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Free Fall  by Lindorien 52 Review(s)
morwingielReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/16/2004
*sniffling like a wet puppy*

I never knew!


You are sooooooooo sweet!

HUGS! =)

Love, Morwingiel (or, as Bard calls me - Mo Wings!)

Author Reply: THIS is why you can't dive off the roof. Not yet, anyway. Now then, must get back to my obsessing. I don't know what I'm thanking you for. Because of you, my fingers are cramped and my neck has a crick and I'm starting to squint. Love Lindorien

BardvahallaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 6/26/2004

**lip trembles**
**falls to the floor sobbing**
I had no idea I - I was s-so FABULOUS!!!!

Oh, like EW! I really ought to vaccuum my floor more often.

Seriously. You have the potential to go all the way as a writer.

Stop fiddling about.


Author Reply: You are mahvalous, darling. Now go wash your face - the eyeliner's running and Captain Jack will get annoyed at you for borrowing his again. Yes yes, master - shall go all the way, have hundreds of thousands of words to shop in a variety of formats. Am working on it. Am working on it. If you trip over an agent - toss him/her my way.

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/18/2004
"I tried to make Boromir's warning look like the reason Faramir sent them all crashing to the ground. Do I need to add a few words to elaborate that"

This is what I was trying to respond to - I didn't understand your comment.

Still, it seems to me that Aragorn would have at least run into Faramir at some point in the approximate month between his return to Minas Tirith and the coronation; I mean, they did have friends in common (Gandalf, the hobbits, Faramir's uncle Imrahil). Not to mention the transition of Steward's Rule to King's Rule. But it's possibly more dramatically interesting if they don't, so go for it. I guess Faramir might have been rather surprised that he was going to be Steward of Gondor after all...

Faramir was definitely a late addition to the cast of characters. Tolkien didn't anticipate him, and was pleasantly surprised when Faramir came walking out of the woods in Ithilien to join the story, in May 1944. In earlier drafted outlines of the latter chapters of ROTK, Faramir was supposed to have gone to Mordor with the rest of the Host, and, possibly with Eomer, fought at Minas Morgul I think. And Aragorn's Elven sweetheart was named Finduilas...

Author Reply: Hi raksha, great convo in email! I wonder how many iterations of the plot and characters he went through before making his final decisions?

I would guess Faramir didn't expect to be Steward, but would have been trained in the duties - one never knows what curve balls life might throw. Lindorien

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/18/2004

Hmm. I would think that Aragorn would talk to Faramir at least once between the time Aragorn returns from the Morannon and the coronation. There would be important details of the transition to discuss; and I would think Aragorn would want to get to know Faramir a bit. Would Aragorn decide to confirm Faramir as the Steward of Gondor, effectively his prime minister and regent, without even talking to him? Not to mention Prince of Ithilien, a potentially valuable and strategically important fiefdom.

I don't understand what you mean by I don't think Boromir got a bum rap. Yes, he was terribly worried about Gondor. But he did betray his oath to protect the Ringbearer. He redeemed himself, and I wish he had been allowed to live, but he did something terribly wrong in not only trying to take the Ring, but attempting to harm Frodo to do it.

Author Reply:
Raksha - I didn't say that second paragraph above. Where did that come from? Or did you not put in a closed italic? And that's your response?

I do think Boromir got a bum rap. Maybe the bum's rush. I think it had something to do with the length of time it took to write the novel. The Boromir spoken of in ROTK sounds quite different from the Boromir depicted in FOTR - but years separate the writing of the two tomes. Changes were made and the stapling is sometimes apparent. I also think JRRT's attitudes and ideas changed over those years and it reflected later.

From what I understand Faramir was a late addition and Arwen a very late addition. MSebasky in her wonderful 'Paths of the Dead' (found on this site) makes clear that the original intent was that Eowyn marry Aragorn. There was no Arwen - or, at least, she did not figure into the story. Her story is an AU line based on JRRT's notes.

I think because Faramir was added much later, he's given no more mention then a cursory "Me, my brother and two others made it out of the river" or whatever that quote is from Boromir at the council of Elrond.

Regarding Galadriel and Boromir - I wonder if Galadriel didn't purposely entice him. Faramir seems to have his suspicions in Window on the West.

I'd have to check the book again. I did all my research way back when I first wrote this thing. I had the impression that Aragorn basically showed up and Faramir handed over his Rod of Office. For whatever reason at the time, I didn't think there was any contact before then. He bestows the title of Prince upon him sometime later, not on the day of the Coronation. So he would have had time to get to know him before then. Certainly, Aragorn had plenty of time to speak with Gandalf about Faramir; Boromir surely spoke of him during the journey (at least I make the presumption); Aragorn would know the measure of Boromir and make the translation. He had plenty of time to speak with Faramir's men and Mablung on the way to the Morannon. He had plenty of time to speak with Imrahil. Perhaps Eomer had met Faramir before (I make that presumption) and could have spoken to Aragorn.

I don't think Aragorn risked much in the appointment and it would be politically savvy for him. Faramir was well loved; Aragorn an outsider walking into power...if Faramir turned out to be an idiot - or trouble - Aragorn could always keep the position ceremonial and keep him out of court.

Annis Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/18/2004
wonderful wonderful and wonderful! I love this story, especially the relationship between Boromir and Faramir, which you do exquisitely well. Keep up the good work!

Author Reply: Annis, Thanks! 'Exquisitely well'! I'll take it! Lindorien

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/18/2004
Suggesting that Findulas killed herself is a really interesting way to explain why Faramir and Denethor do not get on. I loved this story when I read it before and I love it even more now!


Author Reply:
Here's the way I see it - maybe they got on and maybe they didn't. My guess is that they more or less did a kinda somewhat distant Father/Son thing that kinda became habit after a while, but on occasion got a little testy...


A suicide for Finduilas is pure speculation on my part, but holds up based on how Tolkien writes that bit in Appendix A. And I need some reason for why a Father might have more issues with a child. I don't see it to be a capricious acts. From some tree or another every apple falls. In many ways, I don't think Faramir fell as far from Denethor as perhaps he'd like to believe.

ImrahoilReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/18/2004
Still in hurry, so no time for typo catching. Great Lothlorien chapter, Boromir feels very right, the Boromir/Aragorn interaction as well, and a beautiful, beautiful Horn of Gondor chapter. Will come back for relentless searching of typos, hope you have left a few.

Author Reply:
If I did leave any, I rely upon you to find them. Spellchecker says 'no'. Hopefully, I haven't asked WEAR anybody is! I glad you think I pegged Boromir and the Horn of Gondor chapter - completely non-canon, but I make my case for it in the Author's Notes! Lindorien

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/18/2004
Sniff. Awww, you have built us up for this, but it still hurts. Once again could not be faulted. sigh.

Author Reply:
You're gonna make me blush! But don't stop! Too bad the Professor didn't just wing the man. Lindorien

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/18/2004
Oh if only. Once again their voices ring true and flawless, in dialogue you have no peer Lindy, so bittersweet this ch. Lovely tight writing, lovely storytelling, Bravo!

Author Reply: Oh dear! There goes my head, swelling all out of proportion and taking flight, sending me soaring above the streets and sage brush. But do continue! Lindorien

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/18/2004
Alas for Boromir! Sob-sob. He had no wings.

Good chapter. Keep writing.

Author Reply:
Yes, ma'am. Am scribbling away.

**scribble, scribble**

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