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Yule Mathoms 2005  by Gwynnyd

prompt for December 13 - 12 ticklish Uruk-hai


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This batch looked good: tall, muscular. The dozen Uruk-hai stood at attention under Saruman’s inspection.

“Good work, Grizbone,” the wizard congratulated.

Grizbone shuffled uneasily. “There may be a bit of a problem.”

Saruman grabbed the chin of the nearest Uruk for a closer look.

“Teeheeehee,” the Uruk flinched in his hand.

“Tizzzaazzuk!” The next orc in line tried to stifle his giggle.

“What?” the wizard roared. He pointed one long finger at the offender.


The whole line of Uruk-hai shook with laughter, collapsing into helpless heaps, unable to breathe through the bouts of giggles that convulsed their mighty frames.

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