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Glimpses of Middle-earth  by Linda Hoyland

A bit of fun for all my kind friends who supported me at BTME with their encouraging comments.
A response to the prompts - Sage, Aragorn as wooer and Watcher in the Water.
The plot is Cairistiona's
Apologies to Tolkien for using his poor characters like this.
To be sung to the tune of "She's coming round the mountain" and taken with a large pinch of salt!

"Strider, help!" cried Frodo as a long tentacle reared out of the water.

"What shall we do, Mr Strider?" Sam asked in terror.

"I believe the creature is much misunderstood," said Aragorn. "It needs wooing. I believe too, that Watchers in the Water just adore sage!" Thus saying, he took some from his pack, cast it in the water, and sang.

"Sweet Watcher in the Water, you're divine,

Dear Watcher in the Water, please be mine!

Sweet Watcher, please say I do,

O, Watcher in the Water, I love you!"

A tentacle reached towards Aragorn. It clutched a red rose.

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