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The Days of the King  by Cairistiona

By the Lake

Rated: G

A drabbling glimpse of a quiet day at the lake.  Written for Estelcontar's birthday.


Aragorn pulled off his shirt and stretched, a mighty yawn nearly cracking his jaw. He laid back on the grassy bank, leaving his bare feet dangling in the water. Eyes shut. Mind drifting. Watching sunlight and shade dapple the inside of his lids.

Heard laughter-splashed shrieks of children. Birds and grasshopper buzz and windsong.

Drifted, drowsing...

Then a footfall beside him, swishing against the grass. An arm draped across his chest, a foot touched his. Her voice velvet soft, "I love Annúminas, my Elessar... but I love you more."

She kissed him and he smiled lazily, never opening his eyes.

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