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marinus stiria  by bryn 2 Review(s)
Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 1/25/2004
Thank you Legolas!!! You are the savior of Gondor and the world! Arwen is your Princess! Together you shall save Aragorn from his folly!!! (This is a chant, by the way,) I thought Legolas would be overtaken by the jewel. Thank you. And thank you for letting them realize what it was. Ah, I cannot wait to see what will happen nxt! Cheers!

MirielReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/20/2003
Interesting how Legolas sees Minas Tirith as a prison. Interesting as well how even his horse is skittish of the city. Does Arwen feel the same at times, I wonder?

LOL at Vargon. I do that sometimes...

Haha. Legolas just aimlessly wanders off into the city.

Aragorn showing off the jewel reminds me of Frodo in the movies. ("No! Put that thing away, someones going to take it!, leave it out...pretty ring...")

Balnce of the Sea, Earth, and Sky. Just like the Rings...very well put.

He wants to lock it up! like Feanor! And Thingol! No...we KNOW what happened to them...

Thank goodness that the elves will take counsel together.

Author Reply: I did some researching on the significance of 3, because Tolkien seems to use a lot of it. Not only can it represent eternity, but it can represent balance as well. And the 3 elements. I found it interesting that one stone was taken into the sky and became a star of sorts (the element of Air), one was tossed into the sea (I believe that was my buddy Maedhros, poor guy. There we have the element of Water), and one got tossed into a crack in the earth (*grimace* grasping at straws, can't quite remember who was responsible for that one, but there is the element of Fire).

Again, I repeat: BAD ARAGORN! ;)

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