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Nor Bid the Stars Farewell  by Levade 34 Review(s)
hohNVe06yqReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/25/2015
I am sorry see that Gibadson passed away. My tghhouts and prayers are with you. My sisadter, mother and I met you in the waitading room at UGA. My sisadter was there with her Westie, Winadston, who was put to sleep the evening we were there. We had my mother’s puppy, Cooper, with us ( doxie-scottie mix). You gave us your card about your trainading seradvices. I would like to give my mother trainading lessons for Cooper for Christadmas. She is almost 90 and I know this would be great for her and Cooper. Do you know of someadone in Augusta, Ga. that is a good trainer? Wish she lived closer to Muradphy, N.C. Thanks so much! Mary Gillespie

ainisarieReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/7/2015
I truly enjoyed this story. And I love your portrayal of the young twins. Elladan especially. Well, he is my favorite. I have always thought their unique lineage, with a Maia in the mix, made for some unusual powers or abilities. I hope you have more stories in your head, just waiting to get out.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2015
Hah! Very true to some young boys of my acquaintance, from the sharp elbows to the smoking boot tips.

Oh, to see Khazad-dûm in the days of its glory!


...further up, further in... I love Gofi's ruminations here.

Hah, the equivalent of fighting in the back seat on a long car trip...

Asking questions of Glorfindel was always something of a game. You asked, he countered with his own question, and so on and so forth. Reminds me of the "ask advice of an elf" quote in LOTR. Actually, I knew adults like this when I was growing up.

*sigh* As long as horses live (twice some dogs and most cats, three times some dogs), it never is long enough.

She was not temperamental! She was...energetic.
BTDT. It was in memory of one of my own equine friends that I have Pippin say, "He's not impossible, he's spirited!" about his own... energetic pony.

balrog brain! (I love all the insults. Very brotherly.)


Lovely beginning. I look forward to reading more, hopefully tomorrow.

(Just a note. It has been a long time since I have finished a work-in-progress -- I keep chipping away -- but I seem to remember that you can change this story's status from "in progress" to "complete" on your Author page. The first column is called "Titles (click to edit)". You click the title and change the "Completed" field from "No" to "Yes", and then the "Update story" button at the bottom of that screen. I hope to be doing that myself, one of these days.)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/4/2015
Nice conclusion, Levade. The characters come through as such lively folks. If I were Celebrian, I'd might be tempted to put a leash on my sons! Still boys need adventure. Thanks for the story and your kind treatment of Eilian.

elizaReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/4/2015
May the stars shine on you as well Levade,

What a wonderful ending as well as a wonderful story,
Thanks for the great insight to the Elves more relaxed with loved one's. Some times you have to wonder do this guys ever relax.
Very much enjoyed Celeborn.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 8/3/2015
And I do hope that the twins get to visit Khazad-dum soon. A delightful thought, to see what Dwarves make of these two!

Thanks for the story!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/3/2015
Not all respond positively to offered ministrations of healing. But at least Legolas will be able to be with his mother ere she goes. And I'm glad that they didn't kill the Men, as ill-advised as the plan proved.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 8/3/2015
IMHO, Elrohir is exactly right on the gift of foresight. What a horrible thing. Poor little boys.

"I think you need not worry, Haldir. Unless you think the King of the Woodland Realm a threat?"

Ha! Let's provoke him and see whether he's threatening, shall we? LOL

The reunion was lovely. I liked the way you had Legolas believe he was dreaming at first. That made it all easier.

Elrond talking to Elladan about Thranduil's hurt and dying wife was spooky with Celebrian nearby. See? Foresight would be terrible.

Hand to his heart, Celeborn inclined his head. It wasn't quite a bow, but there were few Celeborn of Doriath would bow to. "Safe journey, Thranduil Oropherion."

Faint smile curling his lips, Thranduil inclined his head. "For you as well, Celeborn, once of Doriath."

Watching from the trees, Elrond snorted softly. Both having faintly wounded the other verbally, they were parting.

Now that is subtle. I love subtlety.

I'm on my way out the door to spend a few days away, Levade, but I had to stop and read this. Thanks for the story.

Tiinaj1Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/26/2015
Very good story - it drew me in right away. :) Looking forward to the next chapters....

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/26/2015
Ah, at least Legolas is getting the best of care from the greatest healer in all of Middle Earth. But he still knows too much grief. I hope he and Eilian can give over their anger at the Men. And the colt is still with them? Most interesting!

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