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History Lessons: The Second Age  by Nilmandra
The year is III 253, and the children of Elrond have their own adventures, intermixed with stories of the Second Age told from those who lived through that time. *Story Complete* Epilogue: The Third Age Elrond reflects over the events that ended the Second Age, and takes a huge step forward in his role as one of the Wise.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Arwen21
Chapter  1: Brothers and Sister11
Chapter  2: Leaving Imladris12
Chapter  3: Visions of Danger14
Chapter  4: Faces of Courage9
Chapter  5: A Mystery Unraveled12
Chapter  6: Found11
Chapter  7: Healing12
Chapter  8: First Meetings Remembered12
Chapter  9: Trust10
Chapter 10: Deceptive Appearances13
Chapter 11: Overwhelmed16
Chapter 12: Reunions19
Chapter 13: Reconciliation13
Chapter 14: Bonds Forged11
Chapter 15: The Pursuit of Wisdom17
Chapter 16: The Elven Rings of Power12
Chapter 17: Celebrian13
Chapter 18: Scouting12
Chapter 19: War in Eregion: Ost-in-Edhil15
Chapter 20: War in Eregion Part II: Moria to Lorinand13
Chapter 21: War in Eregion Part III: Lindon to Eregion17
Chapter 22: War in Eregion Part IV: The Fall of Eregion17
Chapter 23: The Hidden Valley15
Chapter 24: Imladris18
Chapter 25: Imladris II: Years of Siege18
Chapter 26: The Last Homely House17
Chapter Epilogue 2: The Third Age17

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