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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it? And ugliness? Is it also relative?

Write a story, poem or create an artwork where the contrast beauty/ugliness plays a central role.

Bunny by Pearl Took!  Thanks for betareading!

Something to hold onto

Pippin shoved the fifth cake into his mouth and chewed while thoughtfully looking at Arwen, who was just finishing her first dainty cake.

Smiling as he swallowed Pippin picked up the plate of cakes and held it under the elf maiden’s nose. “Here, take another one!” he said.

“Thank you very much, Master Peregrin!” Arwen answered politly. “But I am quite full and if I eat too much I shall become plump.”

She stopped when she saw the shocked and worried expression on the Hobbit’s face. “Did I say something wrong?” she asked confused.

“My Lady! You certainly should eat another cake or two or three.” Pippin admonished her. “You have to fill out a bit more, you know. My mum always said to my sisters that a hobbit likes a lass he can hold onto.”

 “Pippin!” Merry interrupted in horror and threw an apologetic glance at the elf. “I think you have said quite enough now!”

“But Merry, I just wanted to point out that…”

“Pippin!” now Merrys voice sounded threatening and his eyes were narrowed.

Pippin shallowed. “Merry I ….”

But this time he was interrupted by Arwen suddenly braking into peals of laugher that echoed merrily through the last homely house.

Pippin smiled up at her. “You know, he said. You may not look like a Hobbit lass, but your laughter sounds just as beautiful as does the lasses’ laugher at home!”

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