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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
CalenlassielReviewed Chapter: 12 on 3/27/2020
Hello Daw,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your stories. I love Eilian to death. He has my heart. Oh, heck, I am in love with all of your OC. I can admit it. LOL When I read fan fiction I want to read about OCs. I have read some of your answers to other reviews and I can not understand why you are shy about embracing your love of your OCs. They are your true strength.

I am having trouble transferring some of you stories to my kindle because of the format here. I am hoping that you could email me a copy of your stories in word or txt form. I know you are busy and I hope you can help me with this problem.

I am feeling a little cabin feverish since this "COVID-19" has us all isolated. Maybe you could write a short story that deals with cabin fever. Beliond stuck inside the stronghold would make me laugh..



Author Reply: I can try emailing you some stories. They're very old files so I'm not sure what I have. But what's there, you can have.

Would you email me your address? I'm at dawinsor (at) dawinsor (dot) com


rgbjReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/24/2004
I have given up for now on I have tried to review five times so far on chapter twelve and no go with each one of them so far. I am a little obssessive/compulsive about my reviews being in order but even I know a losing situation when I am in one.
OK. I hope this makes sense after retyping it so many times.
I think Beliond was very wise to give the little interview a miss right now. The king has had about all he can take for one day.
Legolas' report was very concise and careful. He told as much as he needed to but didn't want to get in too deep considering he knows that the king is upset.
I liked Gavilion telling him he is a "natural". It is nice that you have made each one of the sons with their own abilities. And you have done this over a period of time without losing track. That is very admirable.
Now another lovely scene with Celuwen and Eilian. Legolas' shock, confusion and then he realizes that they are bonded. Then he feels the stab of loneliness and has a fleeting thought of the maiden. He is the only lonely bachelor in the family now. He is so sweet to the newly bonded couple though. After all he cannot remember a time when they were not in love. He remembers that feast when he wanted Celuwen to go away and only wanted Nana to come and dance with him. He is mature enough to handle those feelings and memories now at least.
I remember how the king used to get after Legolas when he was an elfling and he was late to eat, then when he became a novice the king eased up a little. Now that Legolas is a warrior he gets a break. Letting go a bit at a time. Tomorrow we take our daughter to check out her school for next year. Sigh. Bit by bit.
Lunch was being very tense until Celuwen comes up with a real tension breaker. OOH Legolas fell off his horse. He will never hear the end of this. And for elves that is forever. At least the tension was broken and things got a lot less tense. I also liked the comment about Ithilden's appetite being as always, good.
Now we come to the public acknowledgement of the bonding by a ceremony. Celuwen has to come to grips with her new life. A royal life. Not one of quiet dedication to the forest by a wood elf but part of the family that defends this realm with all they can give. This newly bonded couple is not just ordinary one. She will have a lot of lessons to learn in the future of how this is going to affect not only her, but her parents and children. These two have a rough row to hoe in the future.
I loved how she got dizzy just thinking about having their own private space to cozily be together. Then she remembers that much of the time she will be alone. But they will be together in spirit.
Alfirin wants to take good care of Celuwen and I thought that was sweet. She is going to need it.
Another lovely chapter.

Author Reply: Farflung, if you are retyping this each time, I am bowled over. I loved getting this but I feel guilty that you went to so much work. What if doing? Can you right click to go back to the review page after it disappears? (I ask because I only realized I could do that when Nilmandra told me.)

Legolas the diplomat is coming along nicely. He's ready to go to Rivendell now, I think, although he has to learn some things in the Battle of Five Armies too. But he's already mature enough to be concerned for Eilian's happiness even when he himself feels loss. What a good guy!

Legolas was actually lucky with the horse comment given that Celuwen *could* have talked about giving him bed baths and the Valar only know what else. Alfirin is a traditionalist who wants Eilian and Celuwen's bond to be respected. And she has a much better grasp than Celuwen does on what life will be like, although it's dawning on Celuwen too.

Where is your daughter going next year? That first year is a hard one.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/22/2004
My boss and my husband went out of town at the same time, leaving me in charge of everything at work and at home. It was not very nice. Don't they know I have a lot of reading to keep up with? Where are their priorities?

Legolas is wise to get this over with quickly. There is no point in dreading it all day. Beliond is lucky to escape this little discussion but I am sure he will start one of his own soon enough. Galivion belongs at the prince's side for his report. Your little young guard/older guard interaction was cute. I guess all races have to learn discretion with age.

Thranduil's reaction to Legolas' report was a very realistic one. Initial anger over the supplies - just like his son - then a realization that the final compromise was a good one. The trading problem was a case of "Don't shoot the messenger," luckily Thranduil realized that his youngest handled it well. Complements from Thranduil and Galivion in one meeting?! His head must be spinning. The young Lord did do a great job.

I loved the wash of emotions that ran through Legolas' pretty little head after running into Eilian and Celuwen. You did well to have his final reaction one of joy and have him share it with his brother. It is hard not to think of their marriage as losing a brother instead of gaining a sister. He had been Eilian's primary focus for a long time and now things have definitely changed.

Legolas' arrival at lunch certainly improved the mood. His response to Celuwen was a good way to break the tension. Apparently she is blissfully unaware of how merciless they can be when tormenting each other. Good thing she didn't mention that she tried to get him to ride Pilin naked through the forest. It would have given them even more fuel for the fire.

Alfirin must have been scandalized over the whole thing. She has always been a proper elf. It is going to be very hard for Celuwen to move into the limelight of the kingdom. It must be how Orlando felt after Fellowship was released. Suddenly someone much more important with a lot more responsibility. Planning a wedding is stressful under the best of circumstances. Poor Celuwen is already overwhelmed and ill. I hope the feast goes well for her!

Author Reply: Yeah, I think that Eilian's marriage really did make adjustments for everyone, not just for him. But I think Legolas is really showing his maturity in wanting what's best for Eilian.

Celuwen has no siblings. She has no idea how mercilessly they can tease. Legolas unfortunately has only too good an idea! And yes indeed, the nakedness would have sent the overgrown children into fits.

I think Celuwen just needs to relax and let Alfirin have this party that's so important to her. Go with the flow, Celuwen! Like in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

NelsoniaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/20/2004
Hello Daw!
I hope you are well. First of all here is a huge grovelling for not reviewing in such a long time... Grovel grovel grovel....
I have been reading all your stories, and they are all great as usual! Battles won was fantastic and made me laugh out loud, I really liked the new style of writing, from one of the characters point of view. Now about this stroy, what can I say? I have laughed and cringed along with every one of the characters, and enjoyed the whole story immensely. I like the way the characters have all developed and look forward to see how Celuwen will settle down in her new family, and hopefully Alfirin and her will be good friends, but I am foreseeing a "teething period" (teething refers to uncomfortable not fighting or anything btw) before that happens! Cant wait to see what happens with Solith and Thranduil and also with Beliond/Thranduil, looks like the poor king has his hands full at the moment!
Well hope you have a nice day
take care

Author Reply: LOL. No groveling needed. I'm happy to hear from you.

I think you're right that Celuwen has some adjusting to do, but then Alfirin probably did too. It's just that she's been at home for a long time now and Celuwen is only starting. I love how you say "poor king"! I suppose he does deserve some sympathy, even if he is growling at Eilian.

Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/19/2004
It always makes me happy to see an update from you - thank you!

I hope Thranduil hears more about Legolas' adventures so that Legolas can get the praise he deserves. In some ways I think the diplomatic way in which Legolas presented his "string of unfortunate events" rivals the deplomacy he showed in the settlements.

Poor Celuwen. I'm sorry she's having a hard time. Eilian had better pull out his generous side PDQ or I'm going to push him in a mud puddle, bad hip and all.

And LOL - bet Legolas never thought that horse thing would get back to his family. Oh, well, if it lightened the mood...

Author Reply: Eilian is a little overwhelmed himself right now, I think, both with good (an opportunity to *nap* for instance) and bad ("on your knees") stuff. But yes he does need to have time to consider and appreciate what Celuwen is doing.

Things could have been words for Legolas. Celuwen could have told about giving him a bed bath!

Hope your new week is going well.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/19/2004
good chapter.
So Celuwen is having some selfdoubt, i see?

Author Reply: Yes, she's having some adjustment problems, which I think is to be expected. And she and Eilian have been home for only half a day so far, so she has time yet. But they acted pretty hastily and now have time to see that there might be problems.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/19/2004
I am excited to see how Celuwen adapts to her new life and whether or not her parents will come to the feast. This new turn of events certainly does offer many great ideas for following chapters. Great job!


Author Reply: I'm going to show a hint of Celuwen's future but not a lot. This story will end when Legolas goes back to his patrol two days from now. I'm afraid if I go on too long about what happens next, the story will lose its shape.

Glad you're enjoying it.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/19/2004
Poor Legolas comes home from a successful diplomatic mission to a grumpy Thranduil although give the king his due he did offer praise and then he gets to provide comic relief for the rest of the family what a come down! Although it was very funny to see everyones reactions to the knowledge of him falling off his horse and Adar even offered him a way out of his embarrassment.
So more changes for Legolas to get accustomed to being moved from his usual seat to having to share Eilian with his new wife the whole family is going to have to make changes I think.
Beliond and Galivion were both supportive of Legolas I hope we get to see the meeting between Beliond and Thranduil trhat should be interesting as will the feast when the in-laws arrive
a most lovely chapter

Author Reply: Poor Legolas indeed! He took the teasing well, though. I suppose he's used to it. You don't have two older brothers and not have some experience with teasing.

Thranduil was right in saying that Eilian's actions affect them all. Eilian and Celuwen aren't going to go live by themselves as a nuclear family. Not elven! The meeting between Beliond and Thranduil is in my notes, although I have no idea of what they'll say yet. Beliond never tells me ahead of time.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/19/2004
Passing on the rest of the lovely stuff - I cannot have been easy for Alfirin to settle into the family either. She married after all the necessary waiting periods and formalities, true, but she came from a relatively ordinary cottage background into a family with no-one in the traditional female role. She must have had to learn how to run a royal household pretty much on her own. She would have been taking control back from those who had been in charge since Lorellin's death and they might well not have been too happy to let it go. She's comfortable in the role now, but her period of adjustment must have been just as difficult and none of those delightfully insensitive males around her would have had any idea of the problems.

Author Reply: Now that sounds to me like an absolutely accurate picture. I think there was a steward, Galion. Indeed, he's still around but now he works for Alfirin. Before she married Ithilden, he ran the household. She must have had a steep learning curve, and as you say, the rest of the family would mostly not notice. Except I think Ithilden would know if she were struggling. He's in love with her, which is one reason he was more or less accepting of Eilian's actions.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/18/2004
Must be a scary yet oddly exhilarating experience to hand Thranduil a can of whup-ass that he will open all over poor foolish Anyr. Things are going down in that settlement, and there's old Anyr, happily oblivious to it all. I'm sure that somewhere in the most childish, darkest part of his soul, Legolas is really going to enjoy paying Anyr back by getting him into Big Trouble.

Of course nothing ever disturbs Ithilden's appetite. I just realized that he reminds me of the oldest daughter of a German family I knew. She was a Practically Perfect Person, and she married (beneath her; this was the aristocracy) a guy who looked like a recruitment poster for the Luftwaffe, only with more teeth. I always picture Ithilden as looking a little like him, only with not quite so many teeth. Very proper and very correct, and kind of recruitment-poster-y.

Hey, look at that! Alfirin offers to let the bride have some say in her own party. Concept city!

Things are still fairly tense, but it looks like the worst is over. And there will be a big party, which will be good for getting a little liquored up and blowing off some steam. I do hope Sólith comes, so that he and Thranduil can have at each other. Forget the food, that could be entertainment enough right there!

Celuwen is still getting her sea legs in the palace, but she's the resourceful type, and I'm sure she'll carve out a niche for herself quicker than anyone imagines. In fact, I think she'll do much better at adapting to her somewhat awkward circumstances than Alfirin would do in the same situation.

Author Reply: LOL. I actually hadn't thought about that, but I'll bet that on some level Legolas would like to see his father scaring Anyr into shape. On the other hand,I also think 'good luck on that one, Thranduil.' Anyr is not an easy elf to deal with.

Alfirin is doing her best and she's a kind, gentle person, but when she thinks that something is right, there's no stopping her. That's a good thing when she makes Ithilden take time off work, but not so good when she's organizing a giant party for Celuwen, who really would rather not have it, thank you very much.

I think I have to have Solith come to the party if only because writing about him and Thranduil will be so much fun.

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