glad you're taking up more or less where you left off: I was hoping to see how some of those loose ends were tied up. I hope Legolas and his "keeper" learn to get along. Legolas isn't always the best at seeing things from another person's point of view, is he? "There was nothing wrong in what I said, he thought resentfully." LOL - apparently it doesn't occur to him that Beliond may be thinking the same thing.

Ai - What is Eilian doing? What is he _thinking_?! He's in an awfully ugly temper, whether it be because of the shadow or his posting or because of Celuwen. Do tell young Lord Rainbow that I said cheer up! "Let Celuwen's duty keep her warm at night", indeed (insert derisive snort here).

Very touching scene with Thranduil and the rune of protection. Good job!

And now I am going to sit back and see how you juggle all these characters while they are all half a kingdom or more away from one another. Best of Luck to you!

Author Reply: Legolas doesn't have a clue how Beliond might be seeing him. :-)

Eilian is behaving badly. It just didn't seem to me that he could be completely free from resentment at Celuwen constantly keeping her distance. Particularly when he's shadow struck. It's a good thing Thranduil gave him the rune.

I'm a little concerned about the juggling thing myself!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
I had just signed on for a moment to check my mail when I got the notice about your new story. It was a nice 'pick-me-up' for a chilly afternoon. I'm glad to see the actual ceremony of Legolas and Annael pledging their faith. It was a proud, yet, bittersweet moment for the king. It will be interesting to see how Legolas and Beliond work things out...though I guess it will be an on-going process for some time. I also look forward to learning what goes on on the eastern border. We know about the southern patrol, but the other borders are a bit more murky. With Eilian on the northern border we will hopefully get a glimpse of it, too. I'm still a little worried about Eilian. He's just still not himself...things haven't gone his way and the shadow has not completely gone from him it seems...and he's the middle child to boot. A good start, Daw. I look forward to more. Karen

Author Reply: Poor Thranduil. His kids are giving him fits. How hard it must be to let the baby go. I'm interested in writing about Legolas and Beliond too. They just got off on the wrong foot and are having a hard time recovering.

I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on on the borders too! I have my maps and chronologies out, but I never know if what's in my head will seem plausible to anyone else.

Eilian is still not in good shape, but he's getting better. As a middle child myself, I have lots of sympathy for him. Not to mention lust. ;-)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/29/2003
Wonderful! I hoped you would write a new story about Legolas's experiences now he is finally a warrior! I wonder what adventures and dangers he will find on the Eastern borders? I do hope that Eilian will accept that he cannot return to the south just yet, I think he'll find the North tame after the shadow and orcs in the South. Or do you have plans for him, too?


Author Reply: I have plans for Eilian (I hope). I sat there and looked at my Atlas of Middle Earth and the Tale of the Years and tried to think of what might be happening that would be interesting for him and Legolas too. We'll see.

I'm excited about writing about Legolas and Beliond working out their differences. And I think there will be some familiar faces in the patrols that both brothers go to.

Thanks for the review.

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