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Tangled Web  by daw the minstrel 25 Review(s)
caz - bazReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/25/2004
oh god i feel terrible for sinnaran then for Legolas for having to tell Ithilden then Ithilden for having to tell Thranduil and then i feel sorry for sinnarn again because he's going to have to answer for it.
oh dear.
i hope Galion stands up for him. oh no!
well i'll read the next chapter soon. Poor Poor Sinnaran. i just finished all my exams today so i'm going to party.

Author Reply: Yes, at this point, you can see what's coming for Sinnarn and know it's not going to be pretty. And it must really have been hard for Legolas to tell Ithilden and for Ithilden to hear it.

Congratulations on your exams being over! Freedom is a wonderful thing.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/24/2004
Ohhhh, poor Sinnarn. I feel so bad for him, he is going to be raked over the coals for this, and it wasn't really even his fault! And he really is such a good guy, realizing it would be unfair to rearange the guard schedule just so he'd be able to go to the feast. Was it Bilbo who kept refilling his glass? Oh, durn those dwarves!!! Here's something I've always wondered about The Hobbit. Why didn't Gandalf tell Thranduil what was going on, or give the dwarves and Bilbo a letter to give to the king to secure them safe passage way? Then this whole mess would never have happened, and poor Sinnarn wouldn't be in this horrible mess. Oh, this sucks for him.

Anyway, I like how you've shown the elves being uncertain about what life will be like now. You didn't make everything perfect immediately, but made it real.
I bet if Ithilden could have a little taste of forsight and see that because the White Counsel didn't follow and completely destroy Sauron, his little brother Legolas would have to do it later, he'd be following Sauron by himself! Although, I guess it wouldn't actually be possible to completely destroy Sauron since the ring was still lost would it? Hmm. Oh, well.

Wonderful chapter. This is new for me, knowing basically what's going to happen, but I love how you've done it! Good work, keep it up, and don't hurt poor Sinnarn more than you have to. Oh, this is not going to make a good impression on Emmelin or her parents at all is it? Update soon please!

Author Reply: I feel bad for Sinnarn too. I actually feel guilty for making him the "head guard," knowing that this was going to happen. And I did mean to suggest that Bilbo distracted them and then refilled their glasses. I couldn't let Sinnarn be TOO irresponsible.

I have no idea why Gandalf didn't help the Dwarves into Thranduil's good graces. I suppose that really Tolkien hadn't thought all this through when he wrote "The Hobbit." He spent a fair amount of time later trying to fit the stories together well (sort of like I'm doing only, you know, he was Tolkien -- :-))

I keep trying to imagine what things like the departure of Sauron would feel like to real people, really living through it. Even after Sauron was destroyed when the One Ring went into the Crack of Doom, there were still orcs and bad men around. They didn't vanish or anything. So they're still around in my story. But Sauron's departure seems to have helped the woods somehow. It's hard to imagine.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at least one person (Emmelin) is so sorry for poor, agonised, tormented, in-deep-deep-trouble Sinnarn, that she feel impelled to offer him some support in the hugs and kisses department. It could be the one good thing - if everybody else is against him, she might need to offer more love than she otherwise would.

I just cannot think of anything that is terrible enough to be the likely punishment for the poor young elf. After all, he's too old for the stand in the corner routine. This is surely Sinnarn's Turgon-moment.

Just keep him safe in the battle - he can do something heroic if you like, but no serious injury, right? - just a bit of peripheral bleeding - and certainly no death!

Author Reply: Ah, Bodkin, I've just been writing about Sinnarn's terrible, no-good, very bad, awful day, and it does kind of go on and on. Poor guy.

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
Oh, oh, oh! Sinnarn is never going to live this down. When Thranduil finishes with Legolas, and Ithilden finishes with Sinnarn, whatever is left of Sinnarn is in deep trouble with his uncle.

I did feel a little badly for Todith and Legolas that Ithilden had the impression that the Home Guard had been lax in their duties during his absence.

I haven't forgotten about Ithilden's dream of Sinnarn in the Battle of Five Armies - you have certainly put him in the position to be reckless in the battle, but I hope he will survive it - I've become very fond of him!

Author Reply: I think Sinnarn's family is struggling to separate warrior from son/nephew/grandson right now so that they can deal with each part appropriately. Todith, on the other hand, probably has no such qualms. He wants every bit of Sinnarn in a sling.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
You didn't list the jeweled letter opener on Thranduil's desk as one of your regular characters. It shows up quite often.
With Thranduil's experience you can't blame him for being a little more guarded in his joy at Sauron's expulsion. Evil has returned many times. It is good to see that at least Ithilden is excited about the situation. They will find out soon enough about the location of the orcs in the mountains.

Hearing the juxtaposition of Sinnarn and Alfirin's reactions to the appearance of the Naugrim was amusing. Their perceptions were night and day - Sinnarn must really take after Eilian. This does not bode well for the relationship between the elves and dwarves. Why does Celuwen get to call him Adar when his sons do not? Is it a military thing? I have no doubt Celuwen is fully aware of Eilian's pending leave.

It is no fun to miss a big party. You did well writing Sinnarn's POV. He is a little sulky but mature enought to accept his fate. OK, drinking with Galion was not a wise move but surely 1 glass of Dorwinion would not affect him much. It will certainly ease his pain a little.

Poor Legolas - we finally think he is actually going to enjoy a party when all Mordor breaks loose again. I was glad he was the one to discover Sinnarn's indiscretion. Good job making his common sense over-rule his protectiveness of his nephew. Passing out drunk and allowing prisoners to escape is not good for one's military career. Even if their father is commander in chief. Separating Alfirin and Ithilden was also a wise move. The youngest prince is getting wiser and wiser. Let Ithilden tell Thranduil?... If you insist.

I would not want to be Sinnarn in the morning. You did a good job manipulating the situation to keep the elves from looking quite so foolish when the dwarves escaped.

Author Reply: I think relations between the elves and dwarves are about to take several hits actually. But Thranduil is definitely not a happy camper. Thranduil's sons call him Adar when they're not on duty (or when he's ticked off), and I think Celuwen would call him "my lord" in the council chamber.

It was really tricky to try to work out Sinnarn's actions so he didn't appear to be too neglectful. I figure he might have had wine with a meal even on duty. Elves drank the stuff like water. But the poor guy. A little Dorwinion and his judgment goes and then someone kept topping up the flagons.

I thought that Legolas and Sinnarn are close enough in age that they might have covered for one another occasionally, but Legolas just can't do it any more. He's an officer now. Sigh. And yeah, I'd let someone else tell Thranduil too.

DuchessReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
LOL I love it that the Dwarves and Bilbo escaped, but OH DEAR for poor Sinnarn! How will he EVER get through this, the shame and... WHAT will his punishment be? *making a face* I can't even imagine how Thranduil will react other than to explode. *wincing at the thought* Poor Sinnarn! Poor Ithilden and Alfirin too. *shaking my head*

Author Reply: Sinnarn is in for a hard time and no doubt about it. And as your remarks suggest, eveyone who loves him is likely to be in pain too. The escape of the Dwarves is much easier to cheer for when I read The Hobbit than it is here.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
Oh dear!
Although I knew this was coming it was much more diffcult to smile this time around because I care so much more for the elves involved than I did when I read the Hobbit, Sinnarn, Ithilden, Alfirin, Thranduil and of course Legolas are much more than names on a page to me and if I were Sinnarn I would want to hide out for maybe a few hundred years until Ithilden calms down and Legolas is sure to come in for some knocks to as the one who appointed his nephew to chief guard
Can't wait to see what happens next

Author Reply: I know. I feel bad too and I'm the one who decided that Sinnarn was going to take the rap for the Dwarves' escape. I've found that because we know so much more than any of the characters in this story about what's happening, it often feels very comic, but this part made me cringe. Sinnarn is going to be so humiliated. :-(

Oh well. All things pass and Elves live a very long time.

Dragon-of-the-NorthReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
Oh no! It is too precious to see *this* from the elves' perspective... But poor Sinnarn! It makes the matter all the more shameful that the king's grandson in person let the dwarves escape... And I will stop chuckling in an instant and try to see these events with the necessary earnest, but... No. This is just too funny, and your serious, calm style somehow adds to the fun. Again, I enjoy to see Legolas in the role of the superior officer and uncle - it is a nice change from "little Legolas" in various stages of childhood, youth and very young adulthood that we have seen so often now.
Very good chapter once again! :-)

Author Reply: I know I probably sound as serious talking about all this as Legolas does talking about Hobbit the Dwarf Child. And in some ways, it IS serious. Bad things happen. But there's just something about knowing far more than any of the characters that makes this come out funny. And of course, The Hobbit is a very funny book, despite the bad things that happen in it.

Legolas is almost Legolas of the Fellowship now. He did the right thing here even though telling Ithilden must have been really painful.

DotReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
Oh, I'm really enjoying this so much... I'm afraid I only have time for a quickie review because I'm on lunch break so here goes...

I loved the scene between Thranduil and Ithilden. Thranduil really is a wise ruler. I get the impression that he would actually love to be able to celebrate the advent of peace but is just too conscious of how evil returns, having seen it before. It would probably have eased his mind if Gandalf was sure that Sauron was gone but his uncertainty *is* very unsettling.

Ithilden as ever remains hopeful but I guess he can't help but be affected by his father's caution. I love the way he seems to be trying to reassure Thranduil that good things are happening to the forest, almost as though he's trying to show him that his own optimism isn't out of place.

I had to laugh at Alfirin telling Ithilden "at some length" about the Dwarves. She probably still hasn't recovered from the absolute rudeness of them disrupting the wedding! I feel bad for Ithilden, though. He goes away for a few weeks to help conquer evil and save the forest and he arrives back to find that the Home Guard has lost all ability to do their work competently and his own years of work to strengthen relations between his father and Dwarves in general has almost been entirely undone. Tsk. Ah well, if Thranduil will listen to anyone I suppose it'd be Ithilden.

I'm glad Celuwen seems more relaxed and can look forward to Eilian coming home. I suppose that there's no reason he shouldn't be home for a while soon, short of any major battles happening out of the blue... Oh, wait...

“That is almost beyond belief.” I thought that really summed up events perfectly. Imagine something that you want more than anything but never really quite thought would happen suddenly comes true. Despite being ecstatic, I think I'd be fairly wary too.

So, I bet everyone has said it but I will anyway. Poor Sinnarn! You know why I feel most sorry for him? Because he's genuinely becoming more responsible. I mean, if this was Tinar, or even Amdir I wouldn't feel half as bad. Or even if it was Sinnarn when he was younger. But I thought he had really turned into a very competent warrior and even in this scene he knows he has to accept the fact that he's on duty tonight, despite the fact that he could easily ask someone else to do it. How can he ever hope to make up for this?

You wrote Galion brilliantly. I imagine he could be quite fun to be around. I like the detail about him knowing Sinnarn all the younger elf's life and in a way he still kind of talks to him rather like a jovial uncle giving the youngling some wine when the parents aren't looking. I thought it was hilarious the way Sinnarn keeps thinking he's only on his first cup, while being mildly surprised that it's still so full yet doesn't possess the wits to figure out what's going on.

And then soft-hearted Legolas decides to bring him some pastries. “Go. Give him my love.” *cringe*

Legolas must have got such a shock to see Sinnarn slumped over like that. I love the way that when he realises his nephew is drunk he immediately tries to figure out how to help cover for him before realising that he's under his command. Not a good state of affairs at all. I'd forgotten that the guards would see him on his way to his chambers. How embarrassing!

Legolas realising that the cells were empty was just a classic moment. At least he himself took the keys from Sinnarn and the cell doors were locked. It might all be strange enough to save Sinnarn somewhat. I would *not* have liked to be in Legolas' shoes and have to tell Ithilden. At least Ithilden himself will tell Thranduil. I wonder what the chances are that Thranduil will let Ithilden deal with Sinnarn and just keep out of things...? Oh dear.

Yikes, I've got to dash. I'm sure I've forgotten half of what I was going to say. Ah well. Great chapter. Can't wait to see the aftermath!:-)

Author Reply: Ithilden came home thinking he was the one with all the news to share, and his certainly was the most startling, but things had been happening at home too, it turned out! He's so earnest (like Legolas) and he's really hoping things will improve. But it must have been truly unbelievable that Sauron would go and leave them alone. No wonder Thranduil is suspicious.

I think even the first half flagon of Dorwinion addled Sinnarn's wits somewhat, or he might have noticed that his cup seemed to be always full. Sort of like the loaves and fishes, although I suppose that's not part of his cultural heritage.

Poor Sinnarn, indeed. I do feel bad for him. It was tempting to use Tinar or Amdir here, but I thought that would be too predictable, and anyway, it's interesting to use Sinnarn for various reasons. He IS becoming a responsible warriors, so he and everyone around him is going to feel this all the more keenly.

Sinnarn has so many people ready to "deal with him" right now that the next chapter is going to be very busy!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/23/2004
OH dear, the other shoe dropped. Ouch. Sinnarn is in soooo much trouble, no wonder Legolas looked at Dwarves with something of a jaundiced eye!
wonderful storytelling daw. Can hardly bear to either wait or to read the aftermath of this. squirms.

Author Reply: Poor Sinnarn. I'm looking at my notes for the next chapter and kind of cringing. This whole experience would not have endeared dwarves to Legolas at all!

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