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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

VI.  Cue:  "Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable."

-Leonard Bernstein, American composer


A Lament for Gandalf

            The Hobbits sat together on the lawn before the pavilion the Elves of Lorien had raised to house the Fellowship.

            “Another lament for Gandalf?” asked Pippin softly, looking up as they listened to the music from the treetops.  At Frodo’s wordless nod, the Took added, “It makes me think of warm hearth fires and bright torches reflected by deep waters.”

            After a sudden burst of song Merry added, “And that’s almost like his fireworks exploding over the Water!”

            Sam’s commented.  “He were such a light to us.” 

           Frodo’s face shone, drawn by the music toward something far more than light.

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