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Caught Between the Light and Dark  by Budgielover
Chapter Fifteen. Luck turns in the Fellowship's favor and provides an escape from the Ringwraith, but danger relojes imitacion follows fast on their heels as they try to flee before the goblins can pursue them. COMPLETE.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Chapter One16
Chapter  2: Chapter Two12
Chapter  3: Chapter Three16
Chapter  4: Chapter Four8
Chapter  5: Chapter Five9
Chapter  6: Chapter Six4
Chapter  7: Chapter Seven7
Chapter  8: Chapter Eight5
Chapter  9: Chapter Nine9
Chapter 10: Chapter Ten12
Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven11
Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve12
Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen7
Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen10
Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen12

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