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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

A/N: B2MEM Prompt for March 5th: †Imagine this! You are walking in the woods and sudden a tree whispers to you ... †What does it say? What is your reaction? †Capture this moment in a story, poem or piece of art.

One Rainy Day in Fangorn Forest

Gimli huddled at the base of an immense tree, grumbling through his beard at the persistent drizzle of rain that was making its way past the dense forest canopy. †"Couldn't even find a nice little cave to get out of the wet!" †He grimaced as he tried to flex his left foot; the fall he'd taken along the stream bank had left his ankle swollen inside his boot.

Alone, for the elf was searching out suitable pieces of wood of which to make splints, he tipped his shaggy head back against the tree's bole and closed his eyes.

*Greetings, elf friend.*

Clutching his axe, Gimli shot to his feet. †He overbalanced as his injured limb protested, and fell hard on the damp ground, now facing the tree, just as Legolas appeared through the lesser trees that seemed to defer to the giant beneath which he sat.

"Gimli, I told you to stay put," the elf scolded as he knelt down next to the dwarf. "If your ankle is broken, thatís going to make it even worse."

"I thought you'd gotten lost and needed to be rescued," he replied gruffly. †There was no way that he was going to admit to Legolas that he'd heard a voice in his head; a rich, fecund voice, echoing with light laughter, underscored with strength and great age, just like the oak beneath which they rested.

*Ah, so stubborn, just like my beloved spouse. †AulŽ would be proud of you, Gimli Gloin's son.*

Gimli dropped his axe and jaw in awe, staring over the oblivious Legolas' shoulder, as she stepped forth from the tree, green gowned, with vines and blossoms entwined in her hair, more fair than Lady Galadriel.†

Yavanna put a finger to her lips, smiled at him, and then faded from his sight.

(300 words)

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