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Just to be With You  by Pervinca
At the time of his Coming of Age, Meriadoc Brandybuck meets the sister of one of his close friends, and finds himself falling deeply in love. Merry/Estella pairing. *Completed*
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Coming of Age3
Chapter  2: The Bolgers Arrive1
Chapter  3: Picnic by the Brandywine1
Chapter  4: Exploring Brandy Hall2
Chapter  5: The Perfect Dress0
Chapter  6: A Grand Event2
Chapter  7: Missing2
Chapter  8: Those Who Wait1
Chapter  9: Holding onto Hope0
Chapter 10: The Rebellion0
Chapter 11: Prisoners and Outlaws2
Chapter 12: The Most Wonderful Reunion1
Chapter 13: The Great Year of Plenty2
Chapter 14: No More Waiting3
Chapter 15: Wedding Day Jitters2
Chapter 16: Brandybuck Weddings1
Chapter Author's Notes: 3

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