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For Eyes to See as Can  by Larner
Written from the point of Sam Gamgee, this is a look at the coming of Frodo Baggins to Bag End, the impact of the Ring on his life, and all that leads to his choice to leave Middle Earth.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Preface1
Chapter  1: Grieving1
Chapter  2: Too Many Secrets0
Chapter  3: The Heart of the Matter1
Chapter  4: Growing Up in Brandy Hall1
Chapter  5: Mr. Bilbo's Ward2
Chapter  6: Fealty1
Chapter  7: Meeting the Wizard1
Chapter  8: Lung Sickness and Yule 1
Chapter  9: Growing Older0
Chapter 10: Confounded Relatives1
Chapter 11: Unconfounded Relatives1
Chapter 12: Wizards and Worries2
Chapter 13: Preparations for Departure1
Chapter 14: Aftermath0
Chapter 15: The Between Years0
Chapter 16: Restlessness and Conspiracy1
Chapter 17: Out of Fear, Toward Worse0
Chapter 18: Lady of Light0
Chapter 19: On Memories0
Chapter 20: Shadows of the Past1
Chapter 21: A Sad Homecoming0
Chapter 22: Easing His Heart0
Chapter 23: Family Problems0
Chapter 24: The Cost of Victory0
Chapter 25: Last Riding0
Chapter 26: The Will0
Chapter 27: The Court of the King Elessar at Lake Evendim17

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