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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 32 Review(s)
The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/12/2004
Gosh daw, I go away for a week and look what I come home to! Eilian has gone got himself bonded! I'll get to that in a moment.

Legolas has certainly handled himself well in a most difficult situation. Not only has he dealt with the settlement Elves and men as fairly as possible, he has stepped up to claim his own feelings about the shadow and serving in the southern most regions of his land. Or, at least, he articulated them beautifully to Tuilinn. It seems maturity is greeting him at every turn. Tuilinn is right; Thranduil does have a lot to be proud of in his youngest child.

I like this maiden who has caught his eye. She seems to bring out a peaceful place in him with her calm and wise presence. She understands his position in a way no other maiden has despite her having lived and, I assume grown up, in such a different environment than he has. It would be a most difficult relationship to maintain due to geography but it would also be one worth trying to cultivate. Tuilinn has many qualities that I suspect would be much like his own mother's.

Now that wild child! I can't say I blame Eilian and Celuwen for the decision they made. They have overcome difficult hurdles to see this love survive. I can also see that Thranduil will be vein-popping mad. Not angry that Eilian chose Celuwen (he does like her and thinks she's good for his difficult child) but that he would be angry that Eilian dismissed the protocol of Elvish binding...and without proper parental consent. This is a time for Eilian to finally stand up to his adar...not in a disrespectful way...but in the way a husband should protect his wife. He and Celuwen are adults and made a decision born out of love. I can't see Thranduil denying the importance of this bond and I think in the end, when the dust settles, he will be proud of his son's strength. (I hope!) Celuwen was not coerced in any way that I can see. Once she was certain of his intent, she was right with the plan. She's no wilting violet, but a strong and formitable woman in her own right. Eilian has met his match...though he may not know it yet. But I think he will find her strength a delight and love her all the more for it. Okay! Sounds like I've got this all worked out. I hope you cooperate! :>)

The bonding scene was absolutely lovely. There was nothing tawdry about it at all! The love of these two was so evident and the ending where Eilian feels he's home was so real and poignant. They are where they are supposed to be. The physical union should always be such an act of complete love and giving. You did a beautiful job of communicating this joyful and reverent communion of two souls. Just lovely! Made me want to kiss my husband. I got all warm and fuzzy! I'm certain he'll want to thank you, too. :>)

I'll get to the next chapters later today. I've got to get that pile of laundry going from a week at the beach...and a baseball tournament. Dirty, dirty uniforms.

Again, you out did yourself on this chapter. I wasn't certain I was ready to see our favorite wild child bond, but I can't help but feel it was the right time and, as if they are real people, I'm happy for them. Now, Thranduil...


Author Reply: I think that Tuilinn is a lot like Legolas's mother. At least, I intended her to be. And I saw this mission as an test of Legolas as an adult, functioning as the son of the king. I think he's done very well in difficult circumstances. But he's plainly ready to be sent somewhere else if need be, like Rivendell for instance!

The Eilian part of this chapter was frightening to write and post. It seemed to me that this was exactly the way Eilian would "solve" his problems. His relationship with his father is tense sometimes, though, and this will not help it. I really was worried about whether the chapter was too explicit but they were bonding and I wanted to catch the moment at which they realized they were sensing one another in all ways. (blush) My husband actually consented to read this chapter, and he never reads my stuff.

You don't need to worry that Eilian is going to turn all responsible quite yet.

I hope you had a good time at the beach. I am jealous. The baseball tournament, not so much.

DotReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/8/2004
Sorry, daw. I haven’t abandoned you. My grandmother died unexpectedly at the weekend and, well, it’s been a rough few days – but I promise I’ll try and catch up now.

I loved the opening of this chapter. It set the scene beautifully and it’s really touching the way Legolas shares his thoughts with and tries to comfort the trees.

He seems genuinely very apprehensive about Thranduil’s reaction to events. Of course, an angry Thranduil is not something I’d want to experience but I think that even though he does expect a lot of his sons, they really can be their own harshest critics.

“Anyr would undoubtedly think he was profoundly un-Elven, and in truth, Legolas sometimes thought that himself.” Ooh, that’s an interesting thought. Yeah, it is sad that Legolas feels that he can’t live as elves believe they should, simply because of the time in which he lives, but at the same time he can be proud of his skills as a warrior that set him apart as an elf from any other race in Middle-earth.

Hmmn. I think I do like Tuilinn. I certainly can’t blame her for thinking Legolas was criticising her people when she’s probably heard all sorts of rumours, and at least she apologises… The image of Legolas trying to make sure there was a foot between them made me smile;)

“It soils you, and you grasp at every beauty of Arda, every person you love, every innocent child you see, to try to find clean happiness again.” Oh wow, what an eloquent way of describing it. It really captures the way the touch of Shadow almost haunts these warriors to the point that they struggle to clutch onto not just reality but reality as it should be. It says a lot about how comfortable Legolas feels with Tuilinn that he would express his thoughts so willingly. Of course, she would understand the importance of nature’s beauty and could probably appreciate a little the horror of that being taken away.

Ah, he kissed her! I’m glad…

Eilian and Celuwen, eh?? What a build-up to the act itself. I was having almost as much trouble trying not to scroll down and see what happens as Eilian was having trying to hold on… I didn’t think they’d really do it! Do you write much of this, uh, stuff? ‘Cos you’re really good at it! In a way, though, I felt a little embarrassed – almost as though I shouldn’t be watching!! I think it’s just because I feel like I know Eilian and should give him some privacy;) I have to admit that at first I thought maybe he was pressuring her because he literally couldn’t wait but no, these two truly love and respect each other and I’m so happy for them! And I can’t wait to see what Solith and Thranduil will have to say!!

Author Reply: I'm so sorry about your grandmother, Dot. RL sometimes kicks us in the teeth.

Your observation that Thranduil's sons can be their own harshest critics is right on, I think (with the possible exception of Eilian). And I enjoyed writing about Legolas comforting the trees and then being comforted by Tuilinn. He needs a moment for joy, as his naneth would have said.

I've never written a sex scene before and was VERY nervous about this one, but I decided I wanted to show the full range of bonding. My husband never reads my stuff, but I asked him to read this because I was writing from a male POV and didn't want to look stupid. He read it, cleared his throat, and said "This is pretty good." So then I didn't know if that was good or bad because I didn't want it to be TOO good, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm glad you thought it was a success. I gave Legolas some privacy (not that he needed it so much), but readers have been waiting for Eilian and Celuwen to bond for a long time, so it seemed appropriate for them to attend the wedding, so to speak.

Solith and Thranduil will not be happy and I doubt if they'll blame Celuwen.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/6/2004
Legolas sure seems to be feeling so uncertain of himself. It doesn't help that he's been imagining Thranduil's probable negative reactions to his diplomatic efforts. While it's a good sign that he's thinking about the possibility that peace will come in the future, it's unfortunate that he is afraid that he will never lose the tenseness and alertness that has served him so well as a warrior, even if the situation no longer warrants it.

Ah, Tuilinn! What a lovely distraction from Legolas's unsettled thoughts! (An apple orchard? That reminds me of that really old World War II song: "Don't go sitting under the apple tree, with anyone else but me!") Too bad that Legolas's position as the King's representative makes him unable to even chat with her about something humorous - like Rodien and the Evil Enemy Carrots - without being taken wrong. What a miserable position!

I didn't expect Tuilinn to be so sympathetic about Legolas's duty in the south. Legolas certainly seems to connect with her, for him to blurt out what he did about the Shadow clinging when he goes home. A kiss! Oho, that's even better!

So, Legolas thinks better of settlement Elves now, does he? ;-D

Eilian certainly seems to have been waiting a long time, wondering what happened between Celuwen and Solith. Acorn meal mush -- yuk! And after they had hunted what, *eight* rabbits? (I've been meaning to speak with someone in charge of this story [whether that's the author, the muse(s), or the characters, I don't know] about how wood elves would never take more than necessary for their immediate needs from Arda, even if there are two bull-headed ego-driven males competing with each other... but was too afraid to sound like that dippy hippie, Anyr.)

"He admitted he kept your letters from me," she said grimly. "He has promised he will not do so again." Well, that's about as understated as "The Shadow lies heavily there." Enquiring minds want to *know* what happened in the confrontation between Celuwen and Solith! I'll bet he didn't recognize what hit him... (metaphorically speaking, of course)! Hope you'll fill in some appropriate juicy details at some appropriate spot in some appropriate story... Oh, I *like* feisty Celuwen so much!

Ahhh, so he *finally* tells her he wants them to bond! Good! I've been rooting for him to do so - he hadn't yet told her (in words) why he came! Way to go, Eilian! (So, when's the one-year-or-more betrothal?)


Oh, my!

When you said Eilian would solve his problem in an Eilian-like way, I didn't think you meant...

Oh, my!

Eilian, you dumb ass, would you stop talking and seducing long enough for her to agree?!

Oh, my!

What a lovely bonding blessing. And he wasn't the only one to hold his breath to see if she would respond in kind...

Oh, my!

Please, please, please don't let Solith interrupt them!

Oh, my!

Aw, she kissed his wound! How sweet! After he'd been trying to downplay it... now she knows at least some of the truth of how serious it truly was.

Oh, my!

'He despaired at how inadequate the words were to tell her what he felt.' Always knew he was such a romantic at heart...

Oh, my!

'...suddenly he realized that he was also touching her mind, her heart, her whole being.' Daw, that's so inspiring! I've never seen Elven bonding described so beautifully.

Oh, my!

That whole bonding scene is just... so... lovely, loving, amazing, and beautiful!

But what of the consequences?

Oh, my!

Author Reply: I think Legolas is reacting to what was his first tour of duty in the south. This is his first leave from that and Eilian was hurt nearly to death within days after Legolas got there. Then his leave was interrupted. Duty and the chaotic times must be weighing heavily on him right now. Tuilinn is a wonderfully sympathetic ear and a warm, accepting presence.

Is 8 rabbits a lot? I thought there might not be much meat on them and they'd be hunting for more than one meal. I am a city girl and always humbly open to correction on matters having to do with hunting, camping (otherwise known as sleeping the dirt and why would anyone choose to do that?), etc.

I'm glad you liked the bonding. I was really hesitant about it and have since realized (based on some reviews I've gotten at that I did not make it clear they were marrying one another. I wanted the totality of their union to be evident.

The consequences are likely to be parental fireworks. But then, this is Eilian!

AngelReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/5/2004
Wow!!! What can I say? That was an awesome chapter Daw!!! I have enjoyed all of your stories!!! but this chapter... wow!! Amazing!! I think my heart stopped while reading that last bit (well, I was holding my breath, anyway, lol). Just, keep it up... I am really looking forward to more chapters... what's her dad gonna say... and his? Lol.


Author Reply: I'm glad you liked the chapter. In truth, I was a little worried about it because it was out of the ordinary for me and I was afraid that readers who usually read me would be put off. But I was intrigued buy the idea of elven bonding and the actions here just seemed to me to be what Eilian would do.

Yes, what are both their fathers going to say???

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/5/2004
Sure am glad I'm an adult. That was a great chapter. I loved the little scene with Legolas and Annael. It seems so casual and also meaningful, just like it would be between two friends of that nature.

Great chapter! Lily

Author Reply: That little moment between Legolas and Annael seemed natural to me too. They've known one another for a long time, and once they were alone, Legolas was no longer 'my lord,' but someone whom Annael could say looked pleased with himself.

Glad you liked it, Lily. I've decided I'm not meant to write smut, though. Posting it made me much too nervous!

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/4/2004
I liked having Legolas have some time to himself to be a wood elf. He seldoms has time to enjoy his surroundings. He ususally to busy fending off orcs and overly friendly maidens. His consoling the trees was very sweet. I hope his father will be proud of the way he handled the difficult situation - especially for his first diplomatic mission. He was lucky to run into some pleasant company in Tuilinn. I could see how his carrot comment could be misinterpreted in light of the food situation. I liked how Legolas fought with his inner urges to act like Eilian (smirk) and flirt with the elleth. It was sweet the way he opened up to her. It is rare for him to do so, probably because his family already knows of the fight and they all venture near the shadow. The do not hold the appreciation that Tuilinn does. I hope that he gets to bring her a green ribbon. I was wondering exactly what they did in that hour. The next part of the story assured me that it didn't go much further than what we saw.

Eilian had a much more eventful evening. It was sweet of Celuwen to come and visit him as well as fill the prince in on the discussions in her cabin. I was glad to see Solith admitted his deception. Celuwen seemed surprised when Eilian mentioned a betrothal. I guess it wasn't in keeping with his more wild behavior of the past. What was the warrior thinking?! I guess he is indeed a man of action and not planning. It is hard to resist a beautiful female in a secluded forest glade. You did an excellent job handling the scene. It had a lot of emotion and you really expressed the depth of their feelings.

Thranduil is going to kill him. In your last comments you said you were unsure how the King would react to Legolas' situation - it would depend on his mood. Legolas better pray to the Valar that he arrives home first. I would not want to be the one to go in there after Eilian explains what he has done. Nor would I want to be the one who has to clean the blood off of the walls.

Author Reply: I can't see Legolas (or Ithilden) being as -- what word do I want? -- pressing with a maiden as Eilian is. I think he's internalized rules in a way that Eilian does not seem to have done. But then, he hasn't been in love and frustrated for years either. He was just taking an opportunity for joy, as his nana would have said.

Eilian wanted to bond with Celuwen and, from his point of view, their parents made it seem so impossible to do it conventionally that he had no choice but to throw caution to the winds and do what he wanted anyway. And Celuwen seemed to feel pretty much the same way. But somehow I doubt if either ada is going to hold Celuwen responsible.

Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/4/2004
Another great story that I can not wait to read more of, which is indicative of all your work. I have been reading your series of young Legolas for some time now and am sorry I have not reviewed them until now. Normally, I have enough time to just print them and read them when I have a break from my students, which is usually at home and the computer is off. Thanks for sharing your work with those of us who enjoy a "loving father and family" image.


Author Reply: Thank you so much for your kind words, SassyJ. It makes me feel good to think of you printing the chapters and carrying them around. I remember doing that with Jocelyn's "Little Nudge out the Door." I really believe in Good Ada Thranduil. And I enjoy writing about the dynamics in this family where the ties are strong even if tumultuous sometimes.

KristyReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/4/2004
Oh God, they eloped! I'm so happy that they're together, but they are in for so much trouble. Angry, disapointed parents are never any fun.
I just hope that this hastily made decision dosen't spell misery. I know they love one another and that they belong together, but they haven't planned how to handle the near future. Where will Celuwen live when Elian is away? Will Eilian be ok leaving her to go back to the Southern Patrol? Or will he feel like he has to stay closer to home and then be eaten up with guilt for "abondaning" his patrol?

Ok can you tell I'm worried about tomorrow?

Oh but tonight, I'm so happy got them. They deserve this joy in eachother before the storm breaks tomorrow.

Please update soon. I know the scenes with the Adas will be ugly, but when you know trouble's coming wait for it is always the worst part.

You wrote this beautifully. I can really see the love they hold for eachother.

Author Reply: Thank you for saying the chapter was beautifully written, Kristy. I was kind of worried about it because it's a departure for me. And no, I seriously doubt if Eilian has thought about any of that. They have some work to do yet. There's a reason those Elven betrothals last a year!

I have been making notes to myself about the adas' reactions. I'm working on flooding the settlement where Legolas is right now, but I'll get back to Eilian soon.

sol IIIReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/4/2004
Cheers to the new young couple. May their happiness last
forever. HOwever, I must ask if Elian has given any serious
thought to changing his name and running away from home?

I will be waiting with storm shutters in place for the
tremendous two-fold natural disaster to follow this

Author Reply: Eilian is in very big trouble. He will need to keep reminding himself that his father loves him. He does, he does, he does! And Thranduil needs to be reminded of that too. After all, what would Naneth say? I'll bet she'd approve. I'm writing about Legolas at the moment, but I'll get to Eilian soon!

Thank you for the review.

HisielomeReviewed Chapter: 7 on 4/4/2004
Shame, Shame, shame. Adar will not be pleased with his boys. But I am. Well done. You handled this well.

Author Reply: Thank you, Hisielome. I was worried about how explicit the bonding scene was, because I wanted it to be tender and loving as well as sensual, and I didn't want to offend readers whom I treasure. So I'm glad you liked it. And no, Thranduil will likely not be pleased.

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