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Across Arda's Ages  by Rhyselle

Nov 16: Homesick (TA 3018, Ithilien, Gondor)

A burst of laughter from the rangers seated near the hearth caught Faramir's attention.

“Meriel's kisses!”

“A feather pillow.”

“The ale from the Golden Bell!”

“The girls down on the third circle.”

One by one each chimed in.

“My mum's soup.”

“Tucking my boys in.”

“Warm water to wash in.”

“My wife's smile when I come in the door!”

Before returning to his reports, Faramir indulged himself by thinking of what he missed most from his home.

His books.

Uncle Imrahil's smile.

Mithrandir's lessons.

His smile faltered.

His mother's portrait.

His father's praise--no matter how sparing it was.


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