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Glimpses of Middle-earth  by Linda Hoyland

Different in My Day

B2MeM Four Words- gang, remarkable,blackberry, nicely

Format: drabble

Genre: humour

Rating: G

Warnings: To be taken with a large pinch of salt

Characters: Sam, the Gaffer

Pairings: none

Summary: The Gaffer dislikes Sam's new gadget

With apologies to Tolkien who owns Sam and the Gaffer

"What's that, Sam?" asked the Gaffer, staring dubiously at the small gleaming box in his son's hand. Every few minutes it emitted a piercing bleep.

"It's called a Blackberry, Dad. All the gang have them. They are quite remarkable. You can email, browse the web, and make calls on them."

The Gaffer frowned. "In my day, Sam lad, you ate a blackberry, webs belonged to spiders, and we paid calls in person. We did very nicely too. Now put that confounded box of tricks away, you've hardly touched the garden lately! Your fancy Blackberry won't grow taters for Mister Frodo!"

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