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marinus stiria  by bryn 5 Review(s)
Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/25/2004
YAY Pirates!!! I love pirates, they always spice up a story. And these corsairs are up to something if secrecy is so important to them. Hmm...Interesting. I must ask you, how do you write a story like this? I mean, do you plan a ton of stuff beforehand or it on the spot? I tried starting a story, but it was so boring I put myself to sleep. Good grief. Well cheers and keep writing!

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/19/2003
Love the scene where Arwen and Aragorn are preparing for the audience with their people. However, it did conjure up an image in my mind of their attempt to persuade Legolas to institute the same custom in Ithilien. I see the Elf Boy drawing himself to his full height and assuming his most Thranduil-like expression as he declares that "elves do not DO cows, Arwen!" People are viewing me strangely as I cackle hysterically. Perhaps I shall retreat to the forest. . .

MirielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/13/2003
*Accepts kudos* Ha! I was right! Uh oh, why is Aragorn's name mentioned? No! Not him too!

Stolen cows...haha.

I like Bergil--he oozes character, charm, and fun! I can't wait to see more of your rendition of him.

Gimli-*Rolls eyes* Self indulgent, haughty elf. Humerous, but sad, as Gimli is jesting to hide the hurt and concern that Arwen so easily saw.

Yes, Terigon would turn to drinking. His wife indulges and begs for pain, while he wishes to cover it. Interesting how differently people react to sorrow.

Oh, fantastic. Now the corsairs want the Silmaril too. It's the war of the Jewels all over again...but with mortals. *Shudder*

I love it! Please update soon! (I know from ff.n that you have more written, so I won't accept excuses!! My apologies for not reading it there, I perfer the formating on SoA.)

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/10/2003
An excellent start. You have woven an intriguing story full of well rounded characters of your own. You have set the stage well with good foreshadowing and a good plot line. The child's death, while sad, serves to tell us the dangers of the stone and the frailities of spirit that it awakens. The known characters are uneasy and walking into the plot unknowingly. Maybe Legolas has a clue, but he's not talking and is irritating the dwarf to boot. I'm really looking forward to reading more. Karen

SivanReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/10/2003
This is very good, I can't wait to read more.

I love what I read.

God Bless your talent and gifts.

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