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My Birthday Mathoms  by Mirkwoodmaiden
As it is my birthday I thought I would follow in grand Hobbit tradition and give my stories as part of my birthday celebrations! Chapter 4: is this year's Mathom. Celebrating her birthday in Dol Amroth Finduilas get an unexpected but cherished gift. Chapter 3: is new. Thranduil and Lasgalen move Northward so that she can birth further away from the troubles in the South forest. Set in the timeline of my story "Reunion in Mirkwood." Chapter 1 and 2 are also vignettes to do with birthdays. Eight-year old Merry receives a gift in Great Smials. And Eowyn gives Faramir something he has long wanted but for much of his life never thought he would ever get.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Gift for Merry4
Chapter  2: A Dream Fulfilled3
Chapter  3: A new life among the Green Leaves…4
Chapter  4: Building Sandcastles1

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