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The Days of the King  by Cairistiona

Taming the Ranger
Newly-crowned King Elessar gets a tour of the Citadel gardens. †Inspired by a walk through my own wild, unkempt woods, which suit me far better than any formal garden ever could.


"Itís very... orderly." King Elessar hoped his smile looked genuine.

"The boxwood is clipped daily."

"It is very straight, yes."

The head gardener beamed.

Aragorn quietly sighed. The poor man was visibly trembling, fearful that the new King would find the gardens unacceptable. But compared to Eriadorís wild beauty...

Aragorn tugged at his collar. The sterile squares of flowers, however beautiful and lavish, suited him no better than the scratchy brocade coat he wore. But it could not be helped; time now to tame the Ranger.

He smiled. "Tell me again how you manage to keep it all so tidy."


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