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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 28 Review(s)
Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/17/2004
Wow, Legolas is so good with those children! And the way Talet acted like a big brother to Astiaa is delightful! Rodien has definite priorities, doesn't he? Weapons and war! Legolas did well, trying to redirect his love of weapons to hunting rather than warring... not that it will do any good!

Ack, those thieves! How stupid can you get, to bring the pilfered goods from a prior theft back to the scene of the crime? (It was good for the settlers, though.) But the boat does explain how they were so effectively able to disappear as soon as they got to water the first time...

Way to go, Legolas! Very effective and clever take-down of the thieves. Good thinking -- that rescuing the meat was higher priority than stopping the fleeing culprits. (Or even rescuing the drowning culprit.) And even feeling slightly guilty for wanting to treat them roughly...

I'm glad Beliond showed up, though Legolas did not need him to handle the thieves. Or the settlers. (But he was a great help with Tinar, was he not?)

(Legolas: No, Beliond, it's only a scratch. Really! I know I always say that, but it's *really true* this time! Honest!)

I'm a little confused by Beliond's comment about the hunters that he waylaid. Why did he think that they were being "deliberately deceptive" about directing him to the Men's settlement, when the Elven settlement is next to it? Is it just because of his prejudice toward Men, or am I missing something else?

Good thing Beliond brought waybread, so there was something the children could eat without cooking. Just imagine trying to get Rodien to eat raw carrots, or worse yet, dried ones!

When Legolas went back to the Men's village, it was good how he said that Tuilinn needed help and why, but didn't sound like he was overtly criticizing. But I bet that Crydus will never again leave that aspect of security to Anyr, if a similar situation should arise.

That little diplomatic dance about mutual assistance instead of "Trade" was well-done. Legolas and Crydus sure picked up fast on Galivion's train of thought. Anyr was, as usual, oblivious (as I would be in such a situation...) Beliond was... pure, unadulterated Beliond. I love that guy!

Crydus is great! I liked how he suggested the shared hunting in a way that Anyr would catch on. And Legolas' suggestion of putting the fresh meat in the Elven settlement's flet, and having the Men supply the guards was *extremely* elegant. (Crydus definitely understands his cohort's limitations all too well... very clever fellow.)

One of the many things I really enjoy about your story-telling style is all the little details you write that help to make up the big picture. But it was a surprise to find out what so many of those little details were foreshadowing: Tuilinn having gone home. That was very sly of you!

Poor Legolas! Well, at least Beliond is there. He's probably sympathetic in his own undemonstrative way.

Author Reply: What a lovely long review!

One of my theories is that Elves like children, and Legolas is no exception. And I enjoyed writing about him with them. He seemed very sweet and fatherly. I figured the thieves would be on their way to sell their loot so they had the meat with them. And really, I needed it to be recovered because I had made these people so short of food.

What I meant when Beliond says that the Men were deliberately deceptive was that he wanted to go to the Elven settlement and they directed him to their own village so he would help there. But they are close together, that's true, so it could have been an accident that Beliond wound up with the Men first. He doesn't think it is though!

Beliond was fun to write about in this chapter. He's so crabby that he makes great comic relief. I almost could not stop myself from having him climb the tree and kick Tinar out of it. I'm smiling as I think of it.

Tuilinn was doomed to leave with no forwarding address from the minute I started the story, but even if Legolas doesn't know where she it, I do, so maybe I'll bring her back some day. No one hated her too much yet. ;-)

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/14/2004
Daw, that was another amazing chapter. It never fails to amaze me how Legolas is such a competent diplomat. Thranduil should be very proud of his son. Interesting how Beliond chose to show up at a convenient time. I cannot believe those thieves! But humanity is like that, aren't we? I like Legolas's description of Anyr-that he is very Elven. I can imagine that very easily. Isn't Legolas sweet with his despair of not seeing Tuilinn? Beliond must think him to be rather ridiculous. What would you call that? Instead of a spring fling it would be a flood fling. Well it actually could be a spring fling, because the story does take place in the spring, so never mind. I can't wait until the next chapter: Thranduil & Sons: Confrontations Part I. Sounds exciting! Keep writing!

Author Reply: In some ways, Legolas combines the best aspects of his older brothers. He's responsible like Ithilden, and he's sensitive like Eilian. That should make him a very good diplomat indeed.

I think that Beliond actually is sympathetic to Legolas. He had a son of his own once, who was killed at Dagorlad. He's never going to talk very easily about feelings, but he doesn't like to see Legolas get hurt. His job is to protect him!

JustafanReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/14/2004
Oh, poor Legolas, having his first brush with love. He acted so sweetly; I loved the interaction between Tuilinn and himself. He was very realistic. I can't wait to see what happens next to both Eilian and Legolas! (Oh, and thanks for the timeline; it helped in putting things into perspective.)

Author Reply: I couldn't bear the thought of Legolas being without any love interest at all over all those years. I tend to think he was unmarried at the time of the Quest, but he must occasionally have looked at a girl.

ElentariReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/14/2004
Hi girl!
I am so excited with this new chapter. My heart bled out for Legolas, poor thing, he could not even say goodbye to his almost-girlfriend (lol)!
I am very impressed with the capturing of the thieves scene. And also that Legolas was able to see something in Anyr that is not just an airy head and an unhealthy confidence that 'arda will provide'. The little children are simply bewitching, I wanted to grab one of them and hug them all.
Leggy has an uncanny way with children's too. That gives me loads of bad thoughts :)
It is also nice that he is not quite aware of how good he is doing, that the praise of others catches him offguard. I hope daddy gives him a mighty embrace when he gets home - in the midst of the shouting with Eilian about not observing the bethrothal period, lol.
Thank you so much. really.

Author Reply: Legolas was so good and responsible in this chapter and he doesn't really get much reward. It's a good thing he took a moment for joy with Tuilinn when he had the chance. His mother would have approved, I think.

And I loved writing about him with the children. I could picture him drying off a naked, cold, scared little kid and murmuring reassurances.

I think you are right that he's very modest, especially for an elf. I think their characteristic failing was arrogance actually. And Legolas is not usually like that.

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/14/2004
Oh no! Poor Legolas, he meets a maiden he likes and she leaves and he knows not where to find her. I am sure fate will bring them together again. I look forward to that meeting. I was so happy that Legolas was able to practice his diplomacy as only he could. It's wonderful reading how he grows.

Author Reply: Fate could bring them together, that's true! I'll have to see. I'm glad you see him as growing and developing, Fades. It's exactly what I'm aiming at.

dr_seuss_is_coolReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/14/2004
Legolas is such a great elf.
He is so strong and everything else. I was very happy that he captured those thiefs.
I LOVED how you described him capturing them and everything.
I feel a lot safer knowing that Beliond is there with him.
And please tell Legolas that I am truly sorry that Tuilinn is gone. :(
Thank you for writing.
Great chapter!

Bye Bye.

Author Reply: Legolas turns out to the a heck of a warrior, doesn't he? The thieves didn't have a chance and they didn't even know it. And he's just so annoyed at them. From an elf's perspective, they are incomprehensibly evil (the steal food from children for money) and stupid to boot (they think the trees will hide them from an elf). He was doing ok on his own, but it's good that Beliond is there to watch his back, I think. The old grouch is not about to let anything bad happen to him. Except the maiden leaving, of course. Beliond knows that's painful for Legolas, but it's not one of the things he can guard against. If he could, I'll bet he would. (I can see him stopping Tuilinn from leaving. "Leave a nice letter and an address. Do it now. A NICE letter.")

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/13/2004
I can't believe how glad I was to see Beliond again! I didn't realize how much I'd missed the gruff, lovable old curmudgeon. Too bad about Legolas's preemptive little fling, but maybe what's about to happen with Eilian explains why he never bonded with anyone...

Author Reply: Nilmandra begged to have Beliond come back, and as usual she had a good idea. He says exactly what everyone else wants to say but refrains from letting come out of their mouths. And yet, he can be very sensitive to Legolas. He calls him 'my lord' in public and tells him to watch his mouth in private, and he clearly sees that the maiden is a problem.

I'm writing about Eilian tonight. It's tricky to get right though.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/13/2004
Ahh. What a wonderfully satisfing chapter. I adore capable warrior, hero, captain Legolas.

Aww, lucky Tuilinn gets a hug. She's really sweet and smart. I like her. You have really managed to do something quite extraordinary: you've created a female character for Legolas that everybody doesn't hate! I'm impressed. I'm actually quite sad that she's gone and Legolas has no way of contacting her. Now I understand why she didn't have many clothes and why she'd just been caring the children "since the flood." I would have thought she'd have mentioned to Legolas the other evening that she didn't live in that settlement. I guess they were doing more important things!

It was so sweet to see Rodian all enamoured with Legolas and his weapons. I'm glad dear old Beliond didn't say anything when Legolas was "promoted" by the little boy. Rodian reminds me very much of young Legolas. Enamoured with weapons, already rather serious, and picky eater!

What a gentleman, Legolas you didn't peek. I'm glad. Tuilinn trusted you not to and you didn't betray that. Good thing too, actually because I can just hear one of the little girls calling out, "He's peaking!!!" Then again when they're small enough they'd be perfectly happy to go naked all the time.

Dirty, rotten, nasty theives! What a lowdown thing to do! I'm so glad it wasn't someone from Crydus's village. I like him. He has much common sense. The elves are very lucky in their neighbors. But back to the rodents: "You wouldn't kill us for simple theiving?" Jerks. You deserve it!!! But Legolas showed compassion. It takes a real man to do that.

I was so happy to see Beliond. I'm such a fan of his now. Not that I would want him living in my guest room or anything, he's just so fun to read about. It was hilarious when he scolded Thranduil for letting Legolas come without him. Right, Beliond, why don't you question the king? It would be amusing. I was very happy when he dressed down Tinar. Beliond might be irritated with Legolas sometimes but I can see Beliond picturing his life if Legolas had been like Tinar...unthinkable. I laughed and shook my head when Beliond wanted to go "speak" to the two hunters for "purposely misleading" him. And Annael is reliable as always. Always good to have him around.

And now Legolas is heading for home unaware of the drama flooding the palace. He did a really, really good job here. Any problems that occurred were never a result of his incompetence. Great chapter and can't wait for the next.

Author Reply: I have always liked writing about young Legolas because I enjoyed exploring the vulnerabilities of the young. So I was doubtful about writing about him as an adult, but I have to say I really enjoyed writing about him here. His competence was really very attractive! Very. Ahem.

Beliond seems to have many fans. He insisted on being funny in this chapter, particularly when he threatened Tinar, but he also was very sensitive to Legolas's feelings. He had a son once after all. That doesn't mean, he takes any lip, of course.

The thieves were scum. And Legolas was completely unable to comprehend stealing food from children for money. I like that in an Elf!

AnyReviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/13/2004
Darn, she left without saying a word?! Really! She should have known better!!! *argh* But I'm sure you'll work out a way so that they'll see each other again, won't you? Or was that it? Will poor Legolas not see "his" maiden again? :/

Again Legolas did very well - especially dealing with the thieves! If I had been them I think I'd been on my knees begging for mercy non-stop! *gg* Legolas can be quite, uhm, menacing and dangerous if he wants to! And, oh boy, he is quick! How stupid those men are! Did they really think they could outrun an elvan warrior? Tsssskkkk! ;)

Now I'm looking forward to some news from the Eilian/Celuwen-front. *lol*

This story gets better and better with each chapter!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing!


Author Reply: Yeah, she left without saying anything. She was sent for and he wasn't there and she didn't really have any hold on him. She didn't want to look presumptuous. And actually, I don't know if I'll ever bring her back. I tried to leave things so that I could if I wanted to but didn't have to.

I loved writing about competent warrior Legolas. He is so 'dangerous' as you say and I find that appealing!

I'm writing about Eilian and Celuwen right now. Glad you like the story.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 4/13/2004
Great chapter!

Legolas is beginning to really understand his role as the King's son, and the responsibilities that come along with it. You do a great job of working it into the story subtly.

I eagerly await more! Lily

Author Reply: The king's sons do not have an easy time of it, I think. Anyone who thinks that being royalty is fun and games and privilege should ask any of these three whether that's true.

Thank you, Lily.

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