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Reunion in Minas Tirith  by Baggins Babe
If Frodo had remained in Middle-earth what would his life have been like? In this AU story, in 1429 Shire Reckoning, a group of friends travel to Gondor for a 10 year reunion for Ring-Day. G shading to PG-13 in later chapters for discussion of adult themes. Chapters 3 is PG-13 due to talk of suicide and self-harm, and Chapters 7 & 12 due to mention of abuse. Chapter 11 may need a fluff warning.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Journey and an Arrival5
Chapter  2: A Gathering of Friends4
Chapter  3: A Shadow of the Past and a Descent into Darkness3
Chapter  4: A Gift From the Valar4
Chapter  5: Convalescence and a Royal Intervention7
Chapter  6: A Shire Summer4
Chapter  7: A Glimpse of Paradise and a Riotous Evening4
Chapter  8: Sightseeing in the City3
Chapter  9: Mathom Houses and Memorials7
Chapter 10: Revisiting the Black Land3
Chapter 11: A Rose in the Kitchen9
Chapter 12: Invitations and Revelations0
Chapter 13: Ring Day5
Chapter 14: Partings and Homecomings14

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