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Imagine this! You are walking in the woods and sudden a tree whispers to you ...

What does it say? What is your reaction?

Capture this moment in a story, poem or piece of art.

Thanks to my Beta for this one too!

Just a summer day…

It was a hot and dry summer day. Little Pippin was half carrying half pulling a full watering can through a small woody area next to the farm. He wanted to make mud cakes in a dry, sandy patch that he had discovered the day before.

“Hey, you…” he suddenly heard a voice speaking to him. Astonished, the little lad turned around, but no one was there.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Here, in front of you.” The tree answered. “May I please have some of your water, I am so thirsty!”

Pippin stared at the tree with big eyes then smiled. “Oh! Of course.” He said, tipping the can to pour out the water. “Here have the whole can. I can get you some more, if you like. I am always terribly thirsty too on days like these!”

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