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The Rider: Not All Those Who Wander  by Branwyn
In March, AmandaK invited writers to participate in the Fanfic Tumble, a collaborative writing project. In this story, Elros and Elrond must find an old friend. Chapters were contributed by Juno Magic, Nautika3, Imaginigma, Linaewen, Jay of Lasgalen, and me. The other tales can be found at Fanfic Tumble.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue0
Chapter  1: Chapter 1: by Juno Magic1
Chapter  2: Chapter 2: by Nautika30
Chapter  3: Chapter 3: by Imaginigma0
Chapter  4: Chapter 4: by Linaewen0
Chapter  5: Chapter 5: by Jay of Lasgalen0
Chapter  6: Chapter 6: by Branwyn2

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