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A Fire Long Kindled  by Nilmandra 24 Review(s)
Marianel Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/9/2014
I enjoyed this story so much and I have read it a couple of years ago. I mailed you then because I didnt know how to become a member.I decided to read it again and it is so romantic, humourus and sexy . I laughed so hard at the chaperonescenes, the beard on Cirdan, Glorfindel and Celebrian at breakfast where they manage to get a double entender " do you want another tart dear", no I prefer something sweeter hahahaha! Or maybe I just have a slightly naughty mind about that line haha! Glorfindel had it coming and he deserved it at breakfast.And bedroomscenes ofcourse. That was so hot and so much fun with Elrond and Celebrians comments :D ! You have managed to create a lovemaking without the bad words and uncomfortably simple "porn"feel to it as in other fanfiction I have come across where that seems to be the only thing that matters to squeese in as many nasty descriptions as possible..And Glorfindel should have a wife too- hes so fun and attractive in in your story:D ! You really feel how happy Elrond and Celebrian are:) If you have written other stories I must read them as well as you are a good storyteller. Take care:)/ Marianel, Sweden .

nancylea57Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/8/2009
this so describes the peoblem eith knowledge, when it comes time to apply it close to home there is never enough information available; imagine the terror of a distressed unborn fea calling to its parent, how nerve wracking not to be able to touch and calm it.

Author Reply: I am glad that touched you. It did me too - angst just seems to wind it's way into almost any story about Elrond.

FimbrethilReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/3/2006
Wow, another masterpiece! I could easily believe that Tolkien himself had authored these stories. I especially enjoyed Chapter 3. The way you moved from
Celebrian's anxiety and nervousness to Elrond's understanding, to their joy in conceiving a son, to their worry and anxiety about the child's fea, to the unexpected arrival of Celeborn and Galadriel, to their wonder and delight at having conceived twins; marvelous, brillant! You are a true master of the art of writing and keeping us on the edge of our seats. Bravo,keep up the good work.

Author Reply: I am glad you enjoyed this.. it was so good to write this (mostly) happy time in their life!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/19/2005
Oh I really enjoyed their decision to conceive their first child(ren)--I like Elrond's 'smugness' over his unique abilities and again that was a delightfully steamy scene.

But honestly, the part I like most about this is the elfy way they are prepared to conceive and how you showed them worrying because they didn't entirely understand what was happening since neither had experienced twins before. I thought that was really clever (poor things).

This was a really great story and I am so glad you wrote it. I love seeing Elrond and Celebrian in some of their happiest moments. :-)

Author Reply: I admit I got a little hung up trying to imagine what parts of conception an elf could control and how that fit in with what we know of reproduction. The 'twinning' happens at 4-12 days, which of course made me wonder about when the fea became known - and was it two fea in one zygote, or did the fea split... and yeah, I'm nuts. But I know it and have admitted I have a problem...

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/17/2005
Oh wonderful. Magical. Beautiful.

I love the banter and easy relationship between Glorfindel and Celebrían, but I love even more the fact that Glorfindel knows when he has gone too far and apologises for it.

LOL at Elrond getting straight into the spirit of things! I’m sitting here smiling at the effect he has on her. A frisky Elrond is apparently a difficult person to talk to. Particularly if he’s licking your ear. I felt a little sorry for Celebrían, though, because she genuinely did want to talk to him. I was glad to see that he knew what she was thinking so that she didn’t have to struggle to voice it, even though it didn’t surprise me at all. Gil-galad’s begetting day! Oh, that’s perfect. I love the idea of her knowing that it should be today, without being able to figure out why. And Elrond is naked under his robes! LOL! She’ll have to try harder if she wants to surprise him. I kind of like the idea of him always going about naked beneath the robes, though…

I’m always fascinated by the idea that they can control their bodies to the extent that they can choose when to have a child – these children are always wanted and treasured! - and you write it wonderfully. It makes this moment so much more special and it’s romantic and beautiful and filled with love. How amazing it must be to be able to feel that moment when new life begins.

One of my favourite parts is when Glorfindel realises by looking into Celebrían’s eyes – and she promptly gets as much enjoyment as possible out of his shock! It’s right, really, that Glorfindel is the first to know, even if he can’t say anything yet.

All the stuff about the fëa and what it could mean that Elrond can’t reach it is so interesting. My heart went out to the two of them as they worried about their child. What an awful time. And I really felt for Glorfindel too, who must have been very troubled when he knew their news and yet there seemed to be no joy. Well, thank heavens for ancient elves with good memories!! You made me smile to see Galadriel and Celeborn’s amusement and happiness, Celebrían’s sheer joy and Elrond’s shock! Lovely moment. And an even more magical moment is when Elrond suddenly becomes aware of the two fëar and can even already get a sense of the people they will be. I admit I welled up a little at that! Having Celebrían sleep while her family gather around her to share this makes it more touching – it’s sad to think that these three will be looking down on her again when she’s suffering rather than content, but that’s far in the future and for now it’s a beautiful and special time.

I love the idea of the official announcement, even though they can all tell (and news seems to travel very fast in Imladris!). There seems to be great delight in the idea of twins! Of course, it does make wagering more interesting. Hilarious that Glorfindel had them all running off to the library! It seems Celebrían can look forward to spending the next few months either eating or sleeping. I hope she doesn’t neglect her duties in keeping Elrond from becoming too serious ;-) The ending, with the lullaby, is lovely. There’s such a sense of family in Imladris, with Elrond and Celebrían at the centre of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, Nilmandra. Not only have you given me some rather delicious images of Elrond to treasure, you’ve shown us the depth and beauty of the love between Elrond and Celebrían. Definitely one to be read over and over again :-)

Author Reply: Writing frisky Elrond was fun! This was a completely different look at them, I hope, and so nice to show some joy in their lives. I have always thought that Celeborn and Galadriel was likely another great love story as well. They remind of a Lion and Lioness :D.

It was really fascinating to think about what control over reproduction the elves had - what they coudl control, when they first new the fea of the infant.. and then try to reconcile that with what we know of reproduction - fertilization of the egg, the implantatin of the zygote, when twinning happened. And of course, in reconciling it I managed to create angst for Elrond! All I can say is I promise that Arwen's conception and delivery were completely angst free.

I am glad you enjoyed it.. I stepped out of my comfort zone here, so I am really glad it worked. I hope you enjoy it over and over again. :D

ArielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/17/2005
Nicely written, Nilmandra! As I have always learned to expect from you - thank you for sharing it with us!

Author Reply: I am glad you liked it - its outside of the norm, but very engaging to write :)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/15/2005
Oh my, that was good! Such a sweet, romantic story...

Work has delayed all holiday fun these two weeks. ;( I did not like having to wait til today to read even the first chapter. But then, I got to read it all in one sitting. *mmmm-boy* 'twas Very Enjoyable for not having to suspend the pleasure by the necessity of waiting for the next chapter to be posted. ;) Anticipation is over-rated sometimes.

Poor Elrond and Celebrian getting such a late start. Thank goodness for a valiant friend to propel him forward. Celebrian has a lot more patience than I would have in her place! But then, she is a lady.

Weddings and wedding nights are meant to be special! Big, beautiful, and bountiful! Drinking and dancing! Shivaree! woops, not elves, I guess.

It was really lovely how their House was home to not only an extended family, but a close community. An ideal setting for raising a family.

The ideas about conception and souls were very interesting - and harrowing. I felt so sorry for both nervous parents and so pleased when the older more experienced parents calmed their qualms. Just one of many *appreciated* realistic touches.

I certainly hope you do more of these side-stories from HL. I just love this sort of tasteful historical romance. No ripped bodices necessary.

Thanks for sharing this!

Author Reply: LOL, glad you liked it. My beta told me I couldn't post it all at once, it was too long... so you'll have to tell daw about anticipation :D.

No ripped bodices necessary.

That is always the fear, that romance/love scenes become just another bodice ripper, which is not what I wanted, but certainly what I feared. I hope it did come through as a love story. Thank you for your kind words. :)

perellethReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/15/2005
This should come with a " Do not read at work" warning, NIlmandra! I was reading it early this morning while waiting for the printer to spit out my last reports and I feared it would go in flmaes!

It's good to see that you're enjoying yourself.. and sharing with the rest of us. I bet the twins never received this piece of History LEsson... and it was good to read about a lighthearted...Elrond. GLorfindel was superb in his preparations, a hundred-years' old permission to marry the lady! It was very fun and wonderfully hot... surely the snow melted around your home!

I apologize for being so late in reviewing this, yet it was a very welcome surprise!

Author Reply: This should come with a " Do not read at work" warning, NIlmandra!

LOLOL... we don't want Beliond to ask why you are fanning yourself :D.

No, the twins never learned this in their History Lessons, and Elrond is so weary by the end of the story that he remembers her love, but not so much the passion. What better reason to write from Celebrian's POV? I love her version of events!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/15/2005
Ah, Nilmandra, this is just delightful! As far as I'm concerned, you write the definitive Elrond and Celebrían, and this story just increases the pleasure.... Thank you for sharing it with us!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thanks Barbara - I am glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing them during this time of peace, happy and contented. :>)

Hotaru9Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/14/2005
Twins!!! Yay!! And now the family has been extended. I love the portrayal of Glorfindel. He is such a guardian for the family. Yet I'm sure he has to put up with little bits of stress here and there. Again, the chapter was just as nice as the last two. Now I get to look forward to History Lessons:3rd Age. ^_^

Author Reply: LOL, the begetting was fun to write. I liked them playful like this while making a decision of great joy.

Yes,now back to HLIII and angst :/ I have to write Elrond happy to deal with all the sorrow of that story.

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