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Dreamflower's Musings  by Dreamflower
This will be a place where I can share some of my non-fiction thoughts regarding Tolkien, his world, and the fanfiction written about it. NEW"How to Write a Good Summary for Your Fanfic": (Because if you say you suck at summaries, who will want to read your story?)(Written for the LOTR GenFic Community's 2016 non-fiction challenge.)
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The Validity of Fanon in Hobbit Fanfiction21
Chapter  2: Tolkien's Use of Expletives13
Chapter  3: Hobbit Ages12
Chapter  4: Gandalf's Visits to the Shire6
Chapter  5: The Importance of Being Bilbo9
Chapter  6: The Myth of the One Ring's Power10
Chapter  7: Hobbit Names and Naming Conventions3
Chapter  8: The Shire Calendar3
Chapter  9: The Shire Calendar: Election Years and Overlithe4
Chapter 10: Are You On the Outside Looking In...or the Inside Looking Out? 2
Chapter 11: Characterization in Fanfic: Using Canon as the DNA for Your Characters3
Chapter 12: The Evenstar and the Ringbearer: The Intertwining Destinies of Arwen Undómiel and Frodo Baggins3
Chapter 13: The Ultimate Friendship4
Chapter 14: Was Frodo Baggins One of The Wise?7
Chapter 15: The Classic Lord of the Rings Gapfiller: 2
Chapter 16: Why I Believe The Last Goodbye is the Perfect Last Song4
Chapter 17: How to Write a Good Summary for Your Fanfic3

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