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The River  by Indigo Bunting
The Fellowship must cross a river before it can enter the land of Hollin, a river that turns out to be the stuff of Samwise Gamgee’s nightmares. Primarily featuring Sam and Legolas, though all members of the Fellowship are about. Rated for perilous situations.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: To the Crossing12
Chapter  2: Swept Away13
Chapter  3: The Searchers17
Chapter  4: Forward or Back14
Chapter  5: A Wizard's Burden13
Chapter  6: In the Grip of Fear14
Chapter  7: For the Sake of Friendship19
Chapter  8: Masters and Servants14
Chapter  9: Courage to Endure22
Chapter 10: Crime and Punishment17
Chapter 11: Over the Edge19
Chapter 12: Breath of Life24
Chapter 13: In Good Company22
Chapter 14: Tales to be Told23
Chapter 15: What Cannot Be Reclaimed17
Chapter 16: First Steps18
Chapter 17: A Change in the Weather13
Chapter 18: Reckonings24

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