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Twice Twenty  by Dreamflower
This is going to be a place where I will post the fics written for the LJ community 20_rings. The first set of twenty themes, all featuring young, pre-Quest Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin is now complete. The second set of twenty features the Fellowship. NEW: Set #2, Theme #19, “Light”--"Where Light in Darkness Lies"...Nine drabbles, nine encounters with light, for good or for ill.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Set # 1(featuring young pre-Quest Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin (Now complete): Cloudwatching7
Chapter  2: Playing at Stones9
Chapter  3: What You're Used To...6
Chapter  4: A Sticky Situation8
Chapter  5: The Hard Things About Waiting6
Chapter  6: Cousins and Caterpillars7
Chapter  7: Running5
Chapter  8: First Lessons5
Chapter  9: Clear Night6
Chapter 10: A First Time for Everything5
Chapter 11: Sums, Showers and Scones7
Chapter 12: Looking Back7
Chapter 13: Bullroarer4
Chapter 14: Far Away7
Chapter 15: The Wall Came Tumbling Down7
Chapter 16: In the Manner of Dreams4
Chapter 17: Blue Eyes7
Chapter 18: The Way of Things6
Chapter 19: "He Sat and Sang a Melody..."7
Chapter 20: Sometimes It's Worth It4
Chapter 21: Set #2 (featuring the Fellowship) : Who Will Best Serve?6
Chapter 22: The Long Dark of Moria4
Chapter 23: If I Only Had a Fire6
Chapter 24: Two Nights Out of Rivendell5
Chapter 25: O! Water Cold11
Chapter 26: A Convivial Evening11
Chapter 27: A Conspiracy of Comedy7
Chapter 28: That Song...13
Chapter 29: Never Give Up10
Chapter 30: Too Long8
Chapter 31: Candle in the Dark5
Chapter 32: O Pilgrim Grey!8
Chapter 33: Ill Wind7
Chapter 34: Reminder7
Chapter 35: Through Shadows to the Edge of Night6
Chapter 36: "The Wolf One Hears..."5
Chapter 37: Slinking7
Chapter 38: Oliphaunt Am I 7
Chapter 39: Where Light in Darkness Lies7
Chapter Author's Notes: Ithildin's translation notes for "That Song"2

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