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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

V.  Cue:  Regrets made right


Making Things Right

            Tom glared at his friend.  “She was hurt when you didn’t speak afore you left Hobbiton.”

            Stubbornly, Sam repeated, “I told you, Tom, I had a job t’do, and I wouldn’t bind Rosie to me if’n I might not even return!”

            “Well, you been back since October--don’t you think as it’s time?”

            “But I’m workin’ on Bag End and gettin’ trees planted, and----”

            “Samwise Gamgee!  There’s always somethin’ that’ll need doin’, and you know it.  But this is my sister, and she wants t’spend what time as you can spare her with you.  She deserves it.”

            “I spoke--last night.”


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