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Eucatastrophe: The Return  by Dreamflower
Frodo and Gandalf saw Bilbo settled in at Tol Eressea. Now they are back, and Frodo's feeling much more himself than he has in a very long time. (The story has been complete for a while, but I just discovered that one chapter had been hidden by accident, probably when I was making some minor edits! I apologize to any who missed seeing Chapter 15.)
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: About the "Eucatastrophe" Universe3
Chapter  1: Part 19
Chapter  2: Part 27
Chapter  3: Part 311
Chapter  4: Part 46
Chapter  5: Part 58
Chapter  6: Part 66
Chapter  7: Part 75
Chapter  8: Part 89
Chapter  9: Part 95
Chapter 10: Part 107
Chapter 11: Part 114
Chapter 12: Part 127
Chapter 13: Part 136
Chapter 14: Part 146
Chapter 15: Part 154
Chapter Epilogue: Epilogue10
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes on Ithildin's translation in Part 75

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