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Of Falcons and Mûmakil  by Lialathuveril
Éomer King of Rohan and Lothiriel Princess of Dol Amroth: They first met on a moonlit night in Minas Tirith but their romance was not off to a smooth start, on the contrary. Despite Éowyn's well-intended meddling and Lothiriel's annoying older brother they finally made it. COMPLETE
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Head of the Family1
Chapter  2: Collision course1
Chapter  3: A meeting on a moonlit night1
Chapter  4: Love at first sight1
Chapter  5: Legolas makes a bet1
Chapter  6: May the best man win1
Chapter  7: The journey begins1
Chapter  8: The crossroads1
Chapter  9: Emyn Arnen4
Chapter 10: Let sleeping warriors lie4
Chapter 11: An interesting morning for Éowyn5
Chapter 12: Éowyn's plan6
Chapter 13: Of swans7
Chapter 14: Éomer's shirt gets ruined5
Chapter 15: A day off6
Chapter 16: Captured6
Chapter 17: Lothiriel has an idea6
Chapter 18: On the nature of courage7
Chapter 19: Lothiriel’s sins catch up with her4
Chapter 20: Sisterly advice6
Chapter 21: Moonrise5
Chapter 22: Swordplay6
Chapter 23: Misgivings4
Chapter 24: Dol Amroth7
Chapter 25: The seventh suitor9
Chapter 26: Shades of grey7
Chapter 27: Meetings6
Chapter 28: Homecoming5
Chapter 29: Temptation5
Chapter 30: Will you ride with me?5
Chapter 31: Promises7
Chapter 32: Of falcons and mûmakil4
Chapter Epilogue 2: Epilogue16

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