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From the noteboook  by Anso the Hobbit

Title: Fading Scars
Author: Anso the Hobbit
Warning: Not betaed.
Rating: PG-13 or  R-ish
Pairing: Merry/Estella

"Merry my sweet." Estella says, reaching out and stroking Merry`s curls as they lie tousled and damp from the spring rain on the pillow beside her. He`d crawled into bed completely exhausted and she had woken up by the dipping movements of the mattress, suddenly feeling lonely.

"Hmph?" Merry`s voice is muffled by the heavy blanket he has drawn up around himself to ward off the chill from spending hours outside in the fields.

"Come here." Estella moves her hand from Merry`s curls to rest it on his shoulder, rubbing slightly to ease tense muscles. He`s working to hard again. She can tell by the tension in his shoulders. Too many hours spent over the scrolls and books in the study or working in the fields. She tugs slightly and Merry rolls over to lie on his back and slowly turns his head to face her, smiling tiredly and looking at her expectantly.

"I`m tired, love. What is it?" Merry rubs his eyes and yawns.

"Come here." Estella repeats, scooting a little closer herself to encourage him, quickly and playfully kissing his nose. "I love you." She reaches out to draw her stubborn-headed husband close, hugging as his head comes to rest on her shoulder. Sometimes Merry needs more encouragement than words. He is heavy and sleepy in her arms but she persists and draws him closer yet, rubbing her hands down his arms to remove the chill the blankets have yet to remove and kisses him.

"Love you too." Merry mumbles, slowly but passionately kissing back. He is almost asleep with his face pressed against his love`s fragrant and springy dark curls as the kiss ends. He wraps his arms around her drawing her as close as possible.

Estella sighs contentedly then and leans back against her Merry.  She can sleep now. She reaches down to clasp his hand in hers and kisses the fading scars on his wrist. He`s here and he`s warm and well and they love each other and the world is perfect.


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