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A Spring of Joy  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
Templa OtmenaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/18/2005
OK... lets try that one again *shakes head* It's not even /that/ early, lol.

The beginning of this chapter was very interesting. It was a stark reminder when that messenger arrived from the stronghold just how different Eilian's life is now. It was not just out of the blue, it seemed foreign and Loriel's reaction to the news reflected this immensely. Aah... I do love Daddy Eilian. He has always been nurturing and mothering and it is lovely seeing this side of him in an even more official capacity. And Celuwen was wonderfully supportive. As Eilian mused, having spent time in his father's court would have educated her (and then some) about what the omission meant. She proved only to clearly in 'Glorious Summer', I think ;) when confronting her father over just how many sacrifices the royal family have to make how readily she respects what they do over there in that cave :)

This is the second time now in what must be so many days that Eilian has identified and empathised with Sólith... too much time in that Settlement Sun I think... It is wonderful though and tragically ironic and I love it. Eilian will be hard pressed when those suitors come a-knocking at his door... if any dare! Isiwen asserting herself there was a lovely touch and I hope to see more of it.

Having a peek at Sinnarn and Emmelin was nice. Sinnarn seems to find it hilarious... these maidens who just will not adapt to what is his grandfather's way of life. I seem to remember him having a thing or two to say about Legolas and another Settlement maiden so soon after the shock of Celuwen, lol.

The evasiveness with which Loriel and Sinnarn and Emmelin's marriage have come about really leant it's strength to that scene between Ithilden and his son. It is obvious after 'Tangled Web' just how much Sinnarn has matured and readily accepts this. And it is so poigniant that he is to go with Eilian.

And finally, Legolas. He is certainly shaping up to be, if not already Fellowhip Legolas. He is so comfortable in his own skin and it is lovely to read. He and Eilian both dropping by The Glade with Eilian married and very domesticated and Legolas /so/ grown struck me as being /very/ sweet. It is not a case of 'Full Circle' but... that place remains the same bawdy little alcove while everyone else changes ;)

Thank you for another excellent chapter. I cannot wait to read more!
Take Care and UPDATE SOON!

Author Reply: Even having the messenger call Eilian "my lord" felt out of place to me. His life in the settlement is really quite different. His daughter is being raised with a window in her room, one step away from the forest, not in a cave with guards. Of course, that presents problems too.

Eilian did the right thing in going to Solith and Isiwen, even though he knew Solith would give him a hard time. But he loves his wife and daughter too much to take a chance.

I thought it was time for Sinnarn to grow up. Between what he saw and experienced at the Battle of Five Armies and being loved by Emmelin, he's got all kinds of reasons to feel ready to defend his home.

I'm very glad you see Fellowship Legolas here! I've been a little worried that my Legolas is too serious, but he's loosened up some over the years.

The new chapter is ready to post, and I'm off to do it.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/18/2005
I was thinking about elves and water - and recalled how Eilian felt about mixed bathing in Anyr's settlement. I wonder how he will react to the idea when he imagines Flower Face as a participant? Which got me thinking about poachers turned gamekeeper, of whom he is a prime example. And wondering whether Solith had been a prime example of a poacher in his younger, irresponsible years. This would, of course, have contributed considerably to his loathing of Eilian - just as Eilian is unlikely to be fond of elves like he was coming to flirt with his little Loriel.

I like imagining Solith as a wild youth. It adds to the irony.

Author Reply: It's hard to imagine Solith as a wild youth, but they say girls marry men like their fathers so maybe he was!

AliceReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/16/2005
And so the tension builds once more. I'm really enjoying the suspense actually. It's present, but not overstated.

And yay, more Sinnarn! I LOVED Sinnarn in this chapter. I think at this moment, I decided that even if something horrible happened (God forbid) leaving Sinnarn in charge, they'd be okay. His family really does underestimate him though. He steps up when the need calls for it. He just doesn't relish it, like any other sensible person. He's such a nice mix of cynicism and joyfulness. I really do love adult Sinnarn. He's a lot more interesting old than he was young.

So we have the scouting party assembled, the baby and wife left in charge of the in-laws (and Solith acts like such an idiot sometimes that it's a really good thing Isiwen's there to poke him), and the respective parents left to worry, so looks like we're ready to roll. Bring on the rest of whatever action or angst you have planned. I look forward to it.

Author Reply: Here again Sinnarn kind of surprised me. I think being wounded at the Battle of Five Armies must have sobered him a little, and Emmelin's love helped him too. (There was just that little incident with the wine and escaping Dwarves that caused problems.)

I'm a little worried that this story won't have enough action in it. Oh well. We'll see how it goes.

rgbjReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/16/2005
Ah, the simple rural life. Splitting wood. I lived in the country during my Mother Earth News days. Too old and tired to put up with it now. My back hurts just reading about it.
The king wasn't very forthcoming was he? "Just the facts Ma'am." Depending on how old you are this could go right over your head. Then Eilian gets that old adrenalin rush that means danger and excitement. The warrior is still under that only skin deep settler but then we have familial expectations and obligations. Solith will blow his top.
I so loved the idea of every messenger bringing Loriel presents from aunts, uncles, cousins and ta-da grandfather king. So sweet. Then there is her reaction to the news that for the first time in her short life ada will not be there at night. She has never had to face the royal life before. Duty before family is a hard concept for a child to grasp. Eilian and his siblings had this before them at all times. She has been remarkably sheltered from the life that she will eventually lead. If things heat up I don't think grandfather king will let her stay out in those scary old woods anymore.
Told you so about Solith. I am not sure what he is referring too about Eilian not being obedient. He is a fine warrior and has been good for a long time now. If he is talking about that little hormonally induced incident, well Celulwen wasn't very obedient either and they did get Loriel after all. "I know how to manage my daughter." I had to giggle at that one. He just thinks he manages Isiwen and Celuwen. When the chips are down and the gloves are off he is totally out of control here. He just doesn't know it or won't acknowledge it. They could mop the floor with him.
We get a sweet scene with Emmelin and Sinnarn here. No lady's maid. So silly of them. I would take all the help I could get. Especially when the elflings come. I would want all my time and energy to go to important things not my dresses.
Legolas being discreet. Well I hope he has learned that by now. He was always so ticked when he got left out and now because he is an officer he has to leave Sinnarn out.
Great scene with Ithilden and Sinnarn. It must be so hard for younger elves to get treated like adults. Of course we are looking through human eyes. They might look at things very differently and just let them grow up and go on their way and be proud that they have attained this level of adulthood. We have to humanize them or where would the fun be. So Ithilden will accept that Sinnarn is old enough, wise enough, warrior enough to make this trip that could be so dangerous and terrifying. Even Ithilden has grown up. Nana is going to croak. Maybe they need another elfling of their own.
Now we have Eilian and Sinnarn on a dangerous mission. Well the king has lots of males in case anything happens.
Poor Legolas is the only bachelor now. Eilian is only a "grass bachelor" as the Indo-English would say. Ah the infamous Glade is still there. Legolas is bonded to this elf? I hope this works for your stories. At least he has some fun here on the edge of the deep, dark, danger that is to come.

Author Reply: I felt bad dragging Eilian away from his family. Heck, I felt bad having the messenger address him as "my lord." It was like a different life was intruding. Of course, what Eilian feels bad about is that one small part of him is pleased by the idea of danger. And Solith of course can smell that out.

Loriel has been raised as a Wood-elf. She has no idea what life in the palace is like, or that Ada has duties other than winding up the toy elephant for her. In a way, living in the woods had made her more sheltered, not less, than if she had lived at the stronghold.

I would certainly take a maid if one were offered! Although when you think about it, privacy must become an issue too. I'll bet these people get very little. Of course, most people had very little at one time, even royalty. I've read books where they slept in curtained books with attendants on pallets on the floor in the same room. That would put a damper on noisy sex, I'd say!

Another elfling for Ithilden and Alfirin? I don't care what they need. I don't need any more OCs! I have too many now.

Legolas isn't bonded to Tuilinn. There were no "hormonally induced incidents." LOL. But he feels pledged to her, promised to her, engaged if you will. He's decided she's the one for him. And Tolkien says Elves were seldom wrong about things like that. So we'll see.

YanicReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
"Legolas looked at her and Ithilden, sitting next to one another on the other side of the fire, and for a wild moment, he considered inviting his oldest brother to come out with him and Eilian." Now that's a sight I'd love to see! All three of Thranduil's son's out carousing!

Author Reply: Me too! Wouldn't that be fun? Ithilden doesn't cut loose often, so maybe when he does, he's really goes all out. Who knows? I'll have to try that sometime.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
Hi! Sorry it took a while to leave a review. I've been in an encampment all weekend (no electricity in 1597, so no computers.) This may not be the most shining example of a review either because I am exhausted. Sorry. :-)

I had to laugh at Eilian. He's probably had enough messages from his father that needed to be read in private that he was sweating the unexpected messenger. And the message was mysterious enough that I might have been having a twinge of nervousness, not excitement. But that is what makes Eilian who he is. :) Loriel's reaction to the messenger was too dear. I like her. And poor Eilian and Solith--it's situations like this where father-in-law needs to get over it, but he never will. He probably even understands that someone needs to do these duties--he just wants to give Eilian a hard time when the duties fall to him. “I know how to manage my daughter,” Not! That line made me laugh and I'm proud of Eilian for holding it in.

Seeing Sinnarn as a husband was just too strange. I still see him a a youngster, which of course he is not here, but still! :) I love seeing the doting husbands and fathers. And then when he went to speak to Ithilden! Talk about a shocker! Let me live up to them. Now that is a shift for Sinnarn. Ithilden must be proud of him here. I loved that part. I also loved the line about warriors being bigger gossips than a sewing circle. *grin*

And Legolas and Eilian at the Glade. I had actually hoped to see that in this story. I like them having the opportunity, as adults, to enjoy time together like this. Of course, my heart twinged for poor Legolas when the lady wanted to dance with him.

Great chapter. I'm enjoying the calm before the storm so much here. I love to see the family interactions as much as the scary adventure. :-)

Author Reply: You mean like a reenactment thing? That sounds interesting but I'm such a sissy! Don't you go sleep in a hotel at night? You stay there?

The messenger really felt like an intruder to me in this chapter, especially when he addressed Eilian as "my lord." He was a jarring note in the simple life Eilian is now happily leading, in his shirtless, sweaty, woodchopping state. :-)

I think Sinnarn is old enough to be an adult now. Being wounded at the Battle of Five Armies probably sobered him up a little. I told someone else that I hesitated to use that sewing circle line because I was afraid it was too insulting to the young wives!

Eilian and Legolas are quite pair. I really do need to write about them in battle together sometime. I've done it only for very brief glimpses, but I think they'd be really tuned in to one another.

Go sleep!

Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
Family life has been really steadying for Eilian, hasn't it? I feel sorry for Celuwen, though. I am afraid for Eilian, and I am not even his wife!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's very interesting to see how so many different generations are doing under one roof. It's been a common thread of yours, hasn't it?

I look forward to more!

Author Reply: Eilian surprised me by settling down very happily into settlement life. I've been wondering for a while now what he would do in a time of peace andt this seems to be it!

And if you're an elf, the number of generations that could be living together is staggering. No wonder they felt the need to flee Valinor!

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
I cannot help but feel apprehensive about Eilian and Sinnarn going on this scouting mission to the south. At least they will both have their keepers with them.

Sinnarn is developing into a very interesting character. His personality is so different from the other males in his family. His strong sense of responsibility is there, but he's also very much attuned to the reality of the realm, more so than the others, except for Thranduil perhaps. I am looking forward to see how he does on this mission.

Solith is still as unreasonable as ever. I am glad Isiwen shut him up in a hurry. Eilian's combatting emotions comes as no surprise. I can't see him ever being content living a peaceful life and not jump at the first chance of excitement. I think Loriel's protest at Eilian's leaving is probably more persuasive than what Celuwen could have said. I think Eilian will be cautious and not take undue risk (fingers crossed).

Author Reply: Sinnarn is an interesting mix of most of the other males, I think. He has his father's intelligence and openness to other races, his grandfather's cynicism, and his Uncle Eilian's daring. He lacks Legolas's idealism which is why it's someone like Legolas who goes on the quest rather than someone like Sinnarn. But he's interesting to work with.

Eilian is really torn about leaving his family. I think he's surprised himself by how much he enjoys living in the settlement. I know he's surprised me!

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
As usual I love seeing Eilian and Legolas together. The dancing in the glade was wonderful. Eilian is so cute - "Celuwen would be disappointed in me if I did not." Poor Legolas. That would be awfully awkward, being pledged to a dead woman and nobody knows it. One of the downsides of immortality, I guess.
I liked Eilian's musing about whether the fact that he and Sinnarn are being sent on the mission is good or bad. And I liked Legolas's defense of Sinnarn - he kept me from getting a spider down my neck - LOL.

Sinnarn has really grown up. Something you said really stuck with me - the line about him being a natural cynic like his grandfather. I realized that's the big difference between him and Eilian. On the surface they were both rebels, both risk-takers, both black sheep in the family, but beneath the surface they're opposites - Eilian has a natural optimism and carefree spirit that gets pummeled by running smack up against the flawed nature of the universe, while Sinnarn seemed to instantly recognize how screwed up the world is and figure, why bother following the rules - it doesn't matter anyway. It's amazing how in your stories more and more layers keep getting peeled back, and characters that we thought we knew well keep showing us new aspects of themselves.

Author Reply: I can remember back when I first started trying to think about who I could give Eilian as a romantic interest, and I thought that despite his mercurial nature, he's very constant in his emotional commitments. So I thought that a childhood friend would be the natural mate for him. He'd have given his affection very young and then it would have matured into love. So I think that the two of them know one another and trust one another in a way that happens best over the very long term. Celuwen would not be at all surprised to hear that Eilian had been dancing in the Glade, and she would never doubt his fidelity for a single second.

Thank you so much for saying that nice stuff about my OCs! I'd say you're right about Sinnarn and Eilian. That seems to describe them to a T.

ElvenesseReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/15/2005
I'm glad Eilian is still Eilian - though he'll temper his excitement and try to come out unscathed for his wife and daughter.

I like that Sinnarn is still cynical (practical?) about peace in the forest, and gets Ithilden to allow him to go with Eilian. Will it just be Sinnarn, Eilian, and their keepers going to Dol Guldur?

Please keep everyone safe. I'm not so worried about the unscathed aspect - just the alive one. You wouldn't be so cruel as to let Gollum near Loriel... I'd love to see Thranduil with his granddaughter.

Author Reply: It's tricky to let Eilian grow a little but still be himself. I'd hate to see him settle down entirely. :-)

And yes, it's just the four of them going to Dol Guldur. This is a scouting party so I think it should be small in order to avoid detection. Their job is just to see what's going on and then go home and report on it.

Thranduil has announced to me that he too thinks it's high time Flower Face came to visit.

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