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Interrupted Journeys 9: Bitter Paths  by elliska 59 Review(s)
NoraReviewed Chapter: 8 on 3/30/2013
I love your stories. I've been following them for some time now but I'm usually a silent reader.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing and how much I'm looking forward to the next story.
When will the next story be up?

c_belle_aReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/28/2013
This is, as usual, such an amazing chapter! I had a nasty feeling that Celonhael's remains were in that bag, and I'm impressed by the level of maturity Legolas handled it. Also impressed that he managed to figure out the whereabouts of Manadhien all by himself. I was initially upset at Tulus/ Dannenion for not telling Thranduil straight away about the village, but now I see that it was for the better. I agree with them that Thranduil going over and rashly arresting Manadhien would just put himself/ his family in even more danger.

Now that we know why Manadhien has a grudge against Thranduil, I wonder why her core followers do too? Did Oropher/ Thranduil kill members of Lagril/ Fuilin's families as well? Or have they always followed Manadhien?

I loved how you spinned it so that Thranduil had actually met Annatar, and that Manadhien was one of the jewel makers. So interesting!

Thanks again for writing, and I look forward to the next chapter!!

katrinaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/27/2013
A beautiful finish to this section- thank you for explaining the questions that you have so wonderfully set up throughout this story! I suspected that Marti's hatred towards Thranduil's family had something to do with the kinslayings, but I must say, the fact that it was sparked by Thranduil and Oropher killing Marti's family was surprising. Not that they had any choice- I am sure this was during the Noldorian attack on the cities.

All of this just highlights how awful the whole kinslaying ordeal was- it was awful to the sons of Feanor who were plagued by that oath, it was awful to the ones that followed them, and it was awful for those who got attacked. And hatred breeds hatred until nobody is quite innocent.

I also love it how we get to watch Legolas really grow up now- these trying times have really pushed him to act more like a prince than he ever has. I was impressed by the way he handled the beheading nightmare. I think it will be interesting when he finally gets to talk to Galithal and his childhood friends again. I feel like he has been putting up a brave and mature face for the public and his father, but he is still young, and obviously needs to spend some time with the elves in his generation again.

I'm looking forward to the next installment! Thanks again!

picaraReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/27/2013
Several things strike me in this chapter. First, how very near the end of his rope Legolas is. Not sleeping. Not wanting to eat. Not wanting to see or hear anything else. Not even bothering to stand when Thranduil comes into the Great Hall. Not good signs. Understandable, but somebody had better notice them soon. Second, I found it interesting that Thranduil did not question (this time) that Legolas should go with him to iterrogate Glilavan and did not question he should work on the petitions if he was not going to come. Also, the guard did not hesitate much to abandon his post when ordered by Legolas. That contrasted with other people trying to work out how far Legolas's authority extends--like the warrior not willing to give him the bag (of course, that was just compassion) and Engwe still refering to him as a child and irritating Legolas and Dolwon flat out telling him he had no right to speak to Dannenion as he did. It must be an odd position to be the king's almost adult son and be given enough adult responsibilities in court that people have trouble deciding how to treat you. We think teenage years are hard as average people! Lastly: interesting tidbit that Manadhien was one of the jewelsmiths. Wonder how important that will be.

I hope you post the next part quickly. I'm anxious to see how Legolas comes away from such huge events as he went through in this story.

FantasiaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/25/2013
Well, if I was sad in the last chapter, I'm furious in this one. I didn't think that Glilavan was behind Celonhael's death. But if he went so far as to put his Father in danger, it is not a surprise that he was responsible for Fuilin’s escape. Glad that my guess of sending him to the Valar was a good guess.

At the end, Dannenion was right; Thranduil can’t really protect them if he goes to hunt Manadhien. Her people are very loyal to her.

I’m glad that Thranduil is taking decisions with his head, very cold head and not in the heat of the moment. Well, the list of pending tasks that they told him that needed to take care if he left were overwhelming, poor King, he can’t go and hunt an enemy…And most of Thranduil's household is too prejudiced against Noldors, they should learn to be a little more tolerant.

Tulus, he will be now a spy, for whatever time takes to destroy Manadhien. He and Legolas will miss each other a lot.

Well, now we know the reasons behind her actions and treasons. Revenge, justified or not, can start a spiral of violence with no end and convert you in a very inhuman (in this case, I suppose that it is un-elvish) individual. Glad that Legolas has learnt the different between Justice and Revenge.

I feel bad for Dolgailon, it won’t be easy. Maybe they will send Galithil as the leader of the village when he is old enough to do it.

Legolas is a good detective, he deduce where Manadhien was, good thinking. And I love this: “Manadhien ... Marti ... Manarinde ... whatever she called herself” I had always such a bad time trying to remember her name.

Thanks Elliska, it was a very good story and I’m waiting very impatiently for the next one.

MornReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/24/2013
What an intense chapter.

I felt I knew what was in that bag as soon as it was mentioned. How horrible. I knew you were too kind saying legolas and anastor and thought this was coming but was still sickening.

And wow what a mess we are in still. Having to leave her in charge and send someone guilty of treason after her. Gives scope for plenty more trouble than if she was easy to dispose of. At least they've finally got her figured out now that Engwe recognised her father.

Seen as I've commented on Engwe before I'll just mention how much i like his character in this story. Too many stories have the head"good guys" being far too perfect and your characters have enough flaws to be realistic. Engwe sums this up being obnoxious, argumentative and all the characters seeming to take issue with him (like legolas here) while still undoubtedly one of the good guys. Characters like him have as well as thranduil's flaws have made this into a great story.

And the little hints along the way have been good too. Means we are managing to piece the puzzle together along side your characters.

Hope you will post the next installment soon ;)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/24/2013
Oh lord. My immediate fear on seeing the bag the warrior wanted to bring inside was that it held Celonhael's severed head, and by god, it did. I'm not sure what that says about both your imagination and mine, but it may not be good. Poor Legolas. He so didn't need that. And before that I was so impressed that he was up before dawn, hard at work. I'd guess he had trouble sleeping.

I like how you're unraveling the mysteries of the past associations that have created this situation. Even I find it odd to think of Thranduil as a young elf, "dallying" with a maiden, and I read your account of when he did it, so Legolas must really find it strange. I don't blame Thranduil for being surprised Engwe could be useful because I was too.

Loved the scene where Legolas puts the clues together! Good use of the tapestry on the wall there to guide his wandering thoughts. But ohmigod, Tulus! I am all sympathy for him but this was too much, at least until he had time to explain.

I have heard all that I can bear

I thought that wording was apt.

Cool idea about Thranduil being able to ask aid of an owl! I was a little worried that Galithil was going to be shipped off to that village to keep track of things, since Dolgailon can't be spared. Thank Eru, Thranduil believes in protecting children.

I thought you sorted out Tulus's fate as well as anyone could. He's a true mixed character, which makes him hard for a writer to deal with, but also more genuine.

Sorry to see this one end, Elliska. Looking forward to the next one. Stop working so hard at other things!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/24/2013
Bitter paths, and bitter pills to swallow for everyone, from the grisly contents of the reeking sack to the realization that the bad guy had been ruling...Aradunnon's village no less! whith Tulus knowing. A lot to swallow.

I loved that Thranduil apologized to Dannenion, but things look really bleak right now, until they manage to rid the forest of this blemish, and this is not even one of Sauron's making. Now I'm looking forward to the next art, but let me tell you again that this one was a great great one!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/17/2013
Hi there, elliska, first of all, I apologize for reviewing three chapters in just one review, but you know, extenuating circumstances and all... I feel guilty enough right now stealing time from work to read fanfic!

Congratulations on being so brave as to have Legolas become a kinslayer... and getting away with it! :- It was very well contrived.

There are also a few things I loved that I think maybe have not been singled out in reviews, so there you go:

First, the fact that Annastor would feel the consequences of killing something other than an orc, and asked Legolas about that. I really liked how you realt with all the impications, the reasononing and what not, but having Annastor's shock at his first kill being one of the thngs that made legolas turn again his actions in his mind -how he feels about killing orcs, not to mention another elf- really helped give the matter the importance it should have according to Tolkien's rules: taking a life is always a weighty matter, moreso for an elf, and so in fiction we should treat that event differently than they do in, say, "law and order" or other tv proceduras, so kudos on that!

The second, you don't try to assuage or justify the implications of Thranduil's poor choices, and how his short temper, and lack of patience may have made this mess worse that it needed have been. I bow to you on that. It doesn't make him less likeable, but more realistic. The fact that he never ever stopped to think that once Maidhien was engaged with Galithil it must have meant something for her father and his loyalties -he's never seen Dannenion as a father, thinks he's the only one with a family to cherish and protect- must be kicking him in the gut for a long time. I love it when our favourite characters are ar from perfect.

Also I feel so bad for poor Tulus, and Dolgailon,too, who is a character I really like, though sadly he getes very litle screen time, and then he looks like a complete fool, like today! :-)

Anyway, again congratulations on your choices and plot developements!

Author Reply: I totally understand. I pleased you have time to do any reading at all given how busy you are (I bet you're glad to have free time too!).

I am really enjoying playing with the kinslaying/killing aspect of Tolkien's world. It is very different, the way Tolkien set this up, then most books. Killing isn't an easy solution. It is a very weighty matter. That makes for some great tension.

I like not perfect characters. Thranduil at his angriest is awesome. I love seeing, reading and writing that. But it has to have its consequences. Here they are.

Tulus and Dolgailon both have a healthy amount of suffering left to do. We see some of it in the next installment.

Thanks so much for the reviews! I appreciate them so much and I hope you continue to enjoy!

CharmelReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/14/2013
OK so I have read this several times over the last few days and I decided not to be so hasty to review. Only because, usually I wind up having much more stuff to say and don't want to review twice. I'm pushy enough dont you think?

Anyhoots. Loved the chapter. Brilliant as always. I'm sorry to hear this is going to be over so soon, though I am dying to know how it ends.

Legolas I think now understands his father more and how he could conceive of executing an elf. Not so easy to stand on that principle when you are trying to protect the ones you love. Hopefully he will reflect on that later.

Tulus, so many bad choices. I get the feeling that before he sails, Manadhien will find her end at his hands.

Thranduil, I just love that elf. He wants so badly to do the right thing to protect his people and his family. It is so hard to do that when people are fighting against you. Even those who claim to support you. How hurt he had to have been when his own son thought him so callous as to want to execute people all willy nilly. Legolas should have known better after that conversation in the village.

Side note - it would be nice to see more of Thranduil's ability over fire and whatnot. hint hint.

Also, I need Berior's adar to be ok. Thank you. No more killing of good characters. You can ruff him up a little though. :)

Poor Dolgalion although, he was warned that that Glilivan was not what he seemed.

Lots and lots of emotion going on. Waiting very impatiently for your next update. Soon. Please.

Author Reply: OK so I have read this several times over the last few days and I decided not to be so hasty to review. Only because, usually I wind up having much more stuff to say and don't want to review twice. I'm pushy enough dont you think?

LOL! Not at all, but I know what you mean about thinking of things to say later. I do that all the time!

We will definitely see Legolas contemplating more what all this means to him in the next part of the story. It is basically dedicated to that sort of reaction.

Tulus definitely has a lot more in store for him in this story.

I love Thranduil too. He is awesome. He is also at the end of his tolerance here. Hurt and disturbed by all that has happened and with every right to be so. (And we will definitely see more of Thranduil's elven magic before the end. I love that too!).

Dolgailon was warned, but he is hurt also. We'll see more of that in the next story.

Thanks so much for the reviews! I hope you continue to enjoy!

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