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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 20 Review(s)
Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/19/2004
I was so excited to see the letter Celuwen wrote - thank you, Daw, for sharing. I won't tell Eilian you let us see. ;-) It's sad that Thranduil's children have to bear so much because of their responsibilities children of the leader in the community (and thus, leaders in their own right) but I'm sure Legolas will do fine with the task he's been given. He's matured a lot over the years.

Eilian is going to do himself a mischief if he doesn't slow down a little. I'm guessing he's not going to be happy with the outcome of pushing himself too much - but then, I can see where the concequences of his choices might also be...interesting.

Author Reply: Legolas is coming along. I miss the elfling and the adolescent and will go back and write about them more some time, but I am excited about how close he is now to being Legolas of the Fellowship. As for Eilian, well, he'll be himself no matter what Thranduil says. The chips will just have to fall as they may.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/19/2004
sigh If Eilian inherited any of his mother's never-ending patience, he's going to need it when he goes to visit Celuwen and her family. Unfortunately, this chapter does not bode well for Eilian's ability to hold his temper. He's understandably angry that his letters were never delivered to Celuwen. But he needs to be very cautious at how he handles the situation. Caution and Eilian are words seldom used in the same sentence without a negation between them. :-(

Poor Legolas. I wish Thranduil didn't have to send him on the diplomatic mission. He *needs* some down time. I hope the months of living under the Shadow doesn't adversely affect Legolas' first diplomatic mission. I think he'll do well, even still. Of the three sons, Legolas seems to be the one who gets along with the most people.

Looking forward to the two journeys!


Author Reply: It's really too bad that Lorellin isn't still around. She could deal with Eilian and Solith and Thranduil and the whole bunch of them. Eilian is going to need patience and perseverance to do what Thranduil wants him to do. Now the question is, where is he going to get it?

Legolas needs to learn to be a diplomat in case some time Thranduil might want to send him with important news to another Elf lord!

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/19/2004
Legolas' enjoyment of the forest around him was very touching. It must be very depressing in the south. It is amazing that Eilian is so resistant to it. He must be stronger than we think. Legolas must be completely absorbed to not notice his brohter's distress. It was all he could think about for a couple of scary days, it is nice to see him so relaxed. I think he knows exactly what Eilian has planned and is all for helping his closest brother.

Thranduil's "little talk" with Eilian was good. He wants to see his son happy but not at the expense of the realm. It must be hard for all of them to have to lead a life not of their own choosing. I am looking forward to the happy couple's greeting and Eilian and her Adar's "discussion." It will be hard for him to hold back his anger.

Annael's daughter? Did I overlook that somewhere? I am glad the young couple is doing well. If I remember correctly, Annael was a woodcraft master so it is logical that his daughter would be a forester. I like how your Legolas makes visiting his old friends a priority. It is hard to keep in touch, especially when your interests change. It is hard for single friends to have a lot in common with new parents.

Ok, the councils are kind of boring. I guess it is time for Legolas to test his diplomatic skills. I think he will do well - he is very thoughtful. The only problem I can forsee is that he is honest and expects other representatives to be the same way. That is often not the case. Thranduil is hurting over this one. Nothing better happen to his youngest or his guilt will be unbearable. Not to mention that Beliond is going to be mad that his charge didn't get the proper amount of rest! I for one would not want to face his wrath.
Great start! Looking forward to the rest!

Author Reply: I think that Eilian's natural optimism and adrenalin addiction make him relatively hardy in the south. Legolas is more introspective. But even Eilian has suffered from Shadow sickness.

I think both Eilian and Legolas are dealing with the obligations that come from being Thranduil's sons. I can't imagine that any of their friends, who know more or less what their lives are like, would trade places with them.

I gave Annael a small daughter in "Fire and Shadow" and when I counted up the years, I realized she was an adult now. Being an elf is so weird. Legolas and Annael would both be young by Elven standards but Annael's daughter is grown up.

I have chapter 3 almost ready to go, I think. We'll see what my beta says.

AnyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
Another very, very well written chapter! :)

Thranduil's reaction to Eilian's plans to ask Celuwen to wed him is wise, although I must admit that I feel sorry for Eilian. I mean, the poor boy has been waiting for so long for Celuwen to finally "give in" and allow him to see her again and now his father sort of accuses him of being selfish and thoughtless and scolds him like a little elfling. Thranduil's harsh words must have hurt Eilian. Obviously his father doesn't trust him to be mature and responsible enough to handle the situation wisely. On the other hand Thranduil is right of course; Eilian tends to act thoughtlessly and impulsively at times and until now he wasn't really too eager to make certain sacrifices for his beloved. Still I think Thranduil should trust Eilian and especially Celuwen more. I mean, hey, Celuwen wrote a letter to Eilian and said she'd rather have him and miss him when he's away than not have him at all! So it is not only within Eilian's responsibility to sort things out properly.

It will be interesting to see how Legolas will react to the news that he'll have to go to the settlement instead of "hanging around" at home and resting. Considering what a caring and reliable person he is he'll surely take on this responsibility without hesitation, won't he? :) I simply can't imagine him arguing over this with his father when he's needed for his people's sake. If he'd refused to go, somehow it wouldn't be very Legolas. Mhmmm.... *rubs chin, musing*... well, I'm eager to find out what you'll let him do :)

Of course, I'm also eager to find out what will happen between Eilian and Celuwen when they finally meet again. Hopefully Celuwen's father won't ruin everything! *gnaws fingernails in anticipation* *argh*


Author Reply: Eilian is really in a difficult position. Thranduil is right in all he says, but it was so discouraging! And it did sound like a scolding, you're right. We'll have to see how Eilian does with Celuwen's parents.

Legolas does need some diplomatic experience. After all, what if it should some day be necessary to send him to, say, Elrond? ;-)

I am struggling to balance the Eilian and Legolas parts of this story. In the long run, I hope it all works out. Thank you for the review, Any.

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
Oh, how sad! Poor Thranduil! Poor Legolas! Poor everybody! I mean, what a terrible situation. Legolas was so content, so cute! I suppose this visit will be beneficial to him though, for as a kings son, he needs some experience in diplomacy. As I diplomats daughter, I should know. Legolas will succeed, I believe. His treatment of Eilian, and his walking in the rain, shows his brotherly concern, and that was very touching. Eilian is so cute, but can he not use his maturity? He cannot bond with Celuwen, and as Thranduil said, leave her alone while he's in the South. Celuwen is sensible and she'll bring him to his senses. Legolas's visit to Annael was also touching. I do not remember if you had said previously, or if I forgot, that Annael had a daughter. The meeting with the advisor's was also very well done. I had not realized how dire the situation really was. How will they manage? Starvation scared me.... Can't wait to see how Thranduil will approach Legolas, and how Legolas will react to his new mission. An Eilian-Celuwen moment is also expected. Keep writing and update soon!

Author Reply: Legolas will be better as a diplomat than Eilian would do anyway! And you're right. He does need the experience. Spring is on the way so the Elves should be all right in the long run. They just need to get through the next month or so.

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
Great chapter. Where do I even start? I really like the reminders of how different this part of the forest is from the south, and how Legolas wonders at the simplest comforts after the months spent there – it not only shows how deep the shadow has grown but serves to remind us of the way that Thranduil’s warriors must live and how these dark times force the elves to leave behind trees, nature, light – everything that make the elves who they are. I thought Legolas’ sheer delight on the horse ride was a joy to see but really showed how hard life has been when we see how special these simple things are to him now.

*Tsk* Eilian pretending not to be in pain can really only lead to problems… It proves, though, that he realises how strong a sense of duty Legolas has that he won’t even confide in his baby brother. I liked that Legolas knows all isn’t well with Eilian, though and rather than press the matter he just ensures that they walk rather than run, even if it means getting wet.

I loved the scene with Thranduil and his sons. It was so lovely to see how touched he was by Eilian asking him to read the letter. He’s obviously thought about the situation between Eilian and Celuwen; he seems to have a clear understanding of exactly what their union could mean. I’m guessing Thranduil, much as he seems to like Celuwen, isn’t too enamoured by Sólith. I’d love to see Eilian and Celuwen bond but I just cannot imagine the two families getting along. Both fathers are just far too stubborn! I’m glad Legolas was honest with his father. More or less honest, anyway. Although, I suspect that if anything does happen to Eilian he’d be feeling fairly guilty.

“It used to amaze him that his notoriously impatient father managed to survive them, but he had gradually come to appreciate the considerable amount of wily diplomacy that Thranduil exercised at these gatherings.” I LOVE this picture of Thranduil! I’m beginning to think I just have a thing for powerful elves. I mean, out of the three sons Ithilden is definitely my favourite…;)

Annael’s daughter is grown up!! But maybe, some day, you might let us see her as an elfling…?? It was wonderful to see Annael, though, especially as their friendship doesn’t seem to have lessened at all.

That scene with the advisors was quite frightening. What a bleak picture of life in Mirkwood after that harsh winter. Of course, Thranduil would never abandon the settlers, even if it means he and his people will be a little hungrier. What an awful position for him to be in. As well as that, he seems to be really struggling with the idea of his sons doing their duty. I suppose he has seen what their duty has done to them and really doesn’t want to push them any more while at the same time knowing that he has to. Poor Legolas. I wonder what’s in store for him. Not much rest anyway, I’d imagine! And you’re splitting up Legolas and Eilian again! *glares at daw*

Like I said, this was a great chapter. It’s startled me a bit to realise that they really are grown up and life in Mirkwood has become such a matter of survival for all of them in so many ways. You’ve done an amazing job in not just developing their characters but their world as well. You really are a genius. You do know, that, don’t you?

Author Reply: Can I send your review to my boss, Dot? It's the genius part I want him to see. :-)

I was interested in your observations about how the south of Mirkwood deprives the Elves of much that they hold dear. It's not just the creature comforts either. I hadn't thought about it in those terms.

Thranduil is an interesting character in Tolkien. He had no ring but he was powerful. He is clever as they come, except perhaps at managing Eilian, who needs his mother's hand, I'd say. She would have understood. But I'd want Thranduil running my kingdom if I lived in Mirkwood!

I was so distressed not to be able to show Annael fussing with a small daughter that I have to go back and write that some time. I'll bet he was wonderful with her.

Sorry about separating Eilian and Legolas. I just wrote two stories in a row with them together though! And Eilian really does not want a chaperone along this trip.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
Another wonderful chapter! The mixture of politics and human interest in your stories is very well done. I eagerly await more! Lily

Author Reply: I find I'm writing more about politics in this story than I usually do, but that may disappear after I get my characters into the situations I want them in. I'm glad you liked the chapter, Lily.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
"He must do this because of who he is," pretty much sums up the theme of this chapter. Being a prince is certainly not all fun and games. This royal family really seems to see itself as the ultimate public servant, and you have to respect them for that. Thranduil for President!

Eilian is at the most frustrating stage of healing, the almost-but-not-quite-all-better stage. I really hate that part of getting better. I deal with it by avoiding sports injuries and doctors like the plague. Eilian deals with it by becoming insufferable. We all have our ways. Somehow, I think that this is not entirely the most opportune moment for a proposal. Hey, Eilian can't really get down on one knee in a romantically suave way. He is in no shape to be proposing yet. Or maybe Celuwen will propose. She's healthy enough to get down on one knee.

Annael and His Ladies o' Love are welcoming and warm as always. It is good to see him put in an appearance.

And I did like the discussion of the flooding and the ruined food supplies and the attendant emergency aid the settlement would need. As I think you know, I've always figured that food would be a problem for the Mirkwood Elves, and it's good to specify what they eat, what supplies they keep around, where they store it, and like that. It makes their lives so much more real. I'm going to stop with this subject now, because otherwise I'll end up quoting a review that you gave me once, and then it would just go back and forth in this unhealthy little circle.

As for Al Capone -- my grandmother's uncle was one of the most prominent Chicago pimps of the 1920s, but his business got taken over by Capone. He worked for Capone for a while (arranging the getaway cars for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, among other things), but then got sick of him, and betrayed him to the cops. Capone got wind of it, called him into his office, produced the letter and said, "Only you could have done this to me. You're through!" Uncle Pimp's body was found a month later. Ever since then, our family saying has been "You're through!" in a Chicago accent.

Must go. Work calls.

Author Reply: No, being a ruler (or the son of a rule) is a burden for these Elves, I think. They'd be happy playing in the woods all day.

I think Eilian may find that his pain lessens once he is in Celuwen's presence again. Or maybe not. Her father will be there, after all. :-)

Glad you liked the food discussion. I was actually afraid that that part might bore readers who were looking for more emotional discussions. I hope to have enough of that too, but it's hard to get everything under way.

I had a bookie as a baby sitter when I was a kid in Detroit. He was later found dead in an alley. That's as close to gangland as I have ever gotten.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
I'm sorry I missed the first chapter, Daw. This is a great story as always - the contrast between the tenseness of the last story and Legolas's peaceful homecoming is very well described. Poor Eilian really was ill - Thranduil must tear his hair out over his sons!

Although it means Legolas misses out on his leave, I like to see Thranduil giving him the responsibility of this mission - I think he would be a good diplomat, and very good at using 'precise phrasing'! But why do I think that something is going to go wrong?


Author Reply: You have been turning out chapters yourself at a quick clip, Jay. I'm not surprised you haven't had time to read. Even now Legolas would probably be better as a diplomat than Eilian would be, and after some experience, he'll be ready to be sent to Elrond himself!

caz - bazReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2004
Interesting turn of events no doubt he'll be meeting up with Eilian while visiting the settlements.

are weather is much the same as what they've been having just slightly warmer. Long winter, more snow than usual, long time below freezing and now rain, rain, sun, rain and next month it's April so we'll have the customary April Showers to look forward too - for me it's the worst month you go out riding and it's nice and sunny not a cloud in the sky then you find yourself hiding under a hedge trying to shield yourself from the downpoor. last year i ended up getting stuck in 3 different places on a ride that should have only taken me about an hour.

1 small thing: why are they hunting at this time of year? at the end of winter birds are making their nests and other animals are impregnating one another i mean yeah sure kill the rabbits off they have offspring in dozens every month after they come back in season but the others wont be able to reproduce that's why shooting and hunting finishes before the spring else the foxes and birds wouldn't be able to breed so we have even more to hunt and kill when it comes round next season and shooting finishes in February so that the birds have plenty of time to make their nest's i'd have thought that elves would now better than to start hunting at this time unless they had them in controlled breeding areas.

well its just stopped rainning and the suns come out so i'm going to take this chance to put on my rain mac and go out for a ride. Katie will be pleased she not been out in a while.

Author Reply: I hesitated about the hunting because, although I don't know much about these things (being a city girl), I thought what you were saying is right. But I don't think they have much choice. If they're hungry now, next year's game won't mean much to them. I think the number of elves is small in relation to the size of the forest, so if they can go some distance from home, they can probably still hunt. Of course, that assumes that the corruption emanating from Dol Guldur hasn't killed everything off.

Thanks for the review, Caz-baz.

Author Reply: Hey, Caz-baz, I just described Eilian hunting and I had him hunting rabbits just for you! :-)

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