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Glimpses of Middle-earth  by Linda Hoyland

How Not to Woo

B2MeM Challenge - Four words - buzz,half, thimble, apart; Canon couples - Pippin/Diamond
Format: drabble

Genre: romance, humour
Rating: G

Warnings: none

Characters: Merry, Pippin

Pairings: Pippin/Diamond

Summary: Pippin is in love.

"When we're apart, it breaks my heart, the thought of us wed, gives a buzz to my head," Pippin recited. "Oh, Merry, I'm so in love! I feel I'm only half a Hobbit without Diamond!"

"Your girth suggests otherwise," said Merry. "You will scare the poor lass away with your bad poetry. Give her a nice gift instead."

"I took your advice and she slapped me!" Pippin complained later.

"What did you give her?"

"A thimble."

"Oh foolish Pip! She thinks you are courting her to mend your shirts!"

"That's one reason, but I do love her!"

"Give her flowers."

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