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They Did Not Take Root In That Land  by perelleth
How did the mellyrn trees got to Lórien? What was going on in Lindon and Eriador while the Rings were being forged in Eregion? Second Age politics as seen by a certain Sindarin King and a newly arrived, reborn balrog-slayer. A sequel of sorts to "New Beginnings." Chapter Nine: "Lest Our Friendship is Forgotten."
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sent by the Valar?8
Chapter  2: They led their lives free of care9
Chapter  3: A shadow arises that hates us8
Chapter  4: Words May Reopen Wounds9
Chapter  5: Upon the Rocks of Strange Shores7
Chapter  6: All things now grow cold7
Chapter  7: They did not Take Root In This Land7
Chapter  8: In the Lands of Men of Darkness4
Chapter  9: Lest Our Friendship is Forgotten5

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