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Kingly Gifts  by Dreamflower 21 Review(s)
Celeste Lucretia BlackReviewed Chapter: 3 on 5/14/2021
This was wonderful

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/14/2016
You do such a great job of filling in the gaps in the Prof's masterpiece Dreamflower. “
Many favourite bits but this stands out tonight.....This is a gift I may give as I will, and though in years to come, I may give it to many Men of renown, this first time, I wish it to be you, who are my dear friend, and of all other warriors, most worthy. Will you accept this gift from me, my friend?”

MithLuinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 2/5/2007
This is wonderful. It is true that the gift of a hundred silver pennies pales in comparison to the thought of Aragorn's love. And it was nice to think of Boromir's childhood mail finding a new owner. You blended the real story in seemlessly, and it was neat to see Frodo's reawakening (and how it mirrored Rivendell).

Author Reply: Yes, the pennies were a gesture, a token in earnest of all that Aragorn and Faramir and the others *wish* they could do for the hobbits--but they don't begin to fool themselves it is enough.

And yet for the hobbits, it's more than enough, for they already have the love and the friendship, and that's all they really want.

It seemed to me that gilded mail *had* to come from *somewhere*. It's not the kind of thing that could just be whipped up at a moment's notice! And so I thought it might have belonged to one of the brothers as a child--and I just knew it had to have been Boromir's!

I liked the idea of his awakening in Cormallen being similar to his awakening in Rivendell--both times, by all that was logical, he should have died. But he didn't.

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/10/2005
Your stories never disappoint, and this one was no exception. Marvelous from beginning to end!

"“They have told me some of it, yet not all,” Frodo sighed. “I wish I could have spared them all of this.”

“I do not think either of them would thank you for that. They chose what they chose, and it is well for us all that they did. They had tasks of their own to perform, and though their tasks were not as important as the Ring, nevertheless they were important ones.”"

Aragorn has the right of it. Merry and Pippin would have been livid if Frodo had not allowed them to come along and they would have resented not being allowed to make their own choice. Knowing all of what they sacrificed, they would have done the same thing all over again in a heartbeat to help protect Frodo and to help him with his task.

Aw... the minstrel must not have been Menelcar, or Pippin and the others would have noticed. *sigh*

You have a talent for interspersing quotes from canon into your stories and making it fit together seamlessly.

Well done!

Author Reply: No, as dearly as they loved Frodo, the one thing he could have done which they would have found unforgiveable, would have been to force them to stay behind at Rivendell. Not that they would have--I am sure they would have plotted to follow as quickly as they could.

I'm glad that you like the way I fit my quotes in. It's not always an easy thing to do in a gap-filler.

Thank you so much.

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/10/2005
Aragorn and Eomer are so cunning!

"“Now you must understand, Pippin, that what I give to you is a part of the ceremony; I do not want you to tell me that you cannot accept it, or that it is ‘too much’. This is part of what a king does.” Aragorn gestured to the box beside him.

Pippin nodded. ...

“After your knighting I will present you with your stipend--a gift of money. This is something that all retainers of a court receive, so I do not wish to hear any objections to it.”

“Money? Aragorn, you are not buying my loyalty.” Pippin looked mildly offended.

“I told you, it is part of it. A retainer owes certain duties to his king, and his king must insure that the retainer is able to carry out those duties. Trust me on this, Pippin.” Aragorn had no intention of telling him that the stipend he had arranged was about three times more than was customary, nor yet that Faramir had added a goodly sum to it. Nor did he intend to mention that a stipend was an annual custom."

Sheer brilliance on Aragorn's part! Pippin is going to be furious, but won't be able to do anything about it. The same with Merry!

You brought out an excellent point about how pitiful would be the condition of Merry's and Pippin's clothing. They had no changes of clothing other than those provided by the Rohirrim and the Gondorians, which would not have included everyday attire.

"Now, do you remember your oath?”

“I could never forget it.” Indeed it was seared into his brain, those words spoken so solemnly to the proud and stern Denethor, who had accepted them both seriously and mockingly. He ducked his head to hide the tears that suddenly sprang to his eyes.

Aragorn placed a finger under his chin and lifted his face. “It will be different this time, Peregrin. This pledge will be given and taken in love.”"

*shudder* Poor Pippin had such a different experience than Merry when he pledged his fealty to Gondor. Whereas Merry's was made out of love for a gentle, kind king who appreciated him and returned the affection, Pippin's was made without such love and affection. Pippin's oath was made out duty to repay the debt of Boromir's saving their lives and was made to a man who cared nothing about Pippin and whom Pippin did not like. I am glad that Aragorn recognises this and is going to make sure that Pippin's experience this time is filled with love.

Is Menelcar the minstrel who prepared the lay and composed the hymn of praise? Oh, I hope so!

"Pippin muttered under his breath. Legolas laughed.

“What did he say?” asked Gimli.

“He said that ‘Aragorn might be an easy-going king, but Strider the healer is a tyrant.’ ”"

LOL! Now *that* is such a typically canon impertinent remark by Pippin! Excellent!

More members of the party that we see later on in On the Road to Edoras! Huzzah!

That was a lovely knighting ceremony. Very nicely described.

This story is coming along so well and really is filling in a missing moment!

Author Reply: Well, Aragorn and Eomer *are* pretty sneaky! But as long as they can convince Merry and Pippin that these stipends are a customary gift, and part of the knighting ceremony, they will get away with it. Of course, the hobbits *might* be a tad ticked when they find out how much the two kings have stretched the custom...

Yes, any extra clothing they had at all would have been completely lost at Parth Galen. So, except for their livery, they've been making do with the clothes on their backs--clothes they wore while being whipped and drug through Rohan, and also during the flooding of Isengard, which can't have done it much good. And I don't much imagine it fit very well anymore, since they have grown so much. It had to be a source of embarassment to a couple of gentlehobbits (well, at least to Merry--I don't see Pippin as being quite so concerned with his appearance, LOL!)

Yes, this time the oath will mean something completely different. As you said, the first time, it was something Pippin felt he *had* to do, for Boromir's sake. This time it is something he *wants* to do, for Aragorn's sake.

No, I'm afraid it's not Menelcar. But rest assured, he'll be hearing of it. (I'm such a tease, I know).

I think one of the first things Pippin would have recovered was his cheekiness, LOL!

And I am so glad you liked the ceremonies!

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/10/2005
You handle the various characters so well! Their different voices, the interaction between them, most enjoyable. I especially liked the exchanges between Aragorn and Eomer. They struck a very good friendship in the books and it's nice to see that you have included that here.

"When they had summoned Merry from Minas Tirith in haste, it had been in the fear that he would be bidding farewell to all three of his dear ones."

Poor Merry! That trip must have been filled with unbearable pain for him. Unfortunately, this is one instance where all of his Merry!worry is justified, although fortunately all four hobbits survive and get well.

I'm glad to see that the rest of the Company took such good care of Aragorn, making sure that *he* got the rest that he so desperately needed in the days when he had three seriously injured hobbits to take care of as well as all of his other duties. Plus, I'm sure he also kept an eye on Merry's injured arm as well.

"It was only a day since Pippin had first awakened. Merry had transferred his attention now to Frodo, and sat by his older cousin, as he had by his younger. Pippin didn’t mind. He could still see his Merry there at the other end of the tent, and it was Frodo who needed Merry now. Besides, all he had to do was moan inadvertently or sigh a bit too loudly, and his cousin returned to him in a flash."

How very like both Merry and Pippin! Merry must have felt so useless once again as well as guilt for not having been there to protect the other three hobbits who were his dearest friends. And of course, Pippin would have understood all of this, once his mind was clear, just as he understood why Merry had moved to be near Frodo instead of him. It's as if Merry was watching over Frodo and Sam for both himself as well as Pippin.

It was most considerate of Faramir to include clothing that had belonged to Boromir and himself when they were children. As for the small pouch of coin that Faramir included, I think that Pippin would rather not have it. If anything, I envision Pippin as thinking that his assistance in the rescue of Faramir from Denethor's madness was fair payment for Boromir having saved his and Merry's lives.

"Right now it was Legolas, who sat between Frodo and Sam, singing in Elvish. Pippin quite liked the song. It was not one he had heard Legolas sing before. As the clear Elvish voice faded, Pippin spoke.

“Sing that one again, Legolas, if you please.”

The Elf looked over at him in mild surprise. He had been aware that Pippin was awake, but had not realized he was listening so intently. “Certainly, mellon nin.” And he began once more the soaring melody that had caught Pippin’s attention.

That’s nice, thought the youngest hobbit. He called me “my friend” in Elvish, just like he does Strider. To the sound of the soft singing, he drifted to sleep once more."

I *love* this exchange! Legolas developed a special fondness for Pippin which we see in the books and it's very nice to see him call the young Took "mellon nin" here. And the exchange between two musicians who share that special bond is marvelous.

Merry is, as always, very bright. I like how you have Eomer give him work to keep him busy as per his and Aragorn's plan to keep Merry from exhausting himself worrying over his friends in the sick tent all the time. But even so, Merry knows precisely what they are doing and addresses the situation.

"“Oh!” While not nearly as demonstrative as Pippin, Merry was a hobbit, and the only proper response to that declaration was to grab the startled Éomer around the waist in a fierce hug."

Very hobbity and very Merry!

Oh! And the inclusion of Eothain! We get to see some of those in your On the Road to Edoras!

What strikes me about this story is how it is another conspiracy - the conspiracy to honour the four hobbits in ways to which they cannot object. Brilliant!


Author Reply: I felt that Aragorn and Eomer would have been fast friends. I think they knew they'd be friends from the time they first met on the plains of Rohan, which is why Eomer felt so confident in lending them horses. And now the war is won, and they are united in their pride and concern for their hobbit friends.

Yes, the Merry angst continues here. He's had so much hardship in his worry for his loved ones, and of course, though he's now been told they will recover, it must still be hard to see them so broken and hurt.

In Aragorn's case, I think Gandalf would have taken extra care to see to his well-being. It would have been most disheartening for the new High King to keel over from exhaustion, and the Wizard would be sure to remind him. It's the old "physician heal thyself" thing here.

(I have to tell you--at Marigold's request, I've written a gap-filler for my gap-filler, so to speak, covering the first of Astron in more detail. Not sure how soon it will be posted, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.)

Merry indeed had all of them to watch over. Knowing how that Brandybuck's mind worked, I'm sure that whichever hobbit he sat with, he'd be feeling guilty for *not* being with one of the others! But of course, Pippin understood, and once he woke, he'd be just as worried and anxious about Frodo and Sam as Merry was, so, yeah, he was rather keeping an eye open for Pippin as well.

We know the hobbits had other clothing once they awakened. So, where did it come from all of a sudden? It seemed logical to me that it would have been sent from the City, that Faramir was the logical one to send it, and that--since there would be no "hobbit" clothing available, children's clothes would be the next best thing, until they could get back and have some made. And I felt that the clothes that had belonged to him and his brother as children would probably have just been packed away. Also, somehow I had to account for that golden corslet JRRT gave Sam, so again, I thought this made sense.

Faramir doesn't even begin to think the money will repay his debt. But he can't be there himself, so he wants to send *something*. And Pippin (and Merry) will have been told that gifts are customary when one is knighted, so perhaps Pippin won't think of it in that way.

*grin* I'm so glad you like the bit with Legolas singing. In my particular universe--well, you know in the movie, the beautiful song as Frodo and Sam are air-lifted away by the Eagles? In my universe, Legolas makes that up to sing to Frodo and Sam as they lay there recovering, and of course, Pippin listens to it and picks it up. And I *do* think that Legolas would call Pippin "my friend", don't you?

Yes, Merry knows "busy-work" when he sees it, LOL! But really, it was better that being put into a semi-coma, like Frodo and Sam, which would probably be the only other way he would rest.

I could just see Merry hugging a startled Eomer! And yes, there's Eothain--he would have been there, of course, as he was a part of Eomer's own eored.

LOL! I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are absolutely right!! *grin*

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/2/2005
I read this over at Marigold's, but it gets better w/each reading. What a lovely job you did expanding on this part of the story. Thank you for the wonderful story.

Author Reply: Why thank you very much! It really pleases me that you have found the time to read my story more than once. I had such a good time writing it, and it is going to be of immense help to me when I start to write my summary for the Cormallen chapter, over at Chapter of the Week on the Tolkien newsgroups.

Lotrgirl1415Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/12/2004
sry about that *points down* i accidentally pressed enter!
i loved this story! im just sad that its over!*sigh* nice job!
lots of love,

Author Reply: Thanks. LOL! Things like that happen.
I'm glad you liked the story, it was fun to write.

Lotrgirl1415Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 9/12/2004

Isil ElensarReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/31/2004
Very well done! I loved it! *hunts around for more* Darn! ;-)

Author Reply: Sorry, only three chapters for this one! I've lots more, and some of them seem to be like the song that never ends... 8-D

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