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Pearl's Pearls  by Pearl Took

This is from Marigold’s Challenge #39 which had to be inspired by a given quote, though the quote itself did not need to be used. My quote was:

"A long time ago, there lived an old poet, a thoroughly kind old poet. As he was sitting one evening in his room, a dreadful storm arose without, and the rain streamed down from heaven; but the old poet sat warm and comfortable in his chimney-corner, where the fire blazed and the roasting apple hissed." From "The Naughty Boy" by Hans Christian Anderson

Edited by and additions made by Llinos- thank you :-)

A Hobbit’s Tale

“Come sit by the fire
And I’ll tell you a tale,
That will make you laugh,
That will make you grow pale.”

So they gathered around
And the tale they did hear,
Whilst roaring with mirth,
Whilst cringing with fear.

And the poet did weave
A tale so sublime,
Of forests and rivers,
Of mountains to climb.

A gruff, grey Wizard,
Two sorts of Elves,
Going with Dwarves,
Going all by themselves.

How a Man killed a Dragon
Who was the land’s bane.
That a Hobbit had gone,
That he’d come home again.

And over the years
His story would hold
With four to be tested
With a plain band of gold.

But now the listeners were gone
His long story was o’er,
Little more to be heard
Little else but a snore.

He dreamed of his poem,
Of all he had done.
He had no idea
He had brought home the One.

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