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Yule Mathoms 2005  by Gwynnyd

prompt for December 12 - 13 giggling Gamgees


Coming Home

Elanor, Handmaid to the Queen, looked every inch a lady - tall and aloof in her beautiful, outlandish dress, her eyes grave - as the family surged noisily into the parlour to welcome her home.

Rosie pulled Sam out into the hall, muttering about getting some tea.

“Oh, Sam, she no longer belongs here.”

Sam held Rosie close. “Nonsense. She’s still our Elanor. You’ll see.”

Tea-trays ready, Rosie heard a commotion from the parlour. The door swung open to reveal a seething pile of giggling siblings.

“Then the king grabbed Eldarion.” Elanor, on the floor, reached over and tickled Ruby. “Like this!”

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