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The Warrior  by daw the minstrel 15 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/12/2005
Beliond lost a son so sad, no wonder he didn't want this task. He and Maltanaur have something in common after all. Tinar dosen't appreciate his brother for saving him from that orc....

Author Reply: I picture Thranduil, Beliond, and Maltanaur as young friends together. Sometimes I'm tempted to write about that, but I'd have to make up a whole new setting in a competely different age, and that sounds like work.

nanethReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/27/2003
All my Christmas guests are finally out the door and I found time to sit at the computer for a minute or two. What a delight to find this chapter. It was as though I had received another Christmas present!

This chapter was so warm and wonderful. The action was great, but didn't overshadow the interaction between the characters at all. I knew that Beliond had all the symptoms of a protective adar. He has developed into a delightful character.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Legolas and Eilian. It is always fun to watch them display their love for each other in such masculine ways. Eilian receiving yet another protective rune was great!

I have grown to truly love this story. Another great job, Daw!

Author Reply: Naneth, I am in a hotel room in San Diego. The internet is a wonderful thing.

Beliond is probably still going to drive Legolas crazy for a while but he has his good point. I think Thranduil chose well.

And Legolas and Eilian have a reasonably uncomplicated relationship, which is not all that common for either one of them.

I'm glad you like the story!

JustafanReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/26/2003
Ah! This story is so good! Please please please don't stop writing! I've read the entire series and am absolutely in love with it.

Author Reply: Thank you, Justafan. If you have read the entire series, then I am eternally grateful to you. I am working on the last chapter of this story, but probably won't post until New Year's Eve because I'll be out of town until then. I got a laptop for Christmas :-) but don't think I'll have an internet connection where I'll be. Stories of Arda is a great place to read stories, isn't it?

FirstMateReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/26/2003
It's so wonderful to see an update on such a great story! My favorite parts are these: 1) Legolas giving Eilian another rune (doesn't he have four now? I hope they don't all clank together and give away his position when he's trying to be quiet! Ha!), 2) Legolas feeling jealous of Galelas only to remember that he was Eilian's brother after all, 3) and the two 'protectors' talking together. Those were all very warm, lovely scenes. Very nice chapter!

Author Reply: I am assuming that Eilian wears only the rune that his father gave him. He'll have to have a stable sale to get rid of the rest. And if Legolas was jealous of Galelas, I imagine that Galelas had his moments too. From his point of view, Eilian, whom he admires, fussed over Legolas from the moment Legolas entered the scene. Eilian makes sure that Legolas will sleep next to him and then Galelas sees Legolas give Eilian a package and Eilian kiss Legolas on the forehead. That's when he approaches the two brothers. He should have such a good relationship with that jerk, Tinar!

I think Maltanaur is the only person who truly understands Beliond right now. They share experiences.

DotReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/26/2003
Oh wow, what an incredible chapter. Completely engaging. As always, I love the way you make sure we know exactly where everyone is and what they are doing during a battle. I really liked the beginning, when you allow us to see how Eilianís mind works as a captain as he considers the situation and tries to assess his warriors. I had to laugh at Eilian watching Maltanaur watching Eilian!! Those two really seem to have established a much easier relationship Ė and itís good to know that Eilian obviously trusts him and respects his opinion.

The battle itself was written so vividly. I love the idea of them all trying to watch each othersí backs and of Eilian trying to suppress his natural instinct to just protect Legolas from any danger. My favourite image has to be of Legolas pulling the arrow that Eilian had just shot from the Orcís head and using it to kill the warg that was about to attack Beliond. Amazing! Oh, and a big Ďwoo-hooí for Galelas showing up his brother!

*grins* Legolas isnít exactly short of people to look after him, is he?! Galorian wasnít the only one amused at Eilianís over-anxiety! I have to say, though, my heart dropped when he said ďStop fussing, Eilian. Nana can do itĒÖ. Youíre so clever! For a second there I really did think the same as Eilian and then got totally embarrassed when I realised what he meant!

Lalorn?? Now, donít you know itís mean to make people cry at Christmas time?! I did suspect Beliond had a story like that but still, I feel so sorry for him. Itís quite difficult to comprehend the fact that elves carry their grief for so long Ė I donít think any other race could survive that. Iím so glad he seems to have a friend in Maltanaur. He appears to understand him, even more so now that they have the protection of Thranduilís sons in common. I have to say, it seems a big risk that Thranduil took with Beliond. I can see that it is good for him to have someone to love and protect again and maybe even bring him out of himself a bit more but if anything happened to Legolas I donít imagine Beliond would be able to cope any more than Legolasí father and brothers. Especially as it looks like Beliondís attempts not to let himself get too attached to Legolas donít seem to have worked!! Great chapter Ė bring on the next one!:)

Author Reply: I have gradually come to appreciate the Maltanaur-Eilian relationship. Eilian is good at what he does, but he needs Maltanaur to help keep him in balance (not to mention alive). The image of Legolas salvaging an arrow and using it to kill the Warg was one of those things that grew out of trying to solve a plot puzzle. I wanted Legolas to save Beliond, but Beliond would only need saving if they were on the ground, and they would only be on the ground if they were out of arrows. So where was Legolas going to get an arrow? Voila! Salvage one and why not salvage Eilian's?

The nana thing was a little touchy to do because Legolas has lost his mother, but still, I thought it was amusing. And poor Beliond. I had a backstory for him about the son and so on, so I knew this was in his background from the start but I still felt bad.

I have not written any of the next chapter yet because we had company and we are leaving tomorrow and won't be back until New Year's Eve, so it may be a while until the next one is done. But I have an outline! Maybe I'll get to zone out for the rest of today and bang it out.

JebbReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/25/2003
A lovely Christmas present to find when I escaped from all the festivities for a little quality time before madness descneds with dinner
Thank goodness Eilian arrived in time and was able to give support which even Legolas acknowledged eventually was welcome
I liked the explanation about Beliond and his son no wonder he worries about Legolas and the interaction between Beliond and Malanaur the first fivfty years are the worst indeed
And I don't think it is onlt Legolas who will have to beware Adar when he returns home
thank you for taking the time to post
Happy Christmas

Author Reply: I just finished cleanup after dinner and am catching up a little. Legolas has been warmed by Eilian's love for so long that he doesn't even know he needs it. It's always been there.

Beliond has had a tragic life. I think Thranduil is hoping this assignment will help him as well as Legolas.

Both Legolas and Eilian are heading home in the next chapter. I hope Adar is ready for it!

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/25/2003
Fantastic! Great move by Legolas to take out the Warg that was sneaking up (!) on Beliond, especially since he was a bit stunned at that moment by Eilian's sudden appearance. Maybe he'll get a few less lectures in the upcoming days. I loved Galorion's laughing dismissal of Eilain's frantic concern. I suppose Eilian will always try to protect his baby brother, but I think both he and Legolas are starting to look at each other in a different light - fellow warriors, not just brothers. Legolas's momentary jealousy of Eilian's relationship with Galelas was understandable, but it was good that he was able to talk himself out of it. Beliond was perfect tending injured Legolas; calming him down and distracting him while he worked. I think it calmed Eilian down, too!
The chat between Beliond and Maltanaur was wonderful. What an odd and unique career path they share. It was good that Maltanaur was able to reassure Beliond that the assignment does have its rewards; though it looks like the old guy is getting pretty attached to his young charge anyway.

Author Reply: I think Beliond will be a little reassured by Legolas's performance. And I've been thinking about Legolas's relationship to Eilian and how it would change. It seems to me he might be likely to give up his hero worship of Eilian before Eilian is willing to give up his need to protect Legolas. And that makes me a little sad.

I thought that Maltanaur was probably the only person who would really understand Beliond. They share a history and a job.

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/25/2003
WONDERFUL!!! Loved this chapter so much! As usual, Eilian makes a timely appearance; and, as usual, he is overprotective of the brat. But it seems that Legolas did not actually mind the added support from his brother this time. Legolas did very well in battle, despite getting wounded in the process. He is well on his way to becoming the warrior he has always wanted to be. Like Eilian, I am so proud of him!

It is gratifying to see the growing attachment between Legolas and Beliond. Finally we find out about the mystery behind the Elf and Beliond's past loss. So his son was the one. How very sad for Beliond, but hearing from his own lips that he is becoming fond of Legolas was very touching and has deeply endeared Legolas' keeper to me. Wonder how Thranduil will take the news of his youngest being wounded in battle? Not too well at first, I should think, but after reflection, he will most likely feel the same pride in the princeling that Eilian and Beliond do.

I was so pleased to see Galelas "show his qualities" in battle, and doubly pleased to see some of the wind taken out of the much puffed up Tinar for his obvious negligence. You would think he would at least show some appreciation to his younger brother for saving his life! Oh, well, pride goeth before a fall...

Legolas giving Eilian a rune of protection was a totally precious moment. I loved Eilian's response, and I wonder if he will wear all three of the runes now in his possession? Knowing the wild thing Eilian can be, he probably needs to wear them all!

Daw, your writing just doesn't get any better than this. Terrific chapter. I'm all smiles.

Merry Christmas, Professor!


Author Reply: Legolas DID do well. :-) The next time, he will have more confidence in himself and will have a more realistic sense of what to expect. In a few hundred years, he's be able to bring down an oliphaunt!

I think Legolas is going home in the next chapter too, so we'll get a chance to see the king with his wounded chick. And I took great delight in giving Tinar his comeuppance. Go Galelas!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/24/2003
What a wonderful Christmas Eve surprise to find another chapter posted. Eilian is, indeed, a good tracker and he found his worst fear...Legolas in the midst of battle. I was glad to see Legolas redeem himself by killing the warg that was creeping up on Beliond. It seems that even very experienced warriors can lose track of their prey in the confusion of battle. And Tinar, the rascal, was saved from 'his own folly' by the little brother he has always dismissed as being inferior. Boy, it must have stung his pride, not only to be dressed down by his captain for his reckless behavior, but for his brother to witness it. While it may have grieved him, I think it was good for Galelas to see it. It may give him a whole new perspective on this 'perfect' brother and help him to stop competing with the 'fairey tale' hero he has been bludgeoned with all his life.
While Eilian's fussing over Legolas, Legolas's injury certainly opened a wound for Beliond. His attachment to Legolas and his feelings of protectiveness have taken on a whole new dimension. The grieving adar surfaced in a way that surprised even him. Was he responsible for his own son in battle? That doesn't seem like the best way to go into battle, but, then, in times of war, the organizational plans may be a bit loose and relatives end up fighting at each other's backs. I can't imagine how frightening such an arrangement would be for a parent. Obviously, it turned out to be a tragic one for Beliond and Lalorn. I very much liked the idea that Beliond talked non-stop to Legolas as he stitched the wound. I would think that the first wound taken in battle would cause a bit of shock for the young warrior and trying to return things to as normal as possible as quickly as possible...and to divert the youngling's attention is an old campaign trick.
I'm not surprised that Legolas was a little jealous of Eilian's growing relationship with Galelas, but I'm glad he was able to step back and count his blessings that Eilian was his brother and not Tinar.
And Eilian has a new rune! Will he just let everyone think he's wearing the one they gave him?
I had to laugh when Eilian thought Legolas had taken a blow to the head. And I laughed again when Beliond assured Thranduil's sons that the king had a rich vocabulary.
I particularly liked the scene between Maltanaur and Beliond. It had the wonderful slow feeling of two old friends reuniting after an intense experience and the remembrances of a sad event that happened long ago. My favorite line was when Maltanaur said to Beliond, ďThe first fifty years are the hardest,Ē he confided and then laughed at Beliondís look of dismay. These two share a difficult and often thankless job. But they also share a continuously growing affection for the two they have been assigned to protect. They are unique by assignment and in their own right. I don't know if there could be any higher honor bestowed on them than for the king to entrust his sons into their care. I think Beliond needed the comfort of his old friend's presence and the reassurance of his words. Beliond's struggling, too.
Outstanding chapter, Daw, but I'm feeling kind of depressed for Beliond. I'll hope for brighter days for the old guy. Karen

Author Reply: Last Christmas Eve, I found the final chapter of Jocelyn's "Little Nudge Out the Door" posted and I was so thrilled. I hadn't written anything then and was so sorry her story was ending that I was driven to it.

I picture Beliond being close enough to his son during the battle that he saw him be injured but couldn't stop it and couldn't get close enough to care for him at all afterwards. I cannot imagine how awful that would be either. And I did intend him to be talking in order to distract Legolas. I used to do that when my son was little and needed a blood test.

Beliond is struggling but I think that having to care for Legolas and be around other people again is probably good for him. Thranduil is so trick!

It amused me to think that both Eilian and Legolas could be shocked to hear that Adar could swear if he wanted to.

Camp6311Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/24/2003
Good chapter, and quick too. I'm glad I don't have to worry about these guys over Christmas, because I would. Loved the scene between the keepers, Beliond is not as gruff as he appears. And Eilian now has a fourth rune, I think he's going to need all that protection when he finally makes his way home.

Author Reply: I'm planning to send Eilian home in the next chapter and I fear he is in trouble. But it made me happy to let him know that his family and Maltanaur love him enough to see to it that he has a rune (or four). And Maltanaur was the only one around who was Beliond's age and an old friend.

The next chapter will be slower in coming because I have company today and then we're traveling for a while. I have notes for it though!

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