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New Year's Eve  by Thundera Tiger
On the eve of Gondor's New Year, Aragorn is forced to play host to a group of individuals who seem to believe that such a holiday should be celebrated with an elven flair. Or at least a hobbit appetite. Featuring almost every major character available in the realms of both Gondor and Rohan as well as two hungry pranksters from the Shire and a pair of look-alikes out of Rivendell.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Only the Beginning0
Chapter  2: Wooden Heads and Wooden Poles0
Chapter  3: The Evenstar of Rohan0
Chapter  4: Strangers in a Stranger Land0
Chapter  5: Matters of Perspective0
Chapter  6: Division Within the Ranks2
Chapter  7: Detours of the Unforeseen Variety8
Chapter  8: Spurned Desires7
Chapter  9: Into the Dark Unkown6
Chapter 10: Discretion and Deception8
Chapter 11: Revelations and Complications14

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