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Interrupted Journeys 9: Bitter Paths  by elliska
As we look back on the journey of our life, certain moments stand out as ones that defined the course of that journey. At the time, we rarely recognize their significance, but at the end of the journey they become clear. These are the incidents that defined the lives of Thranduil Oropherion and Legolas Thranduilion throughout the Third and Fourth Ages.

Part Nine: Difficult lessons and bitter truths.

Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The wisest judgment he could make6
Chapter  2: Your fear serves your enemy, never you6
Chapter  3: Beyond your reach6
Chapter  4: Fighting back8
Chapter  5: Despicable acts8
Chapter  6: What you were forced to do7
Chapter  7: Of cowardice and courage10
Chapter  8: This business will be finished8

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