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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle


Bregos looked into the ruin of the face he had loved since his first sight of her and laid his twisted hand along her darkened cheek, gently stroking what had once been skin of the fairest white. “Let me release you from your torment, Nirloth,” he whispered in her claw-torn ear as he held her broken body close, despairing as the weight of endless evil hours in the pits of Utumno threatened to finally overcome the fading memories of love and joy and mercy that were all that was left of the elf he had once been.

For a moment, the madness in her grey eyes retreated, and he could touch again, briefly, the remnants of the bond forged between them at their first awakening.


It was at once, the hardest and the easiest thing he’d ever done as he closed his fingers about her throat and gave a single sharp twist, freeing his beloved to death even as he knew he had forever cut himself off from redemption by her murder.

The fire of the balrogs’ whips on his orcish hröa was nothing to the pain that filled his fëa, knowing that he would never see her again.

A/N: Exactly 200 words according to Microsoft Word.

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