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Fields of Gold  by Levade
What happened to Glorfindel before he helped rescue Frodo? Professor Tolkien never really said. Here is one possibility. Story originally posted 4/03, now re-written. CH. 6: this is where the big changes from original story take place, and continue from this point. SEPT. 11, 2007: I'm going to *try* to finish this. No promises (I lost all the notes Nilmandra did for me :( when my comp died) but unfinished tales are annoying so I'm going to try. :)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Little Nudge7
Chapter  2: Wonder as I Wander8
Chapter  3: Where to Go From Here5
Chapter  4: Mithlond4
Chapter  5: The Pull of Two Worlds5
Chapter  6: Many Changes10

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